Christmas Tour of Homes 2016 & A Call to Action for Cozy Minimalists


Welcome to the 2016 Christmas Tour of homes!

Thank you for checking in and opening up your imperfect home to strangers on the internet.

I’ll quickly go first, y’all, I’ve been sick for about two weeks now. Here’s my Christmas kitchen:

kitchen for realz


The house looks clean and orderly when I zoom in…

dining room


Long story here–we decided to move to a king size bed, so we got a new bed frame, I ordered a new mattress but didn’t like it, sent it back, and now we are sleeping on our old queen mattress on the king bed until I order another king size mattress.

I’m sitting here working from my queen mattress on a king size frame because my new king sized mattress wasn’t soft enough, getting ready to host a Christmas home tour on the internet and watching families fleeing from their dreams of a cozy home in Aleppo.

Chad and I watch the news, read the tweets and keep up with what the Preemptive Love Coalition is sharing.

Push play on this video for more information:

I’m spending part of my time in my cozy house recovering from being sick, part of my time making it pretty for Christmas and part of my time watching everything I can from Aleppo and Syria.

This is why we are Cozy Minimalists. We believe we can have a cozy home, with purpose–cozy for us and those who come here, but with intention to know when we have enough so that we can do other things.

Today, that other thing is to help our brothers and sisters who no longer have a home. Chad and I decided to join in with Preemptive Love, wait on buying our mattress and add to that money and give enough to provide meals for 100 families for a month. Will you join us in giving as well?

I cannot wait to see your lovely, safe home decorated for Christmas as it should be, would you consider also giving a gift to help those who no longer have a home?

sleeping bags



Thank you so much for giving so generously.

Want to do more than give? Click here.

Thank you for creating a home that’s inviting for your family, where you can welcome others in, I believe creating a welcoming home is a high calling, you are doing good work and I cannot wait to see your creativity in action.

Join in by linking up below to share your home with us (use a permalink directly to your post) and/or on instagram with the hashtags:


(It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful Christmas)

















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