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One of the dreams I had when we moved out here to this property involved banjo music, food trucks, a white barn full of comfy seats and lots of amazing, talented creative vendors with handmade, vintage, and lovely things for your home and life.

And this dream is finally coming true!!! We are hosting a Nest Fest!

nest fest

Consider this your invitation to come hang out on our 13 acres #AtTheWhiteBarn in Midland, NC with fellow beauty hunters, we’ll eat yummy food and you can shop for beauty for your home and life from a selection of gloriously curated vendors!!

We’re having the Nest Fest on Saturday October 22nd, rain or shine 10ish-5ish (but the exact times aren’t quiet set in stone yet so don’t hold me to it!) Tickets will go on sale at a later date and will also be available at the door.

I’m so excited to share some of my FAVORITE makers, pickers, artists, farmers and shop owners with you! We have over 40 vendors coming!


This is just a tiny example of a few of our vendors–Created Beautifully & Angela Statzer and remember how I’ve been picking and collecting and beauty hunting like mad? It’s so I can have a huge booth full of pretties for your home at the Nest Fest!

white barn

The White Barn will be ready for you to hang out, sit and relax and enjoy the country surroundings. Vendors and food trucks will be sprinkled around the property. October is just lovely out here, here’s hoping for perfect weather!

nest fest

nest fest vendors

We are currently taking applications for vendors–we are looking for handmade and vintage goods and curators of beautiful things (home type vendors especially wanted, but all kinds are welcome!) . To find out more and apply to be a vendor click here. (all vendor spots have been filled, thanks!!)

Also, if you play in a musical group/tribe/band that you think would be a good fit, (banjos encouraged but not required!) send us an email with any info to: (all music spots have been filled, thanks!)

The same goes if you own an amazing food truck that we need to know about:


Need a place to stay or more to do while in our neck of the woods? Check out what beautiful Stanly county has to offer (and I’ll have a map available for you soon for all of my favorite local thrift shops, attractions and eateries!)



Click here to get your tickets now

Nest Fest!


Special shout out to our logo artist Mandi from Dry Ink Designs, she’s also working on a local map of all my favorite local shopping places so while you are in town, you can hit some other amazing shopping! Visit Mandi online and on instagram.




Well that’s it! I’ve been looking SO forward to sharing this fun news–it’s the biggest event we’ve ever tried to pull off here, and we couldn’t be more excited! I hope you can come!!

the good photos: Barrier Photography







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  1. This is so awesome I wish I lived close enough to go!

  2. So totally Magnolia for a day for y’all back east! I’m from Waco and haven’t even set foot at the Silos because it’s a zoo 24/7, but I would die to come.

  3. I so want to come and bring my daughter – we are both hunters!!! Cannot wait to hear about tickets.

  4. I would love to come to this! I’m literally 10 minutes away in Stanfield. Look forward to this event!

  5. Sounds wonderful….oh, I so wish I could be there–an event like this is right up my alley–but just too many mountains between you and me! Maybe those of us who live far away will be able to get some online discounts from some of your vendors for that weekend???!!!! (hint, hint). You will all have a smackin’ good time for sure!

  6. Oh, I hope I can come! Just added it to my calendar!

  7. How exciting. I wish I had something to “vend”!!

  8. Sure wish I was local!!

  9. Ahhhhh! This looks like so much FUN!! I can totally see everything set up….and you should make your special iced coffee. That would be a magical food truck :).

  10. Oh my gosh YES! I’m there. I’m so there. I visited you at the barn a little over a year ago and it was pure heaven. Can’t wait to come back!! Already inviting girlfriends to make a weekend trip out of it. :)

  11. So happy to see your dreams come to life. It’s a great thing to see! I just called myself a beauty hunter today before I saw this!

  12. I’m so super excited for you!!! I hope I can come!!
    Love you bunches!! Rene’

  13. LOOOOOOOVE! Will Kendra sing again? I’ll hold baby Annie. :-)

  14. Good heavens, this sounds fantastic! I love how you work to turn your dreams into reality. I’m going to see if I can bring a group of friends up from Savannah! I’m telling my friends at Big Bon Pizza about this event. You would love them! Wood fired pizza truck goodness. They are amazing. Watch them tell their story here:
    Can’t wait to see this come together!!

  15. Wow…It sounds like a great time!
    I only now realized how close your White Barn is to me….Keep everyone updated.
    Thank you for all you do :)

  16. I’ve been a follower forever…we’kl, at least since the first 31 days series. And can I say I got goosies and tears in my eyes when I read this?!? I am so excited for you! Go you! No doubt The Lord is blessing you, because you glorify him for the beauty. Yay yay yay!! Kinda reminds me of the country living festival in Columbus Ohio(etc).

  17. Rebecca says:

    So excited to see Angela’s name. I met her at the first Becoming and have been so worried since her amazing website isn’t there anymore. :(. So sad. But so happy to see her name and know all is weld. And so excited for you Myquillan…this sounds fabulous!! Can’t wait to hear more.

  18. Sounds exciting and oh so fun! I won’t be able to make it since I’m coming to the writers workshop in November, but I know a great band that I’m going to have email you. They play everything from banjos to mandolins to guitars. And they have beards – that seems to be mandatory with folksy bluegrass guys these days. They are awesome, write a lot of their own stuff and do some great covers. They just released an album and have been on tour promoting it.

  19. This looks like a fun girls’ weekend getaway trip!! I’m in love with that oversized pink chair!

  20. So excited for this! Coming down from NY!

  21. I love that Griffin is pictured on this blog.

  22. Beth Walker says:

    I love this! I love about 20 minutes south of Midland in Unionville. I can’t wait to come! I will save my money so I can shop til I drop!

  23. How difficult will it to get in? Sounds like a lovely time!

  24. I would love to attend your Nest Fest! Unfortunately I live in Colorado so I will have to live vicariously through your photos:) I love your style and I am going to buy your book soon! You have so many wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing all your creativity!

  25. So excited!! I’m lucky!!!!! The Nester lives down the street from me!!!!!!!!

  26. looking forward to your Nest Fest!

  27. If you need volunteers to help set up or throughout the day, please let me know! I’m in the Charlotte area, and while I don’t have a band, a food truck, or enough crafts yet to apply as a vendor, I’d love to help!

  28. I have my tickets and will be coming from Greensboro! I love Cate G’s offer to volunteer with set up or other tasks during the fest and am happy to help if needed!

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