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Before I start writing posts full of horribly ugly before photos where I may or may not have sprinkled in a few extra pieces of found ulgliness to enhance the depth of disdain, I need to tell you something.

Do you have any idea how excited I was to get to tell you about this house?

Yesterday when I announced this next nesting adventure you all knew what that meant–it meant so much more than simply buying a cute little white house. You know our story. You put up with me hot gluing drapes while we paid off our debt. You’ve stuck around this journey; a public diary thinly veiled as a decorating blog. I started out so ill content with our home situation–and slowly learned to absolutely, truly love where we were in our rental. You were there as I finally became content to rent.

Funny how it wasn’t until I could be fully at peace with where we were that we were able to move.

You know that houses are my love language–most of you are here because houses are your love language too. I cannot tell you how deeply you have all encouraged me. Your words of celebration and excitement and congratulations over the past few days have completely overwhelmed me. You will never know how much this community means to me. And you who are renters? Your words meant the most.

This house was such a gift to us. We stumbled into learning that we could qualify for a house and within days stumbled onto this house–pretty much the only place we even looked at before we made an offer. The girl who LOVES house shopping had no desire to look at anything else. Besides, we were looking for so much more than a house. The house was secondary. We were looking for a place. A place we had dreamed about so we could one day share it with you.

This place hogged up almost our entire summer. What a joy. And you know I don’t believe that there was any accidental stumbling. And, I’m pretty sure my parents prayed us into this house. It’s that surprising that it all worked out. I think I’m still in shock. We. Love. This. Place.

Four months ago when I was knee deep into writing a book all I wanted to do was to get a hammer and chisel and break apart my computer into tiny bits until it turned to dust and and then I wanted to go paint a wall. It was all I longed to do–to paint a wall! Oh the luxury!

Do you know what I did today?

I painted a wall.

In our house.

And I didn’t even worry that someone would get mad that I painted their wall because it’s ours.

Seven years ago this month Chad and I knew we needed to put our house on the market. We lived in a house we loved that was 15 houses away from my sister. We had a failing business and a mortgage we knew we wouldn’t be able to continue to pay. We sold the house by owner within 30 days of listing it. Our oldest had just finished 2nd grade. He’s going into 10th grade this fall.

This blog isn’t really about houses and tricks to make us like them more.

It’s about our heart and what our houses can teach us about life.

We can learn a lot from paint and fabric and budgets and imperfect circumstances.

And we’ve only just begun.


PS, a few hours after we closed on Wednesday, Tsh and I recorded a podcast. she was so kind and let me ramble on forever about my house. It was after an all day adrenaline high so I’m pretty sure I sound exactly like a melancholy robot on drugs. Forgive me. But, if you are interested you can hear a lot more about the house and see a few more photos here.

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  1. Such a lovely post…I, too, painted a wall today in our first family home after living in post housing for 16 years. I was never discontented in those homes but felt such a feeling of home in a half painted room. I had to take a little break so I didn’t have crooked messy lines by the ceiling (eyesight blurry from tears ;) )
    Wishing many happy memories for your family at this home. (Please tell me we will see some cute farm animals on your blog :)

  2. I never comment – just sit quietly and take it all in. However……Congratulations! I am so happy for you. That sweet house and the surrounding loveliness are my idea of perfect. I can’t wait to see more.

  3. I am thrilled for you and your family!!!! I know your story and I know about your dream for a “place.” It sounds like a God-thing! You and your story have inspired me so much–to dream, to DIY, to pay off debt, and to sponsor a child in Haiti through Compassion International. Even though I am a 62-year-old Grandma, there is still much to learn from the blogging generation. Thank you for the courage to tell your story and your joy!

  4. This is so wonderful and amazing in a million ways. We were renting in Alaska for seven years. In a home I hated, but grew to be thankful for…we wanted to live closer to family, but our debt held us back. Finally, when we were able to pay off the last penny of debt, the windows of heaven opened and we had enough money to move, fully fund our emergency fund and have a good sized down payment. At. Just. The. Right. Time.
    We haven’t closed, and I’m not painting walls yet…but I can almost taste it! Almost!

  5. I am so so so very happy for you. How wonderful to get into your own home again. AND, you did the honorable thing by selling your house when you knew you couldn’t afford it and working on debt. God bless you- I hope you enjoy every moment of LIVING there- xo Diana

  6. Congratulations on your wonderful new house. I can feel your excitement and can’t wait to see the inside and what you do to make it beautiful!

  7. I know you have so many posts, but can you please tell me how to place the Pinterest link onto my blog? I have placed boards on Pinterest, just learning. And I have looked at frequently asked questions, etc. Obviously, I am not seeing something simple. Can you help? I am unable to post “Pinterest” on my blog that serves as a link. Heavy sigh.

    Daisey HIll Carriage House

  8. A new home!

    I love it.

  9. Yay, just yay. So excited to walk the next leg of the journey with you. You are an awesome inspiration. You’ll always hold a special place in my “renter’s heart!” :)

  10. Amanda H. says:

    Congratulations! Really looking forward to following you down this exciting new path and continuing to find inspiration in what you do. Enjoy your home!

  11. Can’t wait to come visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D XO

  12. Verónica Domurat says:

    Wow Congratulations!! I guess you are going to write another book with all the awesome things that you are going to do to your new home!!

  13. I am so happy for you! I just made an offer on a house this week and I just found out it was accepted! We still need to get through inspections…I am crossing my fingers that it works out. I have been a renter these past 9 years – I got a divorce in there too…it’s been a long haul and I am making my dream come true! A cottage of my own!

  14. I was (and still am) RIDICULOUSLY happy and excited for you when you posted you bought a house! I’m also a little jealous because it all looks so amazing! I can’t wait to get more info on the whole thing. When ya moving in for reals?

  15. I am so happy for you!!!! And you can now start a new decorating adventure :-)

  16. Again, this makes me want to cry. It speaks right to my heart about where we are right now. You are so right about it not being about houses. This line right here, “Funny how it wasn’t until I could be fully at peace with where we were that we were able to move.” pierced me. In a good way. :) I know this and I am trying to get there. Thank you for sharing. I am still so over the moon excited for you and your family. God is Good!!! :D

  17. So excited for this new season in your life! I’m an apartment-dweller who has learned to love the space I’m in and truly make it a home. That’s due in no small part to your example over the years I’ve been reading your blog. Thank you for being faithful in that time and may the Lord richly bless you in your new home! Can’t wait to see the painted walls!

  18. LOVE this post! gave me chills..

  19. Joan Marie Shepherd says:

    Let me just say …I am not sure that I can express in mere words how ecstatic I am for you, your family and everyone who hears the story, your journey…I can totally relate to your feelings and excitement and I am so looking forward to seeing it all unfold on your blog…God is really amazing!

  20. I just happened to stumble across your page today through Instagram. It must have been divine intervention, because let me tell you,reading this is EXACTLY what I needed. I am so inspired and encourage by your story!! My husband and I have only been married (almost) 3yrs and have a beautiful one and a half yr old daughter. We are currently living with my in laws and have been “house hunting”. Having been discouraged by our options, due to a limited budget, we are now looking to rent, yet again. Anyway, sorry for the information overload, but I just wanted you to know what a difference reading this has made in my life today : ) I am so excited to start following your page and can’t wait to see what comes next for your family and this amazing new house!! Congratulations!!! And Thank You for sharing this!

  21. Melissa McIntyre says:

    just love you! ;-)

  22. I’m so stinkin’ excited for you! I’ve been in the same boat with you and lived in an old rental that I hated because rentals were scarce where we live but I learned to love it in all it’s paneled, orange walled color, mauve tile, hunter green toilet glory! I learned to be thankful that I even had a roof over my head and just be thankful and quit feeling sorry myself (bc I tended to do that!) until my husband found this teeny tiny 1000 sq ft house that I have quaintly nicknamed our cottage, he called it a ‘mudhut’ because it wasn’t (isn’t pretty…yet) on 5 acres of land and we bought it in may of this year. I seriously was a nervous wreck but elated and definitely hav my wo

  23. Oops! (Hit post too soon!) I have my work cut out for me! It’s overwhelming but still so exciting! Just to be able to pick out cabinet knobs and paint colors is awesome! But anyways, you helped to embrace and inspire me with where I was in my home then and now. So once again I’m excited to be on this journey with you! I can’t wait to see what you come up with and look fwd to seeing your progress. I need to start blogging again and document our progress too! Happy new home to you!! : )

  24. what a great wrap around porch. looks like a tin roof. love the sound of rain on a tin roof. enjoy your new home. :)

  25. It isn’t just about a house – it’s about our hearts. Love it!

  26. Five years in, I’m still learning how to be “content to rent.” I just hope I don’t waste five more years. It is more than the house, it is contentment and faith in God. I’m slowly figuring it out.

  27. PS … This is something you’re familiar with … being forced to move. I remember your story of the rental in foreclosure. Our landlord is talking about giving us a 60-day notice to move so that they can tear down this house and build a spec home. We’ve paid three years of rent on time. It is so frustrating to rent.

  28. I am overjoyed for your family! I especially love the tin roof and the wrap-around porch. Can;t wait to see what you do to the place!

    I think I know just how you felt when you “stumbled” upon the farm. My husband and I bought our first home just prior to our marriage 37 yrs. ago, but 5 years in we sold our home so my husband could return to school to prepare for ministry. We spent the next 27 years in rentals or parsonages (church owned homes).

    Then, 5 yrs. ago “on a whim” we spent my husband’s lunch hour walking through 4 vacant homes. We were NOT in the market to buy, but the last house we saw (not even origially on the agenda) felt as if God had been saving it just for us. The realtor e-mailed the next day to say there were only 7 days remaining to make a bid on the house. We both sensed that God was telling us He’d prepared this house just for us; did we trust Him enough to take a leap of faith and accept the gift. We applied for a mortgage and on the final day submitted our bid.

    And so…. we bought a house we’ weren’t in the market for, very nearly didn’t walk through and had spent all of 20 minutes in! It never even occured to us to ask to see the house again before we placed our bid. Five years later I’m still pinching myself.

    I’m celebrating God’s goodness right along with you.

  29. I am just beaming!!!! Just read your thilling news and can’t stop smiling!!!!! I am a renter after a similar financial experience and found your blog and felt I’d found my people!!! It sounds cliche but you’ve been such an inspiration and this gives me such hope!!! Your sense of humor is the best and your authentic way is priceless in this blogging world!! Ps I love your sister too:) praying for good things All around! Exciting things on the horizon!!! Congratulations!!!

  30. CONGRATS!!! SO exciting and an INSPIRATION for all of us that have / continue to struggle on a daily basis!!

  31. Congrats! So excited for you guys! Will you be able to continue renting until your painting/remodelling projects are done? It’s so much easier to work on a house that’s not being lived in.

  32. “This blog isn’t really about houses and tricks to make us like them more.

    It’s about our heart and what our houses can teach us about life.

    We can learn a lot from paint and fabric and budgets and imperfect circumstances.

    And we’ve only just begun.”

    That’s it! You nailed it! I’ve been thinking for a long time about why I LOVE some decorating blogs and others are just so-so. I adore your blog, and you, and a few other bloggers. And there were some that started out like you, and then went gimmicky and I don’t like them any more.

    So, I guess what I’m trying to say is THANK YOU for sharing your journey with us. Thank you for being so authentic and letting us get to know you and feel like we have a relationship with you.

  33. You are the best. That is all. [By which I mean, Thank you for so movingly sharing your journey and the Father’s goodness to his kids.]

  34. So, so happy for you. We rented for 4 years and bought a house 6 months ago. I still smile when I get to paint a wall!

  35. Your story is such an inspiration! It makes me so happy to see that in adversity you buckled down and did what you had to do in order to make it out on top! Congratulations!!

  36. When it’s meant to be, absolutely nothing can stop it–your family and this house are one of those sure things. And we get to enjoy the journey with you!

  37. Meg Smith says:

    Sweet sister – thank you for sharing your journey! We also are renters, though we rent the home we built 5 years ago. My pastor/firefighter hubby took a 9 year church plan last summer (hence the relocation) with a $10,000 cut in pay. We have two sweet fellas, 4 and 14 months and are paying off our debt. Sending you a hug and a big grin. So proud of you all!

  38. I feel you right now! My husband lost his job almost 3 years ago. We sold our house in small-town Georgia 7 months later (praise the Lord!), and moved to Texas, with our 4 girls ages 4-9. My brother-in-law and his family were gracious enough to open their home to us. We stayed for 3 months while my hubby looked for a decent paying job. No such luck. We packed up our children and a few belongings (leaving the rest in a storage unit), and headed to my parent’s home in Ohio. Still not a lot of luck in the job search. We lived with them for 18 months. This past February, we headed to south Mississippi, to live with my in-laws, while the job search continued. The Lord has chosen to bless us with the ability to look for our own place now after 2 years of making our home with others! In this almost 3 year journey, we have learned so much about forgiveness and about being content. The Lord has allowed us to become debt free in this time as well. We have just put in an offer on our own little cottage and are waiting patiently (sorta!) to hear back. We needed to learn to be content where we were (with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom for 6 of us!). The Lord has grown us in unimaginable ways.

    Sorry for the novel! Excited for you and your new home! I’m ready to take a paint brush to some walls very soon!

  39. Lovely post I am SO excited for you. You are such an imspiration to me in so many way. This home is truelya gift. And no one deserves it more than you! Can’t wait to see more!!!

  40. So unbelievably excited for you and your family! Can’t wait to see what you do with the new place. :-)

  41. Congratulations! I can only imagine your excitement. Can’t wait to see what you’ll do with your very own place and lots of space outside to create…
    My daughter is house dreaming and I’m excited for her. She’s been a nurse now for a year and just took on a new position and plans on staying put for a minimum of 5 years and wants to put down roots.
    Good luck to you

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  43. I know I’m late to the party, but congrats on your house! I read the 2 month update before this one and looks like you are in the thick of it!

    We are in the opposite situation. Trying to sell or rent a house we own and love so that we can rent closer to where my husband relocated for his job. We are excited about the area we are moving to and so tired of his 1.5 hour commute one way.

    Best wishes for the rest of your painting!

  44. Huge- Enormous -Shout of Happy Congrats to you & your Beautiful family! I have been so very blessed to bump into your blog recently – and snatch up your book (& totally devour it) this weekend! Thank you for sharing your journey- the good- the ‘on the way to good’ – the trials and triumphs – blessings & more! You’ve been a Great inspiration to this designer in such a short amount of time that these Thanksgivings truly aren’t enough! My family & I moved to FL last summer from MD – God led after the sale of a past business… and similar money wohs as you have experienced. We Rent- an apartment- actually about to move Again into a smaller apartment to save $. We have 2 young sons- left our dogs in MD =( and i design for others on a daily basis who live in such grand spaces that of course it only causes me to dream & desire more to get our family into that ‘forever home’ i’ve always wanted. You know the feeling all too well- the home your grandchildren & great-grandchildren God willing -visit you in -where our children’s heights are etched on a door post – where i can PAINT A WALL =) again without fear of losing a deposit. BUT… your book was a great reminder this weekend of ALL our blessings right now -right where we are at! The dream of designing or re-designing my own home may come… and it may not. But as the Good Word says I have learned to be content in ALL circumstances…in plenty and in want. God is faithful- God is good. And right now… I will Choose to make the most of our rental – our apartment. I am Thankful. Afterall… as you mentioned also in your book- this all is temporary – this isn’t our True Home. And I also never want to be in a place where I am not willing to give up & move when and if the Lord should ask us to.
    So back to you and your beautiful journey- I am again so Happy and Blessed to Look & See what the Lord has done for you! Thank you for continuing to share… continuing to Bless & continuing to Design as designing was always been meant to be… To Create a Home of Peace – Comfort & Beauty right where we are at!

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