This year my garland is simple. OR simpler than last year. I still love a full, fat lovely garland but for some reason this garland wasn’t packed with the rest of the Christmas stuff so I had early access to it and I realized how much I love it.

It’s just two strands of natural looking plastic garland from Hobby Lobby. Bought a few years ago a half price. I looked this year but I couldn’t find more. I like how real this garland looks with it’s yellowy brown edges.

I made three tiny holes in my mantle {because I’m not afraid of holeyness} and just attached the garland to the tacks.

It was kind of plain so of course, I had to add something to it. I found a few picks of red cherries and berries and just laid them in. Then I tore off a few leaves from a fake branch and stuffed them in as well.

Very simple. Very pretty. Very done.

Need an even simpler garland? Follow Layla’s lead and use a strand of beads!