Can I just tell you how happy I am that you are here right now, reading this? You make this blog fun, inspiring, and I just love you! I’ve been reading over the comments and if you don’t read them then you are totally missing the best part of this entire fiasco. Just in case you missed these sassy ladies, I’m gonna have to tell you about a few right now. All from the last post. I was going to link to them but, then I wouldn’t have time to feed my children today–see the actual comment section for their links.

Aubrey {I always get excited when I see a comment from her} said

“Can I say I am really relieved to see the picture of your son in the table with his toys 30 seconds after you’d beautified the hutch? Befor {she spelled it wrong–that’s so something I would do!} I saw it, I was seriously about to ask you how you keep your house clean AND looking really good (decoratively) with three busy boys….I’ve given up trying to make my house look nice without stringing the kids to the ceiling with duct tape all day….”

this is what they do while i am hot glueing–they drink out of 500 different cups, it’s not even lunch time yet

I had to instantly email her to assure her that every other room in my house at that very moment was covered in feces, rats nests, flies, oh yeah and on fire. I really only have one room at a time that is clean. If that. Then she had the audacity to ask me if I used tape to secure the paper in my hutch. AUBREY!!!! I really thought she knew me better than that! What/who do you think I used? Percilla, my glue gun. {does anyone know how to spell Precilla?}. At least Debbie knows me and I love her so much because she “hate(s) matchey matchey”.

Torey’s favorite part was “the kid on the table” Valerie liked that too! That’s really the most normal part of the entire room. Our family calls that room the NASCAR room. For real. Would I joke about that? The boys think the oval table makes a great speedway and I think a few scratches on our table is a small price to pay for them to use their imagination and play together for hours. At the end of the day I’m all “Boys, you need to clean up the NASCAR room!”.

Personally, I don’t even want a dining room–a few months ago I took that table apart and moved it to the kitchen to see if it would fit. It didn’t. I would so much rather use our big table everyday and enjoy it than waste it in the formal dining room. There is nothing formal about our family.

Kimberly tried to figure out which window mistreatments went where–she even knew which ones were from my sister’s house!

Blessedme said

“I so love this room, it RAWKS!”

I love anyone who says “RAWKS” instead of old, regular, outdated “rocks”.

Jennifer said

“Your pictures look so beautiful online…like a magazine. What do you think it is? Light? Camera choice?”

Yes, and yes! I never use a flash because it turns everything ugly. Unless you have a fancy flash like my sister has–she has a Nikon D-number that even professionals envy, I think even Pioneer Woman envies her camera. My honey and my entire extended family put all their money together and bought me a Nikon D40 for my birthday. I LOVE it and am embarrassed to admit that I have taken just as many photos of my house as my children.
I love my camera. We like to do photo shoots together. Look how silly we are–just hangin’.

Speaking of my sister, emily said,

“…just being the annoying little sister…Are those window mistreatments falling off the wall?”

Yes they are thankyouverymuch. And I think they still look fantastic!

Deb said

“Girl, do you just walk around your house looking for something to transform on a daily basis???”

Actually, yes I do. I have done it my entire life. It used to be with Barbies–I remember my mom had a 6 inch pretend flower in a tiny white ceramic pot and I used to sneak it out of her room and use it as a potted plant in my Barbie’s living room. I was so proud of myself for that!
I now have a notebook where I presently have about 20 ideas to post about. See, if it weren’t for you I would just be doing this and be bored. YOU make it fun!

Kelly said

“I’ll be over for dinner….wait, I probably wouldn’t want to sit in it . I wouldn’t want to mess it up”

So sweet but, that’s exactly what it’s for! If that table isn’t being used think how sad he is! He wouldn’t be fulfilling his purpose! That’s why I let my boys play in there–even on the table–but don’t tell my mom that.

My beloved Grandma Morland died when I was when I was in high school and I somehow received some odds and end pieces of her Blue Willow plates. I have broken probably half of them. I have to think that she is much happier that I love them and am using them than if they were packed away somewhere “safe”.

Lastly, this comment stopped me in my tracks. Well, I don’t really have tracks but, it did bring tears to my eyes, it’s from traci and I loved it so much that I am putting on my sidebar–I couldn’t find a link or email for you girl!

“I could actually do that this week end…your ideas are great. They are ideas that real women that live in the real world and have a real budget can do!!!!”

That is what it’s all about! We all have a big full life already don’t we? I know that I still want a pretty horse I mean house but, I want to spend time with my family and not spend our grocery money on furniture. Thank you all for the encouragement! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be doing this! Thanks to every single one of you commenters and noncommenters!


I also have my first post over at Blissfully Domestic today complete with spelling and grammatical errors. I hope I didn’t wreck it all up. It’s about the shutters over my fireplace.
While you’re there, check out the recipes–I think I’m gonna have to make these cookies today since my sister is coming to visit!
This photo belongs to someone who’s name is listed in BD in print too small for me to read. Please don’t sue.


stephanie who emailed me about the bunny tassel I thought I had your address and emailed the wrong stephanie. Actually, Andrea, my best customer, had first dibbs. When I emailed the wrong steph, she wanted it too! Luckily, I have 3 bunnies! The first one is off to Andrea, stephanie without an email, you get the second one (email me from my profile page) I can customize it for you since it’s not made yet. And the wrong Steph can have the last one! Yippie!