My Fall Mantel

  I don’t have a mantel, and it’s not decorated for fall really, but it killed me not to join in Sarah’s annual fall Mantel party. Here’s what we started off with on August 7th. My mom and I took off that slab of wood that was the mantel–it wasn’t  even attached, just sitting on […]

One Month Progress

Family room after one month. The wall paper border came off really easily with a water and vinegar mix. and then we painted two coats of Kilz primer and one coat of Simply White color matched to Behr paint. Our TV is massive in this little house…

Our Kitchens

Moving right along, the ceiling in the kitchen is down. We had a little structural issue up there that had to be repaired, when the house was built someone decided to cut a pretty important piece of wood so the pipes could run straight. Meanwhile, said wood was sagging. So I lost 3.5 inches off […]

Home with the Range

kitchen After living in 13 different homes as an adult I’ve experienced everything from a gourmet kitchen to a two burner stove. We’ve had electric stoves with those hurricane eyes, smooth cooktops, 30 year-old gas stoves. My favorite stoves always had gas burners an my husband and I decided years ago that once we […]

What Do I Cook When The Kitchen is Gutted?

I forgot to ask you. Chad (with the help of some friends) has the kitchen almost ripped out. Ignore the table stacked with wood that I set up so I could see about where an island could go. So we’ll have a grill, microwave and an electric griddle. Along with a fridge. Washing stuff will […]

Notes on Where We Are

see the rainbow? There are lots of questions I never answered about our house and when we are moving. Here’s what I know: Our little house was built in 1987ish. It’s a cedar house that has been covered with white siding and weird sized shutters that I cannot wait to remove. I love a white […]