Annual Tour of Homes :: #idhtbptbbchristmas


Welcome to the TENTH ANNUAL Christmas Tour of Homes!

This Christmas tour was started in 2006 by one of my favorite bloggers on the planet, Sophie from BooMama (please tell me you’ve read her books?!), back when photos were smaller online and old linkys are no non-existent. I’m so grateful that Sophie passed this tour on to me to host and it’s always something I look forward too–thank you for welcoming us into your real, live home during the holidays!

christmas tour of homes

Only imperfect homes are welcome to join this tour. Lucky for us, that includes everyone.

shelfprint by Aliza Latta

There are two ways to join in the tour, one, is via instagram–where I’ll be sharing the rest of my tour over the next few days…


 Follow me here on instagram and tag your photos #idhtbptbbchristmas (it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful Christmas) yep, it’s a mouthful, and ridiculous which is part of the charm, luckily, we don’t have to say it, just type it in once and then it will be one of your hashtags you can choose from!

instagramrelax by Lindsay Letters  

Just look at these lovely spaces…

Scroll through the instagram participants

& Join in on instagram by adding this hashtag to your photos:

#idhtbptbbChristmas (it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful Christmas)

family room You can also link up your blog post right here at the end of this post–be sure to use the permalink, not just your blog landing page (click on the title of your christmas tour post to get the permalink up in the address bar).  

ps if you are looking for sources from my own home, you can find most things here. Most of my art/prints/canvases are from Lindsay Letters, Aliza Latta, Naptime Diaries,  Gracelaced and Vol25.

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