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This is what my house looked like to me after I saw Oprah the other day. They had the design winners of every day non-design moms who made their home beautiful and were featured in O magazine. Their homes were fantastic. I mean really breathtaking and lovely. Then after it was over I looked around my family room and it may as well have looked like this picture. Why is that? Why can’t I be okay with my house right now? Why do I keep thinking “if I could just make my house better, then I can be content”? Therein lies the problem. I really am so thankful for our home. The Lord truly provided it for us and it’s better than we deserve. Now, off to rearrange furniture….


  1. Wow. You’ve come a long way ;)

    Now you could be one of those moms on Oprah. Actually you kind of already are.

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  1. […] stuck around this journey; a public diary thinly veiled as a decorating blog. I started out so ill content with our home situation–and slowly learned to absolutely, truly love where we were in our […]

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