guest room

My sister unexpectedly got to spend the night last night. And it was just the push I needed to take 30 minutes before she arrived to get the newly located guest room from this….


to this-ish…


To this.

Why didn’t I do this weeks ago?  This is all stuff I had, most of it was sitting in this room in piles.

I know exactly why I let it sit so ugly and undone. I didn’t want to put in the effort until I had everything I needed to create the room I had in my head. It didn’t seem worth the time to simply make it better. I wanted to make it right and finished and perfectly matching my ideas for my beautiful, amazing new guest room.  That darn perfection, gets me every time.

I’m not keeping the room like this forever (at least that’s not my plan) but it’s much easier on the eyes during the transition.

Maybe next time I’ll just make it pretty, for now.  It’s better than nothing.

better to do something