30 Minute Guest Room Makeover

guest room ideas

The guest room, formerly known as a 15-year-old boy’s room was seriously lacking in style, furniture and general put-togetherness. I wasn’t ready to invest in a bed or anything for that matter but I did have a mattress, rug, thrifted chair, dresser and fun streamers. And a guest on the way. I wanted a quick, fun update that didn’t make the room look like what it is–a place to put all my extra stuff.

guest room ideas

I had two $3 hot pink pillow covers from IKEA, two flat thrifted sheets, a pillow case that cost 99 cents each and a few rolls of Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape courtesy of Scotch 3M who sponsored this post and dared me to come up with a project for a bedroom. I can never pass up a good dare.

guest room ideas

First I cut one sheet in half and tacked it up to the wall with two upholstery tacks–or if you want you can just use tape to temporarily hold it up. Once I liked the height I cut one edge off to make the sheet the same width as the bed.

guest room ideas

Then, crazy as it sounds, I unrolled a strip of tape the entire length of the “headboard” and then lined it up and pressed it down being sure to tape the sheet to the wall. I just left the upholstery tacks in the wall and taped right over them.

guest room ideas

Just one long strip of tape.

guest room ideas

Continue on each side and you’ll end up with a taped headboard.

It went so quickly I wondered how a white framed headboard would look…

white duct tape

So I pulled out my trusty Pearl White Duct tape and five minutes later I had this…

guest room ideas

I even got fancy and mitered the corners by cutting the corners at an angle. But you can’t really tell.

guest room ideas



  • tack up the fabric or sheet to the desired height
  • cut to the desired width
  • tack to the wall
  • line up the fabric and using long strips of tape to tape the edges of the fabric to the wall (I taped right over the tacks)

guest room ideas

I cut out some of the flowers from the unused half of the sheet and put them on the pillows. You can use this method or sew.

guest room ideas

I’m under no illusions that this duct taped headboard will be all the rage, win awards and stand the test of time. However, I’ve got nothing against decorating with duct tape, I used it in my own bedroom. Our guest room felt neglected and it was such an easy, inexpensive and fast temporary fix that really brightened up the guest room in an instant. This is a great little idea for a quick bedroom perk up, or dorm room.

I wrote this post weeks ago, before this room became the official accessory holder...

This post is a collaboration with Scotch® Color & Pattern Duct Tape, but words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Gotta tell you, I thought this idea sounded CRAZY but I can’t get over how great it looks! This is such a good idea to use in a kids room, I can let my boys go wild and make their own headboards. :)

  2. This really does look fabulous! What a great, easy update.

    Does the tape leave sticky stuff on the wall when you take it down? Just curious.

    • I tested it last year in our bedroom where I have the diamond wall and yes, I think it will leave some sticky but not tear off the paint or anything. I’m planning on just washing off this sticky part for the headboard and if that one wall needs a quick reacoat or touch up that’s not a big deal for me! If you are concerned try it on a small bottom corner behind the door or something and just see!

  3. Danielle says:

    I am in LOVE with this.

  4. SO great! And so what if it doesn’t stand the test of time? For now, it’s DONE. And pretty.

    I need to apply such wisdom to my own guest room. After seeing what one can do with duct tape (of all things), I really have no excuses :).

  5. My daughter once inherited a old chunky head and foot board. She covered it with duct tape in neat lines. It was stunning.


  6. So cute!

  7. How fun is that?! I love it!

  8. Looks nice, cozy, and cheery! xo Kristin

  9. I actually REALLY like this! Simple and effective.

  10. This makes me laugh because it is so out if the box and I love it! Nice job Nester.

  11. That’s dang cute!

  12. If you are in your 40’s and have to take off your Coke bottle glasses and hold your phone up to your nose to be able to read in the morning, you cannot even tell that it is tape. You see it, think “Cool!”, and wonder why in the world Nester has tape sitting in the picture. Yep. That’s my life. It doesn’t have to be in focus to be beautiful!

  13. Before you said it was tape I was thinking “when did she buy a headboard for that room and is she going to give us tips on how to cover it?”. No lie.

    Also, I think you’ve said before but I can’t find it anywhere…. can you give details for that rug? I’m on the look out for one similar for my guest room. :)

  14. I am really diggin this look! Your brain is overflowing with creative ideas – thanks for sharing this. I’m going to surprise my teenage daughter and make this for her this weekend. Thanks!!

  15. Great idea for places where you can’t paint but want to add some color and style–like apartments or dorm rooms!

  16. Pretty much the coolest thing I’ve seen in a very long time. Your ideas are genius. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  17. Love it!!!!!!

  18. Do you have a post on how you made the streamers? I’m curious what kind of paper that is. Thanks!

  19. Love it! Totally my kind of project!

  20. Aren’t you clever to think of this? So fun!! :)

  21. The duct tape headboard looks surprisingly good! At first glance I thought it was wood painted in high-gloss white. The whole room turned out super cute for such a cheap project. Love the pops of pink. :)

  22. Shut up! Seriously truth be told I’m a picture scanner first then I go back and read, I can’t believe that was duct tape! The room looks super great!! I’m so on board with your design philosophy by the way!!!

  23. Ar first I thought What?? Then I saw the pink which was cute, I really love the White though, it brings out the colors and fabrics! Bravo!

    2013 Designers Series
    Art by Karena

  24. Of course you would just duct tape some fabric to a wall and make it look fabulous! I love me some resourcefulness! Nester, you never disappoint!

  25. I absolutely love the sheer audacity and simplicity of it. And am sad that now the room is stuffed full of stuff. Did anyone enjoy a stay in there or will they be once your de-accessorizing is done?

    • “sheer audacity of it” THANK YOU!!!! and yes, my sister stayed there so I am SO happy it was used. and I’ll still need to somehow use it again in a few weeks WITH the stuff (what is wrong with me?) guests coming!!

  26. I am super impressed. Both the headboard and pillows look great in the photos.

  27. I like how cute, inexpensive, and easy it is. Great job, Nester!

    I do have question about duct tape on the walls, though. How well does it come off later? If I wanted to rearrange the room, would that require scraping off tape residue, patching, and painting the wall where the duct tape was?

    • Yes, I tested it last year before I used it in the master bedroom on the walls, it doesn’t peel my paint (but you should test yours) but does leave a little sticky. I’m assuming I’ll have to scrub it good and may need a quick extra coat of paint. for me that’s a small price to pay, I’ve got extra paint and can quickly touch up if needed. one reader had an idea of first sticking the tape to some fabric to rid it of some of the excess tackiness, then using it–you could even use upholstery tacks to hold the corners secure if you de-sticki-fied the tape. hope that helps!

  28. After just seeing the photo before I read the post, I seriously thought it was a new WOOD headboard with the fabric insert!! You are amazing!!!!

  29. MelanieL says:

    I Love this! You are genius and I always come back to you because it’s your out-of-the-box, one of kind decorating that helps me think through my own dilemmas and come up with something to make it work. Good job!!

  30. What is that beautiful wall color?? I LOVE the mix of pattern in this room <3

  31. What the heck? This is AMAZING! I would never have thought of this. You’re so creative!

  32. I’m cracking up – taped decor is something I would totally do on a whim, but then my husband would come home and flip out!

  33. This is such a great idea, no way anyone would ever know it was a boys room before, hence the flowers ha ha. I love how this is totally affordable, bed heads are so expensive! The mix between those patterns are on key, it all just fits together so well!

  34. Julia @ Cuckoo4Design says:

    You are a genius! Love this idea!
    (I tried to comment before but my regular comments from my profile keep going into most blogs spam folder since last week and I have no clue why and how to fix it :(

  35. Darleen says:

    Probably my favorite post to date. Great idea and so practical!
    This is real life!

  36. You are so creative and fun!! …this idea has so many great possibilities with switching out the fabric. Our guest bed currently has no headboard, so now if I do not find an affordable one this summer, I have a cute back-up plan : ) merci beaucoup!

  37. I gotta tell you, I noticed the mitered corners in the very first picture so I think it was totally worth the extra step :)

  38. I’m so totally doing this for my boys’ room. Because it’s way easier than the pallet wood headboards a la Pinterest I was GOING to do… Thanks for saving me an afternoon or three. :)

  39. I thought you had bought the Pottery Barn Montgomery headboard. And then I thought, OH, maybe she got a damaged one and THAT’s where the duct tape is coming in. Then I was all, “WHAT? That IS the duct tape. I’m going to do that!” I am only disappointed that you didn’t just put some batting underneath the sheet to make it a nice place to lean up against when you are reading at night. :)

  40. wanna see crazy? haha! I PAINTED my UPHOLSTERED chairs! (don’t want to be too brazen and publish the link here, but if you click on the url, it’ll pop up! Anyway, love this idea with the headboard! Very clever. I also love the idea of making drapes without sewing or adding a trim with that “stitch witchery” stuff.

  41. nicole chiles says:

    What is the carpet in that room? I LOVE the wood grain look! Is it and area rug? or wall to wall?

  42. This is such a great idea, I don`t have kids but I have many friends with children, I`m sure that moms will love this and the children will appreciate. Can wait to see your next tips

  43. Erica @ Craftivity Designs says:

    Love this idea, so cute!! I featured you today on my Kick-Off Friday post! Have a great weekend! http://craftivitydesigns.blogspot.com/2013/06/kick-off-friday.html

    Erica @ Craftivity Designs

  44. Ok this is amazing. So freakin cute, and I can’t believe you used tape! What a lucky guest.

  45. You’re a smartie!

  46. Lindsey says:

    I don’t get it. Sorry.

  47. Wow, I love the paper and taped headboard – it seems such a simple idea yet looks fantastic! A great way to add a feminine touch in a short space of time :-) Thanks for sharing!

  48. This is SUCH a great idea. I admit, I was dubious at first, but it looks so good completed. That’s a nice reminder for me to follow things through to the end and not give up halfway just because it doesn’t look exactly how I imagined…

  49. Thank you!!! I have two fabric maps that I have been intending to put up for my kids for four years now. They are going up today with duct tape!!!

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