Guest Room Progress and Living in a Zoo

doggie boy

Our guest room is still progressing. Isn’t every room, always? But it’s much cozier now.

guest room before

Remember, it started out like this?


Then my sister was coming so I quickly turned it into this? But that chair was driving me crazy.

guest room progress

So then I moved this chair in. I also was stealing from Peter to give to Paul while annoying Mary by temporarily grabbing this rug from my son’s room. I love the bold graphic but, the rug belongs in his room. We have a few bold, graphic rugs in our home and I appreciate how their pattern fills a room. We don’t have any carpet in our house so we need a rug in every room. Which is really fun. I think all rooms could benefit from a rug, even if they do have carpet.


I really want the guest room to feel like a quiet escape from the rest of the house. I was shocked at how quiet a solid color rug makes the room feel. Even though I want the guest room to be a nice retreat for guests, our family uses it when guests aren’t around, which is most of the time. Plus this rug is super soft.

DSC_0490 2

This room is upstairs on the front of the house. We have a covered porch on the front of our house. This room has a window. I have boys. Need I say more? We are doing our part to keep the neighborhood classy so naturally, my boys like to go out on the roof. I think I heard them convincing the dog that he would like the roof too.

hockey announcing

They don’t go on the roof purely for entertainment, but to set up their sound system (refer back to the classiness of us) so they set up their speakers and phone in a way that they can announce the street hockey game to the neighborhood with the help of two apps: Goal Horn and PA Arena. As a mom of older boys our play times have moved past Thomas and Playmobile and into other things that are just as creative and messy but more mature. Like walking onto the roof then stepping onto the guest bed and then stepping onto the rug to the awaiting dog.


I really wanted a solid color, light, cozy rug for the room but I was afraid the boys and our dog would ruin it in a week. I also didn’t want to tell them that the room was off-limits. You know I don’t do that, the thought of having an entire room sealed off, perfectly waiting for the occasional overnight guest goes against everything I believe in.

no worries carpet

Enter the SmartStrand line from Mohawk Flooring. They make magic carpets. They have a lifetime stain and soil resistance built into the carpet, not sprayed on as an afterthought. Warm water and a little mild detergent and you are good. So now I can have my light, pretty rug and they can be boys and no one has to nag. Life is for living and I for one do not have time to fret over my carpets. Sometimes the best thing you can do as a mom is give them room to just be.


Mohawk supplied the rug for our guest room and sponsored this post and they were all “feel free to spill anything on it and test the stain resistance”.  Once I watched this video I was totally convinced. They let elephants and a rhino live on the carpet for three weeks at a zoo and then cleaned the carpet with hot water and it came out great. I’m pretty sure we aren’t that hard on our carpet.

Mohawk is giving away a 6 x 9 SmartStrand bound rug in the Global Vision Style, the color is Sequoyah Dusk (updated, so sorry I thought you could pick your own style, still a great rug!) to a  Nesting Place reader: click here to enter and check out all the styles and colors. This carpet makes me wish I had a house with carpet to replace. I’ve been searching for something like this all my life.

white carpet

Don’t leave a comment here to enter but simply click here to enter to win your own SmartStrand bound rug, you can put in your guest room, or apparently, a zoo, or any other room in your home. Contest closes April 8th. Special thanks to Mohawk Flooring for being smart enough to finally come up with carpet that moms don’t need to fret over and for sponsoring this post. Winner will be randomly chosen by Mohawk and will be announced mid-April.

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  1. oh my this is a fun post…love your boys sense of fun & your willingness to be supportive!
    Your guest room is fabulous!

  2. Your room looks great, the new rug really makes it, I love the design of the rug reminds me of wood grain!

  3. I love the rug!! I also love the stories of your boys on the roof!! How fun!!

  4. That’s amazing! I want one for under the table!

  5. Love that rug! Your house sounds like a lot of fun too!

  6. Shared this with my husband….who is a hockey referee…..and a kid at heart! I am glad we live in a one storey home! I could see the wheels turning!!

  7. I like what you are doing with your spare room, and completely understand the light decor vs having boys dilemma. ;) Mine are only 3 and 10.
    Thank you for sharing the opportunity to win a rug (which is greatly needed), but sadly it is not open to Canadians.
    Best of luck to the rest of your readers!

  8. We are looking at buying carpet right now to replace the soon to be 19-year-old carpet in our living room. I consider my living room a zoo, so that would work!
    It makes my heart happy to see the way your boys are using that room. Isn’t it amazing what they come up with? I was always summoned to video tape amazing bicycle stunts or tree climbing that would make my heart stop while filming. I have to watch them muted now because I’m all “Be careful! What are you doing?!”, etc.

    • @ Southern Gal My son used to ride bulls and I was the videographer. It seemed much less dangerous looking through a camera. Now if I watch the videos I’m like “what the heck???”
      @the nester Your house def sounds like lots of fun. I love moms who let their kids be kids. I try to do the same for my grandkids when they are here. I love it when they say “we love coming here.”

  9. Is this a different room than the room with the black (dark gray?) wall? That wall with the blush color was so intriguing to me!

    Thanks for the link to the contest. I’d love an indestructible rug to cover my stained dining room carpet.

    • yep, our oldest’s twin bed broke so he moved into the old guest room, I wanted a bigger closet for the guest room so we traded. Crazy.

  10. ahhh….boys. You blog today totally reminded me of my boys when they were that age!!
    I was always surprised , shocked, outraged and intrigued by some of their antics. Like
    the time my older son dressed the youngest up in my winter coat because of the hood.
    He thought he looked like an elf and had him standing outside our home selling candy canes
    for a $1.00 a piece… in April.. yep April …cuz everyone needs an elf selling a candy cane then!

  11. I signed up and gave you the credit! Blog idea…I need to redo my grown up bedroom…and changing out the blue drapery is not an option. suggestions?

  12. I can so relate about older boys. I love them, their creativity, and even their messes. The photos on this post make me feel at home, except that we live on fifteen acres and the older boy here keeps trying to sneak one of his goats into the house. Sigh.

  13. I want this carpet! That video is amazing!!
    Love the one you chose too. Looks fantastic in your room, and the pattern is luscious!!

  14. Yes, we are (at least I am) envious of having three “tween” boys to watch grow up. I love that you’re letting them spread their wings. Then, they won’t be as likely to grow crazy, when you aren’t looking. I’d love to be there for a hockey game!

    The room’s is lovely. I really love the paper banner. Really sweet!

  15. It looks so beautiful! I think it is so funny that your boys are announcing their street hockey games. That is some great creative play.

  16. I know I could probably find this if I search, what is the guest room wall color? I liked seeing how the color changed as you took pictures. I have tween girls, 3 of them. We need dressing tables and make-up mirrors and loud speakers for singing out all the love songs. Sigh. Wouldn’t have it any other way. :)

    • yes, it’s a Martha Stewart color I found years ago at Sherwin Williams ? I think? called Flagstone, it’s the same as our bedroom. click on the “our paint colors” graphic on the sidebar for more info xoxo

  17. The room is looking good! I entered to win, but noticed on the Mohawk site that the rug they are giving away is Global Vision in Sequoia Dusk.

    Just an FYI–I have a Mohawk area rug that I purchased somewhere around 1999 and I still have it. It has gone through many puppies and cats and dogs and kids and still looks good. I have cleaned it with a steam cleaner and even took it outside, threw it over the fence and used a pressure washer on it. Came out just fine! Since we now live full time in our 5th wheel, the rug gets a LOT more traffic now than it did in our house and the last time that it was dirty/muddy/icky I thought it was a gonner, so I thought “what the heck” and took it to the laundromat and put it in the 100 lb washer and then the dryer until it was almost, but not quite dry. Came out beautifully and smelled wonderful! Who knew?

    • Oh really? I knew they picked the color but didn’t know the style was already chosen, I’ll check on it and update the post, thanks Labbie!

  18. Oh my goodness! I happen to have a rhino and an elephant living here too! :-) oh wait, that would be hubby and boy child!! Gotta run over and win one of these!

  19. Did you keep the “boob light” in the room? Can I just say that the blogging campaign against the “boob light” drives me crazy?! I figured on this blog it was okay to say that. :) I mean, they are functional, they are low-profile, they come in every shade of metal to match any decor, they are inexpensive, they are FINE. I have them all over my house and I refuse to change them out for some trendy, hoity-toity light that will just get dusty and dated in a couple of years because the Interwebs told me to.

    It reminds me of this article I read in a women’s magazine a few years back about how women were worried that their knees were ugly. I looked down at my knees and they matched the description of the “ugly knees” perfectly. I had never given my knees a second thought before, but now I feel like I need to cover them up all the time, lest the world be subjected to my horrific, ugly knees. Same goes for boob lights! A couple of years ago I bought them because why not? Now I have to feel a sense of shame for having them in my house? No way! Okay, I’m off my soapbox now and I’m sorry if this is too crazy to post, LOL. I just thought it was refreshing to see a design blog with a “boob light” in the room! Because they are totally normal and okay to have! Love your blog by the way. Thanks for keeping it real!

    • Oh that is SOOOO funny! I change almost all of my lights out, mostly because I think it’s such a missed opportunity to add a huge element of style to a room, I’m looking for a statement hanging light, till then, we still have the boob. and I don’t like it. We had a large family room once with a bunch of boob lights, I felt like I was living under the underbelly of a nursing cat. That being said, if it doesn’t bother you, by ALL MEANS keep the light! I have all sorts of things in my house that I’m sure bother other people, but lucky for me they don’t live here!

    • That is Hilarious!!!!! I have seen so many of those lights and NEVER thought about the boob thing before! LOL I will NEVER look at one of those the same way again…ohmygosh that’s FUNNY!!!!

  20. Perfect-o! I’ve been searching and searching and searching for the best rugs a girl can find! Love you. xo

  21. Love that your home is to be used the way that works best for your family. I could sure use a new rug as I convert a guest room into a “Let’s all use the space” room.

  22. Love your blog. Clicked the link to enter the rug giveaway and got errors. :( Boo Hiss! I’ve got 2 dags and would LOVE a rug this stain resistant. Must try again another time.

    • Oh so sorry! We’ve had over 2000 entries so somehow, people are getting through, it could have been during a high volume click time. I’ll email you with a direct link and we’ll see if it works! xo

  23. Elizabeth says:

    Is this room painted flagstone as well? Gorgeous whatever it is!

  24. That. is. crazy. about the animals at the zoo. If I had that stain-resistant of a rug, I’d go with white too. Love your philosophy about not closing off rooms.
    I once found myself trying to “save” my dining room chairs from too much wear and then thought, would I rather have people in my house or perfect-looking chairs? (I chose people :)).

  25. Too funny that you just posted this! This past weekend my husband and I went shopping and purchased the smart strand silk! I have 5 kids and was looking for something super stain resistant! I can’t wait for it to get installed tomorrow! BTW your boys on the roof crack me up! I can totally see my boys doing that in a few years. ;) Guess I know what I have to look forward to now.

  26. The Canes and the Checkers would totally appreciate your boys’ activities!

  27. I would love to enter the contest to win one of the SmartStrand bound rugs from Mohawk. When I click on your link, it takes me to the Mohawk site, where the instructions read, fill out the form above to be entered to win said rug. There is no form on that page. I e-mailed Mohawk for instructions/help, and they did respond quickly, but sent me to a post where I could tour an interactive show house, and enter a contest to win things like lamps, wicker baskets, totes, etc. No mention of the contest for the rug you are loving. Can you help me find a way to enter? I appreciate your efforts. Thank you.

  28. Nathalia says:

    Beautiful! I’m going to keep your philosophy in mind with my three kids!

    I’m loving your rug, is it the “dramatic flair” pattern?

  29. I find myself with difficulties in entering the rug giveaway as well. Same scenario as Linda.

  30. Nichole B. says:

    I am in love with that rug! Do you know what the pattern and color names are and where I can buy it?

  31. Ashleigh says:

    Is there a chance you would share what style or even item number your carpet is? I’d like to get my hands on the exact same one with the wood grain to carpet my basement but my google search is leaving my high and dry for that wood grain looking white. Any helpful info would be sooooo appreciated!!! Thx again!

  32. Anonymous says:

    what color is the rug?

  33. Yes, I would to know the color as well.

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