family room

Even the dog is skeptical. Super dark green walls on the top, mega, midnight green on the bottom with a dash of wall paper in between for good measure.

family room before

This is our family room and dining area it’s shaped like an L and opens out to the wrap around porch.

dining room

What this room has going for it: tall windows, 12 inch wide plank wood floors, a real fireplace with an interesting slab of wood for the mantle–these are all things that would be expensive and time consuming to create if the weren’t there so I’m really happy with my options for this room.

green walls

Challenges: lower ceilings that are sprayed on, wood trim, the thermostat in the very middle of one of the main walls that will be over the sofa, laminate doors that lead to the porch–these are all things that are relatively easy and inexpensive to change or makeover so that they look better. I’m really happy with these easy to tackle challenges!

family room

I don’t even count lighting as a challenge, that’s expected in every house.

green room

Spending my Saturday painting! I think we’ll have internet access at the house by the end of the day, if you are on instagram and want to see some progress follow along here.

Happy Saturday!