Gifts on a budget

This month is chalk, chopped, whatever that word is, full of birthdays and people days for us. With no budget {try negative budget} for gifts, we had to get really creative. Lucky for me, I have a bad habit of saving toys that my boys loved to play with. These animals were played with for […]

Playroom Part 1

Playroom: Wall #1Shutters: $8 per pair {habitat for humanity restore}Parson’s Table: $7 {goodwill}Chairs: Free {shopped the house}Metal Barn Star: $39 {ebay} Having a playroom that doubles as a guest room that adults can actually stand to be in: priceless.

Where is that witty title person?

Need some laundry room inspiration? My sister accomplished a complete room transformation with a few cans of paint and a scrap piece of fabric. And look what you can do with an old door found at a family farm house. This project has nothing to do with a laundry room but I must share it […]

Dare me to move?

You know I had to add that song to my play list at the very bottom of this blog–especially after the Cooke sang it on Idol. And yes, Sister Honey Bunch, you are right, I saw him staring at you while he was singing. our current nest I wrote this post and told you a […]

Thrifting with $2.99

BEFORE: at least they had the sense to use hot glue, that junk peeled right off DURING: 2000% betterAFTER: don’t you want to fight me for it?

Window Mistreatments: 401

These mistreatments are for the advanced mistreater. If you’re new here you can read about easier mistreatments here and here. If you are too lazy to click on those links, I’ll define the term for you Mistreatment: (n). covering for a window that is quick, cheap and pretty. may or may not need hardware does […]

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