Laundry Room Teaser: Paint is My Hero


laundry room before

Y’all. Same view, eighteen months apart.

The laundry room makeover cost practically zero dollars {paint from floor to ceiling and we already had all of that but one can.}

Paint is my BFF.

To see all the befores afters and hows click here.

PS, are you following along on instagram? More photos of this room there.

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  1. Love the fresh white with the grey door and floors. I painted the floors in our whole downstairs when we moved into this place 7 years ago because the carpet was trashed and so were the wood floors underneath. Plus, it was cheap. I love them. I would totally do it again. Do you remember the name of the grey you put on your floor?

  2. Hmm… yes, please do tell. I’m living in a church parsonage with a huge finished basement… that is completely wood-paneled. The old school kind that I’ve heard is a PITA to paint. Yours looks more like actual wood, but the color/effect in the room is the same.

  3. baileywife@Irishmanacres says:

    Um, YOU are MY hero :) This is total eye candy! ~Kim

  4. What a difference! Love everything about your new laundry room. I’d actually spend time in a room like that, even if there is work involved.

  5. Paint is my hero too! What a great transformation!! :) My laundry room is currently the nicest and most finished part of my house… and I have no regrets :D

  6. Can you please tell me where your dutch door is from? Thanks! Beautiful room.

  7. Wow- what a difference! I love the white but my husband would be mad if we had wood and painted over it! Good thing I know that- I will never buy a wooden house!

  8. Oh Nester, be still my heart. I love this post. We actually just found out that my husband’s job isn’t making us move, so I can finally commit to a house – the one that we live in – instead of always being prepared for leaving. Your book has been instrumental (fitting adjective because it has me happy dancing!) in helping me realize that I can love the home that I’m in whether or not I need to wander. So, as soon as we found out that we can stay here I immediately thought, “We’re redoing the laundry room!” Builder beige and just a lot of blah – it’s time for a makeover. I’m so excited. I’ve been reading your blog since we had our first daughter and our first house many, many, many years ago (7?) and your heart for living fully in Christ has helped me to understand the freedom that we can receive when we give our lives as an offering – when we don’t hold back, when we lived as loved people, and when we take chances. Because, let’s face it, we’ve already won the Best Prize There Is. Jesus.

    Sorry for the ramble! Your laundry room post just solidified how grateful I am in my heart that I’m able to start doing some home stuff now and how blessed I feel to be a part of a community of women who believe that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!

    And, if it has an iced coffee drip on it, then it must have been done with love. ;o) (My kids can’t miss me because of the trail!)

    xo Kelly

  9. Wow! So much pretty with that paint. I love it!

  10. I love that your most-used entry includes your laundry. Our forever home is a farm cottage on 10-acres, the house faces the garden and has french doors to the garden from the living areas. The only `entrance’ includes the laundry area. I tried everything to move it but as much of the property has rock on it the cost of shifting plumbing meant it wasn’t going to happen. We did knock out all the walls the divided the area into poky little spaces and added bench top over the washer with a built in laundry hamper, cupboards and a white sink, which also serves the adjoining, incredibly tiny,half (quarter?!) bathroom. A double door pantry gives extra storage and a bigger skylight adds light. I took a while to get my head around not having the grand entry I thought a forever home should have. But truly, this looks pretty and we are in the garden or out with the animals most of the day. We need somewhere to drop boots and jackets and somewhere to dry off the dog when she comes in wet. We can pull up right at the door (no internal access in an older farm cottage) and unload from the car under cover, helpful in our less than stellar weather in the winter. Thanks for encouraging that good enough is just fine and that we should have a house to suit us not some magazine idea of what is required!

  11. Bag! Bag! Tell me about the bag!

    (I love the laundry room! And I really love your hutch top thing from the other day! Makes me wish I had less built in kitchen storage so I could put together something like that…..)

  12. Maria Vastianou Grigoriadi says:

    Oh, oh, oh! There is the bottom of the hutch! It IS perfect in that spot. LOVE it!

  13. Looks amazing!!! Love it!

  14. Love paint. So fresh and hides a multitude of sin :) By the way, I adore your use of greenery, the little plants here and there are so beautiful, like a little bit of life in every corner. Would love to see a post on how you choose which plants, which are easy to care for and the way you display them too! Thanks for the inspiration :)

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