How To Hang A Wreath

This big, beautiful, full and luxurious wreath on my front door was made by one of my favorite friends in real life, Betsy . When I got it home, I just knew that I couldn’t use one of those run-of-the-mill metal wreath hangers for this work of berry and foliage art. Why not? Well, the […]

Garland: The Rest of the Story

I need to keep it real with y’all. Look what happened 10 minutes after I took the last photo of my garland the other night. Apparently, that 30 pound garland combined with the weight of the shutter was too much for this little shelf to bear. Actually, the hardware was still in the wall–it came […]

The Most Wonderful Christmas Garland Ever and How to Make It

Ok, it’s finally here. I took my garland apart just so I could show you step by step how to think about making a fluffy, luxurious garland this year. I’d like to complain about it but, I secretly had a great time! I had over 30 photos and tried to whittle them down to a […]

Ragamuffin Memo Garland: You Can Make One!

This is a repost of the now infamous Ragamuffin Memo Garland that I first posted back in April on this blog and then published over at Blissfully Domestic in May. I love the word “ragamuffin” and got to use it in the name of my previous business. I missed that word and thought it so […]

And I’ll Cry if I want to.

It’s my blog’s birthday today.She’s one year old. The Mushy PartHere’s the first post. All of my life I have been playing in my house and it’s been so fun to document it, hear your opinion {good and bad} and hot glue for an audience. It won’t be long and I’ll have a pretty new […]

Fall Decorating Without the Fuss

Want that fall feel without purchasing every pumpkin at your local craft store? Me too. I decided to shop the house and see what I could come up with. Here’s what I found: * Big red finial {thing that looks like a clown hat}* Red urn and little pumpkins that fit inside* White platter with […]

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