Kitchen Lighting Ideas for a Modern, Rustic Farmhouse

kitchen lighting ideas

1. Barn Light Electric: 12″ Angle Shade Gooseneck Sign Lighting 2. We Got Lights: Eva Chandelier 3. Hannah Small Flush Mount: Rejuvination 4. Small Hicks Pendant: Circa Lighting

I’ve been planning out our kitchen over the past few months and the one decision that’s been the most difficult is lighting. I LOVE beautiful lights and they can totally change a room and take it from boring to glam–or whatever look you are looking for. I think too often we underestimate the affect that lighting can have in a space. Sadly, for this budget conscious girl, the most beautiful lights are often the most expensive because of the detailing and quality of the materials.

Here are some of the lights that I’ve lusted for our kitchen remodel. Above are the lights I would choose if all lights were free. I need three pendant lights and those $480 Hicks Pendants really add up fast $$! I’ve actually considered a hack for the Hicks pendant so that’s a possibility if I hate my second choice and it’s friends: the less expensive options….


kitchen lighiting ideas rustic modern farmhouse

1. Outdoor Wall Lantern with Guard: Joss & Main (a flash sale site that sells items for 72 hours at a time, I see this light about once a month) 2. Uttermost Civenna 3 Light Natural Wood Beads: Amazon (*this one was on sale at Joss & Main and I had some store credit so I was able to purchase it for under $150 and I’ll tweak it so I like it more) 3. Schoolhouse Electric flush mount4. White pendant light with cage: Joss & Main (I see these lights pop up a few times a month at Joss & Main)*Bulb: Amazon Half Chrome $5 helps eliminate that nekkid bulb feel for exposed bulb lights

After shopping around these are the lighting options I’m considering trying out because they would save me so much money and still create same mood when paired with the rest of our kitchen choices. I actually already purchased three of these styles. I’ll probably hack the white pendant so it won’t be quite so white on white–they were so inexpensive that if they don’t work for the kitchen I can use them in the basement or the barn–totally worth the risk.

inexpensive lighting ideas Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 11.24.23 AM

I try to stay organized with a pinterest lighting board

One of the nice things about moving to a new place is that I can be a little more risky with the first purchases because we need lighting in every room so what doesn’t work in one room has a great chance of being used in another space. That takes some of the pressure off to find ‘the perfect’ light and lets me experiment with less expensive choices first to see if I can get the look I’m after.

I even purchased that beaded chandelier. It’s similar to my dream chandy in the top photo but I really dislike that outer loop of beads and the metal hangers that ring the edge. However, I had saved up $200 in referral credit from Joss & Main (if you create an account with them you can refer too on your blog or social media–I used my referral code in this post :) The chandelier cost me less than $150 out of pocket and I figured I could hack it to make it more of what I’m looking for.


inexpensive kitchen lighting


Here are a few other lights we considered for the kitchen.

1. Hektar Pendant: Ikea (Family price $19.99 thru November 27) 2. Ranarp Clamp Spotlight: Ikea ( I bought one of these for another room in our house–not even sure which room, I think I”ll buy another so I’ll have a pair) 3. Industrial Pendant: World Market (I LOVE the green drips, bought one to see about using it in our kitchen, husband didn’t like the green drips) also, I didn’t feel like it paired well with the shiny finish on our black range. 4. Silvia Bell Pendant: Crate & Barrel (We saw this pendant in person the other day and loved it, the best part is the gold lined inside that gives a really warm glow to your lighting)

rustic modern kitchen

And just a reminder, here are the current materials we are using for our kitchen, wide plank rustic and imperfect pine floors, white quartz counters, farmhouse sink, black viking with gold and silver accents. There’s a good chance I won’t really be able to decide what lighting I like until most of the kitchen is done, so for now, I’m trying to be patient.


They came and measured for our quartz counters today! I had my heart set on a super square edge but they are asking me to consider a small 1/4 inch rounded edge because it’s not as painful if and when you run into it and it could help it not to chip. I’d love your opinion! I love the look of straight edges and don’t want my counters to appear rounded. If I can still have a straight looking edge over all and have the quarter inch rounded parts I’m in, but I just don’t want my edges to appear super rounded. I’ll probably end up back at the show room but I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Hey Nester! I too am not a fan of rounded edges; I have white quartz with a very heavy bevel. It’s a great alternative if you are looking for hard lines, and super custom looking. Check it out!

  2. I love your collection of lights! I think they make such a difference in a room too. I love that you posted some similar looks on a budget, because finding those are often the hard part. Most of our lights need replacing too so I’m on the lookout for some beautiful, affordable options. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Briane Kearns says

    Is the edge rounded jus on the top of the counter or on the top and bottom? Top and bottom would be a bull nose look and it IS NOT the modern look you want in my humble opinion.

    Please note the square edge is more challenging for your counter top provider to fabricate because it requires more precision than even a slightly rounded edge, so some of his campaign is in his own self-interest as much as yours. As for the counters “chipping”- really!?!?! Isn’t the reason that we buy quartz for its durability?

    Promise him you will stay away from the counter with hammers and power tools. Although for you this may be a promise you will immediately break……

    I recently installed a lovely quartz counter called Mountain Mists on some built in cabinets in our sunroom. I wanted straight edges but found when it was delivered that it does have a slightly rounded edge- probably the ¼ inch that you are describing. Because the counter is dark it is not terribly apparent to anyone but ME so I can live with it. It is way better than the bull nose. It definitely does not look as severely modern as a true straight edge that you have in your mind’s eye.

    But here is the bottom line. This is your house, your design vision. How essential is that element to your overall plan for the Modern Rustic Farmhouse? You will live with the counters for a LONG time. If you go with the slightly rounded edge, will you think every time you look at them: This is soooo not what I wanted? That would drive me crazy every day and I would regret that I had let someone else, who doesn’t live in my house or share my design vision, influence my overall concept and design. Chances are you will only do this once, as I suspect you and Chad are on this property for the long haul.
    And if the counters do get chipped, well, it’s a rustic farmhouse, after all……
    Just some thoughts. See you with Emily at the Barn!
    Grace and peace.
    Briane Kearns

  4. I know your lights will be fantastic no matter how much they cost.

    I had to go look at my counters! I was yeah I have squared counters in two places one area that I just did, so I went over to the counter to see how sharp they are and guess what…hahaha they are rounded very slightly must just be 1/8 inch. I can tell you the light hits that edge so on my honed black granite that edge really shines against that black like a white line. I would have never thought a thing about it until I read your question and I’m usually very detailed oriented. I don’t think this will help you at all I just want you to know I am now starring at my counters wondering how much it’s going to bug me now that I can see this edge ;)

  5. Hi Nester,
    I’m with Briane on this one. I’ve never heard anything that fabricator is telling you. If it was me, I’d stick with the straight clean edge.

  6. I just read a blog entitled, Evolution of Style, where she posted about a store/warehouse that has a plethora of nice furniture pieces, light fixtures, etc. for a fraction of the cost. You should check it out. I’m not sure how far of a drive it would be for you, but it looked interesting. Unfortunately, the drive is too far for me.

  7. I just put in a butcher block counter with a 1/4″ easing on the top edge only. The piece is 1.5″ thick, so the rounded off edge doesn’t read as rounded at all, especially since the bottom is still squared. I’d say it wouldn’t hurt the look, and it’ll be easier on whoever’s chopping veggies and washing dishes.

  8. Hi,
    I had my counters put in several years ago and was told the same thing about the straight edge. I wimped out and took the curve. It is ok, but not what I really wanted.
    Go with your gut and get that straight edge. You will be happier in the end.

    Can’t wait for the pictures when you decide.

  9. Ask if they have any other examples of edges they have done in the past. See if there is a micro bevel or an 1/8 or 1/16 bevel. It would be very tiny, but might appease them and you.

    Here is the thing. Some fabricator and ‘skilled craftsmen’, suggest or steer you toward what they do the best.
    For instance, if they have a hard time matching up the corners, or edges, or whatever is in question, they might need the bevel edge.
    They might not…. but they might…. just speaking from a bad experience in the past.

    Some people do not like to admit that they have a hard time doing certain things. Some people won’t do a great job, but will later, tell you that they tried to tell you to go with ______. Fill in the blank with whatever it was they tried to talk you into at first. Instead of just being honest and telling you that they have never met a straight edge. Know what I mean? ;-/

    Do yourself and look at another kitchen or sample they have done, or ask them to make you up a sample, so you know they can do what you are paying for and what your kitchen deserves. You may be living with it for a long time.

  10. This is your dream kitchen and you have thought through every detail. Don’t let the countertop guy make you think you made the wrong choice. If you envision squared edges, you should get squared edges! Sit there for a minute & visualize the counters both ways. If it makes your stomach turn to tell him ok, I’ll do rounded counters, then it’ll turn every time you walk into your kitchen & see them.
    Remember, you’re the customer and the customer is always right. :)

  11. You need to see the edge options in person. It is the only way. Remember previous post (link?) regarding settling for options that you didn’t really want and regretting it later? That will be you. See it in person, discuss every option and then make a decision you can stand by. Also, how much trust do you put in your fabricator? Maybe look into a second opinion if possible.

  12. not about the counter tops but about your IKEA sink…I know it’s super affordable but have you been to the store and seen in? I was about to get it when I got to the show room and it was nicked with those tiny black scratches ! A fork slide across it and it’s marked…I think a little comet will take them out but who wants to polish the sink everyday? especially since the apron is open to anyone wearing a belt buckle, a fork a plate a dog jumping up…anything that could leave a mark will. if you don’t want the scratches I hear FireClay is a much better option…and you can get them fairly cheap on ebay…

    • I agree on the white sink from Ikea – looks great but the finish can wear away quickly. We purchase a Kraus apron front Stainless – I love it!

    • We recently purchased a home that came with this ikea sink. It is cracked so we purchased another to replace it only to find that it was cracked underneath, too, in the exact same spot. We returned it and are going to install a stainless steel sink instead.

      • Also… This kitchen has quartz countertops with square edges that were chipped up when we bought the house (I think the kitchen was put in around 2 years ago). We hired someone to fill in the chips. It was an easy, quick process that costed about $100 to fix 3 or 4 chips. I cannot tell where the chips were now.

  13. What about a slight bevel at the top edge? You could still have your nice straight line, but save your elbows as well.

  14. I came back and I also like Susan’s answer. Actually, I like everyone’s answer, but she makes a very good point. Its funny. I was just cleaning the kitchen and I noticed that my counters have a rounded edge. I didn’t put them in. I have done for clients and done an “eased edge” which is only very slightly, slightly rounded. I was also wondering if these are the only fabricators around? I’m sure whatever you end up with, it’ll be gorgeous! x

  15. with all these choices, it’s really hard to make a decision. they are all so gorgeous!

  16. I think someone already said it, but I would ask the countertop guys to bring you a sample piece that has been rounded and one that is square so you can see the difference.

  17. DO NOT BUDGE!!!!! If you want straight Edge make sure you get them! It will drive you crazy
    if you don’t!

  18. Regarding the countertops…I’m leaning toward a rounded edge. We just bought a house that has new quartz countertops (cream colored which drives me and Hubs CRAZY! They look sooooo dingy next to the white counters–who does that?!) and they are INCREDIBLY hard. Like, I have shattered a Fiestaware spoon-rest just by dropping it from 2-3 inches up. I thought Fiesta dishware was indestructible. I have dropped glass spice jars from a very low height as well and they shattered–not at all what I’m used to from my old laminate countertops. So I would think that a straight edge corner would be INCREDIBLY painful to run in to! Also that it could lead to lots of dishes getting broken or chipped, if you are even the least bit clumsy. Quartz is just so hard!

  19. Jennifer C. says

    What about a bevel edge? It would be more angular, while at the same time being safer and not chipping. If it were me, I would hate to have a chipped edge on my counters….

  20. Hi Nester,
    We have the straight edge Cambria Quartz & after about 4 years, I can honestly tell you two things:
    1) We’ve spared hurt elbows
    2) We have several chips along the top edges of the countertops. I would go for an ever so slightly rounded edge just to save yourself the frustration of these chips.

  21. I had a kitchen with a square cornered laminate counter top. I cut my arm 3 times on that sharp corner and still have scars 7 years later. Just something to think about…

  22. I am also one of these that lean toward a rounded edge. As Margaret already said, the square cornered could be really dangerous.
    By the way, the kitchen lighting set is great, maybe a little bit too expensive, but still well designed.

  23. with all these choices, it’s really hard to make a decision. they are all so gorgeous!

  24. with all these choices, it’s really hard to make a decision. they are all so gorgeous!

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