second handsecond-hand chairs

Over the past few years I’ve been so focused on fixing up a fixer upper and doing my actual work, that I stopped frequenting thrift stores, antique stores, yard sales and second-hand shops.

I didn’t really need to shop–we downsized to a smaller house and when your ceiling is half-finished it’s not as fun to go looking for things for your home.

But I also realized that I wasn’t enjoying my work as much, and I started to feel like I was always sitting behind my computer, where’s the inspiration? Where’s the fun?

thrifting finds

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that recently, I’ve been out and about shopping Beauty Hunting again. And really, that’s exactly what it is! Shopping or browsing seems mindless and pointless. But Beauty Hunting is thrilling, it’s like an act of rescue, I feel like I’m part of a SWAT team to find lovely things in the midst of a bunch of weird stuff.

pink chair

I have had the BEST time and the BEST luck finding all sorts of beautiful things! The chair gods have been smiling down on me this past month–I’ve found five chairs mostly in mint condition–all second-hand!


It’s great because we can always use some extra seating out in The Barn.

But, I’m Beauty Hunting with an even bigger purpose than that, one I think you’ll enjoy. I’ll share more about that in the coming weeks, though.


I can’t believe all the beauty that I’ve collected–all within 20 miles of my own front door. I’ve been so inspired that there are still deals to be found, and beautiful things to be discovered–it’s a part of what spurs my creativity and I feel like I’ve lost that a little in the past few years.

It’s been so FUN and inspiring to reclaim this simple pleasure. I’m not ashamed! Digging through piles of junk, going to 20 yard sales to find one thing for a dollar and walking past the same dirty bike at a thrift store 1000 times all in the name of finding beauty, brings me joy!

And I am SO enjoying it!