Are You Committing Hygge Abuse?

Hygge, losely defined as setting the mood for coziness, and then actually being cozy with others, is having a moment right now, and rightly so.


Especially during this time of year when winter keeps not going away, the idea of Hygge, and getting our home and hearts all warm and cozy can be a sanity saver.


Cozy has an important job–it can set the mood for connection, rest and rejuvenation. It’s hard to let your guard down when you are physically in an uncomfortable place, cozy takes care of that.


We ❤️ Cozy!
For a long time I thought cozy was a style.


Cozy is not a style, it’s is a tool with a purpose.


No matter what style you prefer, you can add coziness in with comfortable fabrics, inviting lighting, incorporating nature, paying attention to textures, and thoughtful furniture placement to name a few.


When you view cozy as a tool, you have a finish line–when a room has been cozified so the people are comfy, you are done!

When you view cozy as a style, like I did for so long, and when you LOVE the idea of adding coziness (raises hand) then you figure if some cozy is good, then a ton of coziness must be excellent.


This slight change in perspective to coziness as a tool can make the difference of a home painfully overflowing with cozy things, or a home that’s cozy, but simple and easy to care for.


The truth is, when there’s no purpose, coziness becomes clutter.


In order to appreciate the cozy we add to our homes, we actually need some margin and white space to notice it and enjoy it. Amen.


To learn more about Hygge, because I have not even scratched the surface, check out The Little Book of Hygge. I adore this little book.


It’s full of fun drawings and is a quick and inspiring read.
Cozy Minimalist Home is available on the actual shelves of your local Target! You might even catch our Cozy Video on the TVs on the back wall, while you’re there.

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