I’m On The Beauty Hunt (Again!)

second handsecond-hand chairs

Over the past few years I’ve been so focused on fixing up a fixer upper and doing my actual work, that I stopped frequenting thrift stores, antique stores, yard sales and second-hand shops.

I didn’t really need to shop–we downsized to a smaller house and when your ceiling is half-finished it’s not as fun to go looking for things for your home.

But I also realized that I wasn’t enjoying my work as much, and I started to feel like I was always sitting behind my computer, where’s the inspiration? Where’s the fun?

thrifting finds

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that recently, I’ve been out and about shopping Beauty Hunting again. And really, that’s exactly what it is! Shopping or browsing seems mindless and pointless. But Beauty Hunting is thrilling, it’s like an act of rescue, I feel like I’m part of a SWAT team to find lovely things in the midst of a bunch of weird stuff.

pink chair

I have had the BEST time and the BEST luck finding all sorts of beautiful things! The chair gods have been smiling down on me this past month–I’ve found five chairs mostly in mint condition–all second-hand!


It’s great because we can always use some extra seating out in The Barn.

But, I’m Beauty Hunting with an even bigger purpose than that, one I think you’ll enjoy. I’ll share more about that in the coming weeks, though.


I can’t believe all the beauty that I’ve collected–all within 20 miles of my own front door. I’ve been so inspired that there are still deals to be found, and beautiful things to be discovered–it’s a part of what spurs my creativity and I feel like I’ve lost that a little in the past few years.

It’s been so FUN and inspiring to reclaim this simple pleasure. I’m not ashamed! Digging through piles of junk, going to 20 yard sales to find one thing for a dollar and walking past the same dirty bike at a thrift store 1000 times all in the name of finding beauty, brings me joy!

And I am SO enjoying it!


  1. Audrey Bretz says

    What are your best hints regarding finding nice furniture? I am on the hunt for a good stitching chair. That pink one would be awesome for sitting and doing my cross stitch. What do you look for and what do you avoid?

    • finding furniture– if it’s case goods –wood stuff-then just look for the right shape, style and size, because you can easily clean and paint it.

      Upholstered pieces are 1000 times harder to come by, there’s a lot to choose from, but I am SUPER picky and will only go for something if it looks brand new. Our local thrift stores are now mostly selling their pieces with a tag saying it’s been cleaned–which is SO great, but I don’t mind buying second hand if a chair looks like it’s never been sat in, even if it hasn’t been cleaned.

      So I look for new looking items with soft goods! You have to be really patient and not feel like you are looking for anything specific, and look EVERYWHERE!

  2. Baileywife @ Irishman acres says

    Ah, can’t wait to hear more…. I hope it involves me getting into a plane and visiting my favorite nester again!!?? ~Kim

  3. that pink chair….

  4. The green chairs!!! Ack!

  5. I love the concept of “beauty hunting!” It gives a whole new meaning to thrift store shopping. ? Beautiful finds!

    • yes! and it helps me see what a big deal it is when you actually find something–it doesn’t happen all that often (10% of the time maybe?) but is so fun and worth it if you can put up with the hunt!

  6. Your speaking my language! So much good stuff for a great deal out there if you are willing to go out and find it. How I wish I had found that pink chair!

  7. Those green chairs have original leather on the bottom? would look amazing with the blue and white trend you see everywhere. I think they look very horse and hunt and what a great find!! I hope your surprise is either online shopping OR a reupholstery seminar at the barn…

  8. I haven’t been able to get out to “hunt” much lately, but God seems to give me a higher percentage of wins when I do get out. Plus people have been handing a lot of things down to us, and my husband keeps finding nice things out by the curb for free, on his way home from work.

    I am in the middle of trying to decide what color to re-upholster a $3.50 armchair, so I appreciate the chair pictures!

  9. Olive + Vi says

    I’m part of the SWAT team too to rescue the good goods…soo fun! :)

  10. Those green chairs are lovely.

  11. I get so much more satisfaction thrifting. I really don’t even enjoy purchasing from a “real store”.

  12. Love that pink chair. I now have chair envy.

  13. Oh, my goodness…I am right there with ya. I love the hunt. Lately I can’t remember squat, but I can tell you where I found every treasure I’ve found at a garage sale or thrift store.
    Blessings to you.

  14. hey girl great post!

  15. Thrifting is the best! I too always feel out of sorts if I don’t get my usual dose of exposing myself to the chances of serendipitous finds. Happy hunting! -Beth

  16. A couple of questions.
    1. Do you have a limit on the price of a good chair?
    2. Have you ever chalk painted an upholstered piece?
    3. Do you worry about hidden biting things when purchasing a chair or couch? I know of someone who got an infestation of bed bugs from scrumping furniture from curbside – makes me nuts thinking about it.

    • great questions susan!

      1. yes-ish, if I”m not actually shopping for something specific, but just think I can use it somewhere, then I think under $100 is a great deal on a like new, second hand chair. If it’s under that, and I like it and it looks great, I’ll usually buy it and find a place for it. IF i’m looking for something specific and find the perfect chair, I’d spend a few hundred if I found it second hand.

      2. I’ve painted the wood parts of upholstered pieces: https://thenester.com/2011/05/ive-got-twins.html but I haven’t had good luck with painting actual upholstery

      3. I stopped buying upholstered pieces for a few years because of the bedbug scare, and just now started buying again, mostly because I know anything I buy right now will go out in our barn and I’m not as concerned about stuff out there. I know that’s not the answer you are looking for!

  17. Hello there fellow North Carolinian! I’m planning on doing some thrifting/antiquing/junking road trips around the state this summer (I’m in Wilmington) and would love your suggestions on the best places in your neck of the woods! Thanks so much and hope your weekend is lovely.
    Hugs, Lynn

  18. Hannah Reid says

    These chairs are truly lovely! I love the idea of hunting for beauty! Makes me want to hit up my favorite thrift store, asap…

  19. I like your attitude!

  20. Megan McGrath says

    What are you favorite spots to find fun things?? I live close to you and can’t seem to find any awesome places besides Going Twice in Mooresville.

    I also look for you each time I’m out Beauty Hunting in hopes that I’ll randomly run into you. How stalkerish is that? ;)

  21. Those are some nice chairs you found. Just some patience and hunting skills :)

  22. I just disappeared down thenester.com rabbit hole… for like an hour. Um, maybe longer. This blog is my happy place! Right up there with walking around Target with Starbucks in hand. I’m so glad you’ve blogged for so long. I’m still in love with all your colors from the 2012-2014 stage (aka pink and aqua and white). But then I love your newer, more navy blue/white/etc. tendencies too. Whatevs, I’m just sipping up the pretty like it’s a latte over here…

  23. I’m loving all of the #beautyhunt posts over on IG! And hoping the reason you’re thrifting again has something to do with a new book??!

  24. That pink chair is totally awesome! It looks comfy too! How much did you pay for it?

  25. This is what we do on weekends in Raleigh….. I hit every thrift/yardsale/ etc from one side to the other of Raleigh!

  26. thank you for your post cant get enough of your articles im reading.

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  28. Finding nice chairs is not always straightforward, so kudos.

  29. Great find!

  30. Good page to come across…

  31. Agree with previous comments!..

  32. Great chairs :-)

  33. Some great chairs that would stand out in any living room! Great finds!

  34. Loving the chairs, and the drift wood.. Clever arranging.

  35. Superb finds, clever person.

  36. I do like these finds, very informative and stylish.

  37. beautiful furniture

  38. lovely pictures

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