I’ve been meaning to talk about that painted canvas in our family room.

Here’s a timeline::

1. The inspiration :: Angela from The Painted House {a little more info here} the link in that post is to Angela’s old blog from 4 years ago I saw her beautiful mix of styles and the first thing I did was to go by a 40 x 30 inch blank canvas from Michael’s {use your coupon on their iPhone app} {also, I could have gone twice as big with the canvas and always would have found a place for it} {one more thing, I like parenthetical statements}

2. April, 2008 I buy a big canvas and paint it a la Angela using leftover paint from my walls and my boys help.  We take the canvas outside and the one rule?  EVERY inch must be covered with paint, even if it’s simply white paint–don’t forget the sides.  Then drip, splash, pour and spread out the paint however you want.

3. Sometime later we move, I use the same canvas and use leftover paint from my walls in lighter colors

4. Last spring I was ready for a change so I used the same canvas and repainted it with some leftover paint from my walls along with some 89 cent acrylic paint from the craft store

Same kind of thing on a smaller scale–this is a small canvas hot glued over the frame of a $4 yard sale mirror–the frame started out gold but I painted it white. And if I ever want the mirror back?  I just pop off the canvas and peel off the hot glue.

finished small framed canvas all Sanford and Son-ed up

This is what the wall currently looks like as I tweak it to fit in with my fresh white walls.  Note to self, remove glass from those frames–I hate glass, even non-reflective

Side view–see the dimension?

Side view from when it was painted a lighter blue, last year

last year when it was light blue

and a close up of now.

No more complaining you can’t find anything for your walls, right?

I’ve got another canvas I’m getting ready to work on soon so I started a pinboard for inspiration colors and feelings I like–a great idea if you are thinking about creating your own art work and don’t know where to begin

Have you painted a canvas like this before?  Does it need some freshening up?  What are your ideas?