Hope for the Weary Home

Hope isn’t about knowing how things will come about. Hope is about envisioning the future and choosing to enjoy that now. Hope is really about rest. Resting in the imperfections of today because you believe that tomorrow there is possibility. Sometimes the hope isn’t for the change as much is it is for the change […]

Three Months at the Farm

This photo pretty much sums up the last few weeks of our lives. Dust. But progress. This little house is getting a workover like it’s never known. And it. is. a. mess. Everything in my life right now feels very chaotic. I know I’ll look back at these monthly round-ups (see month one and two) […]

Kitchen Lighting Ideas for a Modern, Rustic Farmhouse

1. Barn Light Electric: 12″ Angle Shade Gooseneck Sign Lighting 2. We Got Lights: Eva Chandelier 3. Hannah Small Flush Mount: Rejuvination 4. Small Hicks Pendant: Circa Lighting I’ve been planning out our kitchen over the past few months and the one decision that’s been the most difficult is lighting. I LOVE beautiful lights and […]

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Random Thoughts on Our Kitchen Reno

patiently waiting This week our kitchen work has reached a feverish pitch. After passing inspection it’s finally time for installing the floors and the drywall. Next week they come measure for our white quartz counter tops and then it could be only 7-10 business days before installation–it’s possible we could have a working kitchen by…

Two Months at The Farm

It’s been two month since we bought our little house on 12 acres. Here’s where we are today with entirely too many pictures. (click here to see last months recap) I think one of the most helpful things when you are involved in a long, ongoing project is to constantly remind yourself how far you’ve […]

My Fall Mantel

  I don’t have a mantel, and it’s not decorated for fall really, but it killed me not to join in Sarah’s annual fall Mantel party. Here’s what we started off with on August 7th. My mom and I took off that slab of wood that was the mantel–it wasn’t  even attached, just sitting on […]

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