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We’ve lived in the Charlotte, NC area for 6 or 7 years now. I think I remember two significant snows. One was at Christmas so we weren’t in town to see it. I mourned that day. This property is 45 minutes south and east of our last house. So I wondered how many decades we would have to wait to see real snow.

And now we’ve had TWO DAYS of it! We are so excited….


The first day it covered the ground on the grassy parts and covered the trees beautifully.





Then yesterday it snowed for hours.








Those tire tracks are a main road in our town. Five inches and no snow plows. We kind of like it that way. Our little world just stops and it’s so nice. It’s going to all be gone in a few days anyway without a trace. It’s supposed to be 60* next week.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 6.37.00 AM

And of course what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t Waterlogue our house in the snow? If you follow me on instagram you’ve seen way too many of my snow photos. If you unfollow me on instagram, I don’t blame you.

Do you get excited about snow? Or are you tired of it this year because you live where it snows too much?


UPDATE: I’m adding in extra photos from during the snow the next day…
















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  1. In KC area and so tired of the Arctic cold this year. Only had one really big snow storm but it has been bitter cold. Definitely have spring fever.

  2. I live in a place where we have lots of snow, but I love it! I still go around and take lots of snow pictures when we have fresh snow in the morning! But I could do with a few less below zero mornings.

    • That’s exactly how I feel! I love the snow here in CO…but I’d love it better if we could have pretty snow and it could be 60 degrees at the same time.

    • Ditto here in Iowa. Love snow, especially if we get 5-6 inches at a time, but very tired of waking up to a thermometer that says -12. And tired of late starts due to windchill. And salt brine on my car. But snow? Heck yeah!

  3. I absolutely love seeing the southern excitement over the snow. I could complain about long Ohio winters, but it’s been fun to see it through the eyes of those in the South.

  4. We woke to beautiful snow here in ATL! All we got yesterday was sleet and ice, so it was nice. It’s beautiful, but I’ll readily admit that I am not a winter person and I will be glad when the temps go back up today and everything melts. ;) I am ready for Spring!

  5. I live in Atlantic Canada, and I find southerners enjoyment of the rare snow both refreshing and amusing. I’m soooo tired of snow right now, and we’ve got another 25cm (10inches) coming our way over the next 24 hours. We can’t plant our gardens until May or June, and I’m jealous that I wasn’t chosen to be a southern girl.

  6. I’m in Annapolis, MD but grew up in Wisconsin. Snow is so beautiful and I’m so happy you are getting to experience it in your new home. You guys look like you are making the most of it! And can I just say, I was grouchy when I got on the computer a few minutes ago and then after reading your post, I was full on happy. I told my husband, “I just read this happy blog post with beautiful winter pictures and I’m happy again.” Funny how infectious a good mood (even if coming over the internet) can be, as well as the simple impact of a beautiful picture. So happy you blog! (And my family home on a ‘snow day’ thanks you!) ;-)

  7. Beautiful, but crunchy in Burlington, NC……more today we hope!! We love it!!!!

  8. You are so cute!! The children seem to be enjoying themselves as well!!
    We here in Kawarthas Ontario are in over 5′ of snow. No point in complaining. That’s winter for us. It’s great for your gardens and for the farmers fields.

  9. I’m in eastern NC & we’ve had beyond our share of snow this year! 6″ Tuesday … woke up this morning & it’s all gone! Ready for Spring!

  10. My cousins family lives in Peachland so I saw their pictures yesterday. His kids were quite excited! It was beautiful. :) We have 8 1/2 ” here in the mountains of SW Virginia and all I am concerned with is the power going out!! :/ Enjoy!! :D

  11. We live in SW Charlotte. Loving all this snow for my boys to play in. And I have to admit, I kinda like not being able to go anywhere for a couple days! Such a rare treat!

  12. We live in Massachusetts, so we get snow often :) It’s exciting, and I love how pretty it looks (it’s snowing right now!) but the plows come and do their thing, the snow gets muddy and gross (and my husband still has to go to work :( I know, right?! lol) so it’d be nice to be in a place that only gets snow sometimes… makes you appreciate it so much more (and since there aren’t a million plows that come out right away, it’s more of a magical, precious time – the roads are quiet). :)

  13. We are loving it, but my parents are stranded here (were suppose to leave Wed.). They may feel a little trapped :)

  14. I’m just outside of Charlotte in Indian Trail. Snow is still coming down. It’s beautiful but I’m kind of glad that we only see it once or twice a year. Nice pictures :)

  15. We’re just a bit northwest of Indianapolis, and I’m officially over winter. We’ve nearly broken our record for snowfall and have had lots and lots of crazy low temperatures. I was kinda thankful for the last snowfall because it covered up all the dirty snow in our yard. (High winds had carried dirt from the fields and made all our huge drifts in our yards brown. Yuck.) Glad you’re enjoying the snow!

  16. i’m so jealous!
    we’ve had all ice and no snow (in charleston, SC) – i wish it would snow!!!!
    your home looks gorgeous blanketed in white – and i LOVE the waterlogue app – one of my favorite things!

  17. I’ve lived in Canada most of my life – Michigan for a 4 year span – and I cannot fathom a year with no snow! Your post makes me stare out my window in wonder…what if those snow piles weren’t there right now? What if my husband (sweetheart that he is) didn’t have to shovel our driveway and scrape the windows of our car most winter mornings? What if I didn’t have to bundle my daughter up in every article of winter gear in her size every time she headed off to school? What would that LOOK like?!
    Enjoy your rare snow! Enjoy the picture it gives you of Christ washing us as white as snow…!

  18. I really and truly despise snow. :) 5 years in Colorado (loved Colorado, just not the snow!) and 3 winters now at another high-altitude location, and I’m DONE with it. However, we have truly had a very mild winter here. No snow since mid-December. Well, a tiny bit of snow last week that melted right away, but nothing like what is normal. Of course, people are already really worried about fire season. My dream is to have a winter place to go to with no snow ever!

  19. Megan McGrath says:

    I’m in Charlotte too and it’s GREAT! This is a REAL snow, the fluffy stuff, not the ice snow that we usually get. And we’re getting more today! Enjoy! :)

  20. I live outside of Phoenix and it has been in the high 70’s all week. Not ready for summer yet! It would be really nice to see a little snow :)

  21. Yes, I enjoy it. Here in coastal SC we got ice , ice, ice, but hey, it was pretty!

  22. I love snow. I live in the SW region of Washington state and we just had a wonderful blast of snow (which doesn’t happen often)…I was in heaven…and of course posted on it last night :)

  23. Doen’t everything look lovely in the snow? Even your power lines probably look good in it! This is our third snow this winter in SC! You know that has to be a record. It’s snowing now. Ice fell on the snow yesterday so it’s hard to walk around in it today, but it is beautiful. I keep hearing limbs snapping, though, and that’s not beautiful…power outages are widespread. Praying for those who don’t have power right now.

  24. Nester! Good on you–your boys are wearing gloves and hats! Way out West here in Oregon we just had 8 inches of snow and I had my 16 year old son shovel the driveway sans gloves (where did they go, anyways?).

    Your excitement about the snow mirrors mine exactly and I giggled with delight when I read your post. Because I’d providentially stocked the pantry/freezer, our four-day snow-enforced hermitization was a welcome blessing. Snow’s all gone, but the lovey-dovey memories are still in my heart.

  25. I love snow! It just everything so much more beautiful in winter. Your pictures are gorgeous. Enjoy!

  26. I am in Waxhaw, NC and loving how beautiful this snow is today! Huge flakes to cover the ice that coated in the night. The only unhappiness in our house is the dogs. They are DONE.

  27. Here in New Hampshire we are excepting about 12″ of snow today. My girls have their second “blizzard” bag to do. A blizzard bag is like home school for the day so they don’t have to make up the snow day in June. Our schools have just started doing this in 2014. I was looking forward to another snow day. A reason to stay home. Here in NH lots of is always normal and you learn to live with it….and drive all wheel drive cars! I would never get up my driveway with out one!

  28. As a California girl, these photos are absolutely stunning to my sun soaked eyes! What beauty. Your first shot is breathtaking, what an amazing roof line! Thanks for sharing :)!

  29. I have loved your updates on IG!

    I’ve been in NC for 31 years and have never seen such big, hard snow. So pretty.

  30. Living in NJ where we are getting 16″ today, I nearly didn’t scroll through this entire post. So glad I did since you mentioned Waterlogue. What a cool app! I just downloaded it.

  31. I love all your snow pictures! I also go snap-happy with my camera when snow comes around. We have to because it just doesn’t come around very often. I thought I was done with the snow, but I have enjoyed it again this week watching it fall ever so softly giving the winter browns a beautiful white touch. But after this one, I’m ready for spring!

  32. I live in Indiana and although we’ve had a lot of snow this year I love it! I like all 4 seasons and appreciate the beauty in them all. All the complaining about the snow from people who live here just makes me giggle. Sheeesh everyone, it’s winter. It’s snows in winter and sometimes it snows a lot.
    I love your pics! It reminds me of when I was growing up on my grandparents dairy farm and the winters then. Beautiful!

  33. I’m in Alabama and after 2 days of kids being out of school because of threat of snow, we finally got it last night! So beautiful. This has been the craziest winter the South has seen in a while. I’m ready for sunshine!

  34. Hey there! I was thinking about you guys and how your farm would look in the snow! Thanks for the pix! We’re in Weddington, not that far from your parents. (Btw, I’m the one who used to go to the same church as them; we may have met before.

  35. Haha, the rest of my comment got cut off…As I was saying….We looked at a farm property in Monroe last weekend; I bet it looks pretty in snow! Since I’m a Cali-lina girl, this snow is still a big deal to me! And I looooove not having to go anywhere!

  36. How beautiful is that?! Your own winter wonderland. Enjoy!

  37. I live outside Chicago and we have had more snow and colder temperatures this year than I can ever remember! Hopefully, we will be living in South Carolina in a few years when my husband retires :-) and the snow will be an occasional treat rather than a regular occurrence. I am SO ready for spring!

  38. You can have all of the wicked white stuff! I live in Minnesota….UGH…and can’t wait for all of it to melt.

  39. We live in Michigan and we’ve had record breaking snowfalls. It reminds me of winters when I was a kid. We still have about 12 inches on top of two or three inches of ice. I don’t mind the ice and snow – we still get around, business as usual, up here. What it wearing on me is the cold! the below 0 temps are making me long for spring! Beautiful pictures of your home and property!

  40. Oh, your farmhouse looks lovely in the snow! We can get up to 6 months straight of snow here (October to April). But even though we get sick of it quickly, a blanket of fresh, crisp, white to cover the muddy ice never loses its charm.

  41. I love love the snow!! Ah, even those this Virginia winter has been cold and snowy, it’s such a gift from God to have snow…no school, cozy nights, socks, blankets, stuck with family and friends…the world sees it as a storm but I see it as a blessing. Of course I’m not saying it’s pleasant for those without heat, those who are traveling, those who don’t have homes with blankets and candles. We must pray for these people.

  42. Nester,
    This is just what I needed to see, someone deprived of snow. I love that you have a chance to enjoy it. I love the beauty of it long after it is gone. The driving in it day after day and the dirty slush tracked in the house and making a mess in the car is something else.
    Our temps in Wisconsin have been from bitter cold to slightly above normal.
    I still remember December of 2012 when we got 24 inches of snow in 24 hours. The poor trees in my neighborhood took a beating. Enjoy the magic.

  43. Beautiful snow and property! We currently have about 20″ on the ground in MD! More to come later today and tonight!

    • Where in MD do you live? My Mom lives in Glen Burnie and says they have a lot! I’ve got friends in Manchester who say they have about 20 inches on the ground as well.

  44. I live in Colorado so….. actually this winter has been pretty mild so far. We’ve had some really cold days and snow but nothing like years past up until this past weekend when we got 20+ inches in the mountains – the ski resorts are loving it! I love snow, how it muffles all the sounds and makes everything so quiet and peaceful. Enjoy the snow.

  45. Beautiful! And, your excitement is contagious for a moment or two. Then, I remember that I have had enough snow and more coming this weekend and I’m thankful you are getting to enjoy those five inches instead of me! :) I really am glad you are having a touch of winter as everyone deserves one good snow fall. I also think it is much more beautiful in the country, especially on a road that traffic hasn’t messed up yet! Enjoy!

  46. These are beautiful!!!

  47. Your pond with the snow is magical.
    I live in New England so very used to snow. I don’t like ice though.

  48. This post made me smile. Of course we are in Orlando, FL so… no snow for these kiddos even if it is a bit chilly {for us} around here. Boys have been begging to see snow, however! Beautiful pics, as always. It’s nice to see your new place in a different snowy light. xo

  49. How fun is this post – so glad y’all got some good snow there in NC!!

    We got 11 inches here in DC over the past day – and I LOVE it. I don’t like the cold, but if snow comes with it, I suddenly become way ok with it. :)

  50. Melissa L. says:

    I don’t think I noticed your roof color before…in the photos it almost looks teal/turquoise-y, a color I’m recently smitten with–just beautiful!! Everything just looks so peaceful. I’m originally from FL but live in MD where we just shoveled 12 inches from a very long driveway but I love it! I’m just in awe most of the time when it snows, the way it blankets everything in this hushed beauty. I see God in it every time. I know it’s a treat for you, enjoy it with your family!

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