I’m in love with myself. It doesn’t happen very much. But, look how the hutch turned out…

Y’all sure did pick the right paper! I loved that black and white damask too and was off to get enough for all three shelves and lo and behold, my Hobby Lobby only had enough for two selves. I took that as a sign that I needed to get that other black and white and use it too–just like some of you smarty pants said I should! I am so happy with it!

Why, oh why didn’t I do this three years ago? I could just kick myself. But, I won’t because I love myself so much.

I also love me because the adorable bunny tassel looks darling in this room now. Or, at least it will look good until one of you purchase it .

I even had to go and trade window mistreatments with my living room so I could focus on the black and white! I love to mix it up at home and I’ve gotten lots of mileage out of my neutral silk drapes. You can see just the corner of them. I took the birdcages out of another room too, it’s not illegal to steal from Petette and pretty up Pauline. And this is what the room looked like within 30 seconds of me finishing up.

Just look at those golden tobacco road walls! Did you think of me last night when that girl on American Idol sang Tobacco Road?