Angel Wings Vignette

angel wings

From the Nesting Place instagram a little shot of our 10 year old denim slipcovered sofa with the stump table on casters we made from a fallen tree, pouf and the signature piece in this photo is the Angel Wings. The angel wings are available at Joss & Main, I found mine there a few months ago, another one of those 100% needless, frivolous purchases that ends up setting the tone for an entire space– and I’ve already hung them in three different places, I like them so much.

Happy Vignetting this weekend!

31 days Vignette me

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  1. Thank you for simple beauty. Always

  2. I love the 10-yr-old denim slipcovered sofa. Where did you get that? (may not still be available, but that’s just what I’m looking for.)

  3. Hopping on to say … THANKS for hosting 31 days again. I am having fun and getting out of a blogging slump.


  4. Love, love, love those angel wings

  5. I’d love to curl up there and read a book! What a peaceful, beautiful spot!

  6. Gorgeous, and I wish I had a place for them, but um.. those are upside-down. I know because I own two parrots.. if the hardware allows, you might want to flip them.
    I love when 31 days comes around and there’s something to see every day!

  7. Hello,
    How heavy were those wings? Also have any recommendation of how someone could make the angel wings fold up (so that they could be Tax Accountant worn then extended outwards)? thanks

  8. I want to make a doll angel with wings but worried about Best cryptocurrencies how to do the wings.i have no idea how can i create them: I may be able to adapt this idea on a smaller scale. Thanks for the post.

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