cherry tomato

cherry tomato door at Lonny


lime green via House Beautiful

 deep blue

shades of blue in the home of finoa douglas, photo by david cadzow

yellowyellow via Bobbie Burgers

pink in the master bedroom

our bedroom with a dash pink

I like for my home to reflect the current season without pulling out seasonal plastic bins of decorations. Some easy ways I try to get some color impact in our spaces are:

  • shop the house and gather a few things in the same color family and put them all in one room (that’s what I did with pink in our bedroom)
  • bring in flowers
  • finally paint your front door that color you’ve always wanted
  • set out a bowl of seasonal fruit, your family can eat it and you can decorate with it
  • switch out your pillow covers for something brighter, you don’t need to keep a huge stash of extra pillows, but it’s fun to have a few extra pillow covers to choose from
  • paint your own wall art for the price of a new or used canvas from the goodwill
  • put that brightly colored throw or quilt on the bed
  • cut something, anything green from your yard and bring it inside
  • want a big change? paint that wall a super saturated color

np color pinboard

color board

There’s a lot more color inspiration at the Nesting Place Color Pinboard