Befriend the Art of the Vignette

kitchen sink

I’m focusing on the pretty in the kitchen. Just out of the view of the camera is a gross stack of dirty, un-rinsed, stinky dishes.

This is the subtle art of vignettes.

They are just one small part of the story, but can still stand alone.

And the beauty is if we can take the time to adjust our focus, vignettes are our best friend in our hunt for beauty.


Have you seen the vignette option in instagram? It darkens up the edges of the photo to help set the focus on a smaller part of the picture. Thank you vignettes.

wooden scrub brush


*when I put this photo on instagram I had lots of question about the little wooden scrub brush, I found it at world market, here’s a similar one on Amazon, I also love this ring version. More details about our kitchen are here.




  1. Thanks for the reminder – yes, we can always choose to look at the things that make us happy, instead of focusing on the bad :) (And it’s so easy to forget about this simple fact.) Looove the scrub brush. xx

  2. I think I need to catch up on this vignette series. When we moved to this house, my daughter was 18 months old, and just at the age to eat any pretty vignette I tried to make. So, what few surfaces this little duplex has were either bare, or cluttered with toys. Now that my kids are 5&7, I am clueless! I’ve been in a “practical only” mindset for so long that I don’t know how to put things out just for the sake of pretty. Flat surfaces in this house are still at a premium, so I need to balance my need for pretty with my need for functionality. And also my need to avoid cluttered hot spots where things just get dumped (hence the Christmas trees on the sideboard in the kitchen). I so need help! (off to read the archives)

  3. Lovely! Yes, remembering to adjust our focus {in every area of life} really changes things. :)

  4. Just finished reading your wonderful book. Thank you. Even at the ripe old she of 60, I learned a lot! Hubby is highly risk averse and even though we moved into our house, we have not hung one picture. He has to read that chapter or no supper tonight. :). j/k

    I’m also a mom of three sons. Two of them are pastors, one serves on worship team. Loved every broken window, crashed chairs, torn apart electronics, step on Legos minute of it!

  5. Oops, auto correct you are not my fiend, I mean friend!

    Should have said the ripe old AGE of 60.

  6. Hi Myquillyn,

    Wow, that’s a unique name. :) It’s lovely.

    Your focus on the vignette spaces we can beautify around us in these last few posts was encouraging and inspiring. I especially liked the laundry transformation there. Thanks for that focus.

    Have a great week, Myquillyn.

    Jennifer Dougan

  7. luv the “vignette” feature on instagram, use it all.the.time! been slowly incorporating ideas from your book into our house. wooden beads, feathers from our yard, acorns from the oak trees, spray painted branches and cork wreathes… lovely little “vignettes” all over my perfectly imperfect home.

  8. The fact that you admitted that your kitchen was a mess when you took that picture actually made me laugh out loud. I’ve been inspired by your series and have been creating vignettes of my own. The world around the pictures I take are definitely messy and imperfect, but I have been able to stop and take stock of sweet moments as I work my way through the house. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. So happy I found your blog! Only 8 weeks pregnant after 2nd IVF and just lost my Mom to brain cancer. Focusing on projects and crafts and nesting and this miracle baby on the way helps.

  10. I think something is wrong with my feed from your blog – I haven’t gotten all of the 31 days series on vignettes – I am missing from Oct. 17 to the 21st??? I keep trying to find it but can’t —- HELP!

  11. isnt this suppose to be a 31 day series? Hope all is well!

  12. I just love this vignette. I actually love washing dishes but with this view it would be more delightful.

  13. Jennifer Cooper says

    Hi Nester-I love your blog and your 31 days series. I pray all is well with you. I’m declaring that a 31 day series doesn’t have to be perfect to be useful.

  14. I am a vignette lover. I’ve created them on silver trays, wooden trenchers, game boards, all kinds of fun stuff. Some of my very favorite vignettes happen on accident at the moment I decide I’m tired of the stuff on the deep windowsill in my corner living room window. I can be an over-arranger.

  15. I agree when we learn to change our mindset to be happy we learn how to focus on the good and achieve great things

  16. Well said i am a vignette lover as well. Nice work with the filters.

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