We Want to See Your Fall Home

You’re invited!

We want you to show up and share your home with a community of imperfectionists, cozy minimalists, autumn-appreciators, and crunchy-leaf-lovers.

Join us this week as we share photos on Instagram inspired by the daily theme. 

To join us, simply check out the daily theme, take a photo of your home with the theme in mind and post one photo per day on Instagram. The key is to use the hashtag #MyCozyFallHome –that way we can all find each other.

We’ll begin today, Tuesday, September 17, and of course all are welcome.

The graphic is posted on my Instagram account as well, click here to see more. 


Tickets for The Nest Fest are going fast. 

We’ve sold 432 out of the 1000 tickets available. 

Historically, we sell the last 1/3 of the tickets in the week leading up to The Nest Fest. This year, tickets are going much faster, much earlier–we still have over a month left.  

Please, please, if you are planning to come, go ahead and grab your tickets now. 

I’d love for you to join me for Home for the Holidays Presented by Mercy House Global. I’ll be joining some of my absolute favorite women, (and a man I’ve traveled with twice–Shaun Groves, he’s one of my favorites too). 

There are two options for you to join us: if you’re local to The Woodlands TX or, find out about hosting the simulcast here.

Need some fall inspiration that goes beyond purchasing a bunch of factory made decor that requires you to store it 9 months out of the year? Me too. 

The Cozy Minimalist Fall Class is open right now, you can watch it in about an hour and instantly apply it to your home. This approach to the seasons completely changed how I decorate and host and I know it will change your home and hosting too. 

I look forward to seeing your cozy fall home!

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