Easy Embellished Drapes

no sew embellished drapes

I recently realized that I made these no sew drapes two years ago, and never ever talked about them.  What kind of home blogger am I?

no sew drapes


They took about an hour to make and they were super easy because…

1. I didn’t really make them and

2. you can’t really mess them up.

no sew curtains

These are just a pair of grommet top drapes from IKEA, they were on sale when I bought them for $20 for the pair.  They come really long and you can shorten them if you want but I like to hang my drapes high so I left them as they were in the package.

Then, this is the part I don’t have photos for… I found some fabric that I wanted to incorporate.  Fabric with a big pattern.  So I bought a yard and then brought it home and purposely cut really rough around the pattern.  I’m talking big angled, messy, it doesn’t really matter the exact lines– cuts.  Then I put all the cut out pieces in the washer and washed them. Then I put them in the dryer.  The effect I was after? Fraying. Lots’ of fraying.

fabric glue

I ironed all the pieces and then I grabbed my fabric glue.  I prefer the one on the right.

I just put the panel flat on the ground and layered and arranged the frayed edged pieces.

And then I put the drapes up.

You can use the same method for a pillow case.  Supposedly you can even wash items that you’ve used fabric glue on–it’s like stick on sewing.  I’ve never washed my drapes but they are about two years old and have held up great.

no sew curtains

Custom Drapes don’t have to cost a fortune.  Want to see more no sew custom drape ideas? Check out the Window Mistreatment category here at Nesting Place!

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  1. Colleen P. says

    Those are really pretty and it isn’t something everyone else is going to have, is it? Sometimes it’s fun to just play with fabric and see what it does. It has so much more potential than just the way it looks “as is”. You can wash and fray it, you can bleach it, you can dye or over-dye it, fold it, pleat it, cut it into strips and braid it or weave it, put knots in it, starch it and purposefully put wrinkles into it, pull threads in it and gather it, hem stitch it…Really the only boundary is your own imagination.

  2. Colleen P. says

    LOL-I just noticed that in every picture the vignette to the right of the French door has changed!

  3. Fantastic idea! They look great and very Anthro. There are so many possibilities. Glad you remembered to share it with us.

  4. Those are absolutely gorgeous!! I love the colors of the fabric you chose. Enjoy! Megan

  5. I love it. Great idea and you’ve got me thinking.

  6. These drapes are fun and unique, great job Nester!

  7. What an addition they make to that wall! Perfect!

  8. Forget the drapes. I love the way every shot has a different arrangement next to the door and on your chest in the office! You’re amazing.

  9. LOVE IT! Fantastic….and no sewing ~ awesomness :)
    Thanks for the tip….love the fraying, nice choice!

  10. I’ve always LOOOOOVED your drapes. But that pillow is soooo sweet. Love her:)

  11. L-o-v-e! You are so creative. :) Love that gorgeous pattern you chose to embellish with. The drapes look fantastic, and so does the pillow!

  12. You have more creativity in your pinky than I have in my whole head! I used that fabric (in whole pieces) on my guest bed last year, here: http://theoldpostroadblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/remodeled-bedroom.html
    I noticed the items to the right of your door changed FOUR times in your series of photos. You also have more energy in your pinky than I have in my whole body!

  13. What a beautiful idea! I have been on the look out for curtains to use in my new craft studio, but nothing was speaking to me. I LOVE this idea. Looks like a great project to use up some treasured fabric remnants! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Colleen P. says

      Oh! OMG I love that idea! Those bits of fabric that aren’t big enough to really DO anything with but you can’t bear to part with because they just speak your name…You’re a genius! I seriously never even thought about that for this application but it’s perfect isn’t it?

  14. Anonymous says

    Lovely. Such a great idea! It always seems that the simplest ideas turn out the best!

  15. whoops…hit post without telling you who was talking! :) anyways. they’re lovely! simple yet stunning!

  16. I have often admired those curtains in past posts. I figured they were something brilliantly
    Nester-fied. I can’t decided which vignette I love most to the right of your door, but that clock is awfully amazing. Let’s be real, here, I covet your entire house, so any vignette you put out is bound to be perfect.

  17. I love this! How simple and creative, thanks for sharing.


  18. Love the drapes!

    I put our prom picture from She Speaks up today. It was so fun to meet you in person. I found a post from 2009 where I wanted to go to She Speaks and maybe just maybe if I went, we’d get to meet. God has a great sense of humor!

    You are just as beautiful in person as you are on the Internets!


  19. I love the idea. It’s run. But…I can’t get over seeing those sweatshirts my mom used to embellish with fabric flowers in a similar way.. Yuk! Sweatshirts being worn like a fancy sweater….bad memory.
    However, I think it would fun to take a drape and cover them more fully with the fabric as you did. I love texture.

  20. this is a beautiful idea! the wheels in my mind are spinning now :) thanks!

  21. What a fantastic idea – I love customized drapes but I need eight (yes EIGHT) for my new master bedroom and that isn’t going to fly cost-wise! This will be a great solution and completely unique – thanks so much for the inspiration!

  22. Tell us about the fleur-di-lys (sp?) in the middle of the curtain rod.
    Looks like you are using them sort of as tie backs.
    But in the middle??

    Do tell!
    ~ Dana

  23. Great idea. Do you stay up nights dreaming these things up?

    What I like about this approach — besides the thriftiness of it — is that here’s an excellent way to take some favorite fabric that might be dated, and give it an up-to-the-moment vibe.

    Keep on feeding us novel ideas!

  24. Ooh la la! Way cute

  25. Christie says

    So fun. I love the imperfect effect. I think your window mistreatment posts were the way I found your blog somehow several years ago. So glad I did.

    I’ve been cleaning my blog reader lately, keeping only the home blogs that speak to my heart and encourage creativity and contentment, and not coveting. I’m happy to say that yours made the keeper list. Thanks for writing of the struggle and finding the balance in it all.

  26. The wheels are turning in my head now…you have a way of keeping them spinning!

  27. Wow Nester, you are one crafty chic! Can you get any more creative with drapes? You’ve got to be the master at this! I’m telling you I have never seen this many easy & creative ideas before for drapes. Inspired I am….. Hope your having a lovely day~ Ivy Jane

  28. Oh, I could see the same fraying with stripes on a curtain so clever love the glue :)

  29. I just love all your ideas! I had a question about the drapes or “mistreatments” in your office? Are those sheets?? :-)

    • they are just 6 yards of fabric cut in half and then folded and clipped onto ring clips! Those mistreatments are raw on the edges but you can’t tell–there’s even a glimpse of them in that Ladies’ Home Journal feature–no one knows or cares that they aren’t lined, weighted hemmed or what have you–just raw pieces of fabric that I “made” in 5 minutes and then I got to move on with my life and cook dinner and enjoy them!

  30. Love this idea! So fun and creative…and easy! :)

  31. i’ve been wondering when you were going to talk about those. gorgeous pics!

  32. You’re my new BFF. Let’s get together and braid each other’s hair. But not in a creepy way.

  33. Christie says

    What an interesting idea! I may have to try this with something. Oh, and thanks for the kitchen advice. Someone has a lot of painting coming up.

  34. Genius.

  35. There is a very distinct possibility that you will wake up in the morning and your clock will be missing! Hopefully it will not be too heavy, and I will be able to schlepp it out the door quietly. I will leave you your lovely drapes. Taking them would be going too far!

    • you know, that clock is SO light that it’s almost disturbing–seriously, I think someone could easily start making them and selling them, let me know if you do!

  36. I love this idea – especially for times when all you can afford of a fabric you love is just 1 yard! And that is my favorite fabric glue too! I used it throughout college to hem my jeans – it holds and washes perfectly!

  37. I’m just loving the idea of putting curtains on an interior set of french doors – genius! I’m soooo doing this!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  38. Looks great! Someone may have already asked this, but where did you get the fabric that your used to embellish the drapes? Thanks :)

  39. Thanks for posting this. I have been trying to brainstorm ideas for windows above my bed. I like the idea of hanging the curtains higher too. That will frame the bed well. My place has a shabby chic theme and will fit right in. Thanks again :)
    Karla Twomey
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  40. These drapes are beautiful! What a creative and cool way to put your own personal spin on a basic set of drapes. I recently redid my window treatments, and I tried to include little personal touches like this. Makes all the difference in the overall look of a room if you take some time to give it some individuality and personal touches.

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