Winter Apothecary Jars

There is something about these glass apothecaries that lend themselves to any season. I guess it could be the fact that they are clear and pretty and you can put anything you want inside them.

Shells, an old finial, pretend eggs and nests, fake snow, silver anything, tiny bottle brush trees, berries, rocks, notes, nuts, ribbons, buttons, coins, photos, tiny frames, toys, Christmas ornaments…

For more inspiration visit Holly Mathis:: the Queen of Apothecary jar decor.

What do you put in your apothecary jars?


  1. Oh Nester, I hate change, I am so nervous clicking all over this new Nesting Place. I’ll admit it, I am still not used to your new blog design (not even new anymore, at all) and I miss the original Nesting Place. I am off to change my link to your new address and read Darcy’s post on WordPress. Welcome to your new home!

    I almost forgot, I filled my very first Apothecary jar with candy canes today!

  2. I love them all– especially adore the pom pom addition!!
    I’ll follow you anywhere, and already updated my bookmarks. No worries; you are worth it to us!

  3. I love the little tree in snow. Living in GA I long for snow every year and that idea would make me feel lik I had a peice of the action!

  4. Oh my, this is all different! It looks great, though.

    I almost used apothecary jars at my wedding, actually. These are so lovely.

  5. so sweet. they really do look beautiful filled with just about anything!

  6. So very beautiful. I LOVE the tree and snow, and the bow on the lamp! Thanks for the wonderful ideas.

  7. I absolutely LOVE your Winter Apothecary Jars! I have to make some this year! Thanks for inspiring me!

  8. Your jars are so beautiful! I love that you have so many. I have…5 or 6 and 1 cloche and Mr. HH says I have too many! Ha! When we get back home (we’re currently in Bayeux, France-off to Paris tomorrow) I’ll post photos of mine.

  9. They are so beautiful. How do you keep your boys from breaking them? That is the only question in my mind! I have 3 boys (and 1 girl, in that order) and all I can imagine, is shattered glass everywhere! :)

  10. I just noticed the eskimo yo-yos! Where did you get them?


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