The ugliest thing in my house

Well, it’s the ugliest thing next to me when I cannot find the icing to my toaster strudel.

It’s awful.
I trust you not to laugh and reject me because of this abomination. Remember, we are renting.

It’s like something Donald Trump would pick out only worse. Cheaper. Like something his tightwad, uglier twin brother Ronald Trump would have in his trailer. If trailers were two stories.

As June would say–Iraq called and wants its chandelier back.

If you have one of these and love it and saved every last penny to purchase it, I am so sorry. For you.

Dear friends, please help me understand something. I wrote a few posts this weekend and saved them so I could publish them later. I was trying to be all cool and prepared and all. Well, of course, I accidentally hit publish post, and freaked out, quickly tripped over myself as my family watched in horror while I put the post back into edit mode. It was out for 45 seconds. But, I know that it really got out there. Aubrey told me she read it on google reader. Help!! Why does it do that?

Also, what if I edit something? Does that clog up the internet and make my post post twice on your reader things? I notice lots of people alert others when they edit and add it to the bottom. I am a horrible writer and speller and even after many proofs by me, I always seem to find things after I post it. It’s not good to edit at that point is it? Why not? What happens?


I edited this because I forgot to change the date and I want it to say Sunday not Friday. See my problem!!

PPPS or is it PSSS?

I edited again because I forgot to link to Aubrey.


edited again to link to June….

P whatever

edited again to edit my edit from “day Sunday” to “say Sunday” it’s neverending


  1. Hi Nester, I’m not even sure if you will get this comment. I have been reading your blog for a long time and I love it! I can’t even remember why now but for some reason I clicked on an older post this morning and am now completely hooked on reading your older posts. I have been reading from your first post and am loving it! I just started a blog, well a while ago but because of health issues haven’t really been posting. I am trying to start back up some and when I read this post I was “oh yes, that’s me” I always go back and edit. I can read a post 100 times and as soon as I hit publish I find errors. I have noticed too that bloggers always say when they update and I was hoping someone would comment and answer this question. I’m sure now that you are so big and “famous” you will know. If you get this commet can you let me in on the secret? Thanks, by the way you rock!

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