You Don’t Need My Obligation




Where did I go?!

Y’all it’s 31 days, a series I not only like to join in but also host and I’ve disappeared.

Do you know that every year I give myself permission to not join in? I think that’s key to being able to create things–not feeling like it’s an obligation. You deserve so much more than my obligation.

This weekend I had to speak at a conference and for some reason, it consumed the two weeks leading up to me having to open my mouth and say thoughtful words to a roomful of beautiful bloggers.

I knew I could have cranked out some vignettes for Vignette Me, but I choose not to become a frantic vignette factory. For the first time in seven years 31 Days was feeling forced and disingenuous. It is borderline insulting to both me and you for me to rush around and create a vignette (or even wait for good lighting for the ones I have) just to take a photo so I can check it off my list when my heart isn’t in it. Heart makes all the difference.

I still love vignettes, I’ll still share vignettes, but I want you to know I’m ok with not following through on a post every day this October. Forced art isn’t art at all. I already know you understand that.

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be inspiring.

Thank you Jennifer Cooper for putting that in the comments for me.

And maybe the imperfect & honest is the very inspiration we are searching for.

I hope today you make time to let the art come to you if and when it’s ready.

*updated: I just read my sister’s post, believe it or not, we didn’t plan this, great minds and all

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  1. Megan Hoiosen says:

    I’d love to start receiving your posts by email. I follow you sister already!

  2. Thanks for saying this! I also dropped off the face of the blogging earth for about two weeks of the 31 days, despite good intentions this year (and making it all the way through last year!). I got sick, other stuff came up, etc. Oh well. I’m glad even the hostess gets a pass!

  3. 31 Days was crazy this year. I didn’t finish (yet) for the first time in 3 years, and I’m okay with it. Life got in the way in the best sense, and I had to just let something go. (I also let house cleaning and blog reading go, too – I’m trying to catch up, but I know it’s a lost cause. In both areas.) What a gift to read these words. I love your realness – it inspires me to be real, too. Thank you.

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