When Your Sister Is Coming

guest room

My sister unexpectedly got to spend the night last night. And it was just the push I needed to take 30 minutes before she arrived to get the newly located guest room from this….


to this-ish…


To this.

Why didn’t I do this weeks ago?  This is all stuff I had, most of it was sitting in this room in piles.

I know exactly why I let it sit so ugly and undone. I didn’t want to put in the effort until I had everything I needed to create the room I had in my head. It didn’t seem worth the time to simply make it better. I wanted to make it right and finished and perfectly matching my ideas for my beautiful, amazing new guest room.  That darn perfection, gets me every time.

I’m not keeping the room like this forever (at least that’s not my plan) but it’s much easier on the eyes during the transition.

Maybe next time I’ll just make it pretty, for now.  It’s better than nothing.

better to do something

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  1. Love that quote and so true!
    I think the room is perfectly imperfect. Where did that fabulous fluffy ottoman go?

  2. Rug source please?

  3. I wish I HAD a room to put my sister….I usually have to kick one of my kids out of their beds! ~Kim

  4. I wish I had a sister … :-)

  5. Love that. And makes me so grateful for my sister.
    Y’all are the best. Thanks for letting us all creep on your lives. ;)

  6. What a great message. Remodeling our kitchen just isn’t in the budget. So I have just left it as is, not wanting to do ANYTHING to it b/c I didn’t want to waste my energy on a temporary fix for something that MIGHT happen in the distant future. Even a few little updates like painting the cabinets or new knobs would make it look so much better. I’m abondoning my perfect kitchen dream (for now) and am envisioning my new imperfect (and affordable) kitchen. How freeing!

    • preach it!

    • Crystal, I love it!

      I did the same thing. We got an estimate for redoing just the fronts of our cabinets, and I said ‘no way!’ to the cost. So, it just finally occurred to me that the cabinets were going to be limitation, a given. (I wonder if I was reading Nester then??? Lovely Limitation!) A weight lifted off my shoulders, and I got busy thinking about what I could do *with* them.

      Good luck with your project! :)

  7. Love it! I just love your style – they are so beautiful and just enough quirk to keep it interesting!

  8. Loving the paper steamers! Did you make them? If so, I would love to know what you used.

  9. I love that you “decorated” for your sister. I have a sister and I’m not sure I would think to place cheerful yellow flowers next to her bed. :)

  10. Somemtimes we need a push to get going, even if it is just a stage in the process. Love that quote….on your pillow, right?

  11. Fabulous quote… makes me want to perfectly attempt to do something today, even if it doesn’t turn out perfect. Love the streamers… quirky and fun!

  12. It’s gorgeous! I love it just like it is, even though it’s not finished. I do the same thing with not doing anything until I feel I have everything I need to make it perfect or “done”. It’s a horrible sickness I tell ya, lol. Wondering about that wall color. It’s a really nice gray that looks like it goes great with just about everything. Could you tell me the name of the color and what brand. I would appreciate it.

  13. I love the way you can mix such different styles together and make it come out looking s0 beautiful and eclectic! It makes me want to push myself out of my modern-cottagey comfort zone a little more! I love the quote – it’s so true. Sometimes we may never get to perfect so we shouldn’t wait:) Krista

  14. LOVE that quote!
    Also i love how quickly you threw together a beautiful room!

  15. Oh my gosh, I do the same thing all the time! If I can’t finish it all perfectly, might as well not start.
    Great reminder to change that, and gorgeous room!

  16. Good advice. I need to follow that too! :)

  17. Love the look! I also like to have everything on hand before attending to decor. And every time my Swedish inlaws are about to fly over to stay it’s a wild dash to finalize looks in the house :)

  18. Nester,
    I think it is easiest to think perfect is what everyone wants and do nothing. We need to trust that friends and family will like US enough to share what we have, perfect or not.

    We have been working on removing an upstairs closet from the hallway for past year. We let up working on it for Christmas. Everything looked great from downstairs but you had to walk through torn up walls and patched together ceiling to get to the guest room. Well my sister and hubby came for a week on short notice. We gave the room a dusting and vacuumed up the construction zone (hall) and even put up the pencil tree with vintage ornaments. She thought it was beautiful. We had the best time with her and rest of family for Christmas.

  19. So true! I had a gallery wall of frames sitting empty in my hallway for TWO YEARS just waiting for the “perfect” photos to be put in. I was actually beginning to feel related to all those folks they put in the stock photos when you buy the frames! Finally ove the holidays, I decided to go through the photos I had and make them work. The only rule was that everyone had to be represented. A couple weeks ago I finished and had a family gathering. It brought me such joy to see everyone lingering in the hallway and re-livng the memories captured in all of the “imperfect” snapshots…and I was finally free of the feeling of failure I experienced every time I walked down the hall!

  20. What a sweet sister! Love the comfort & beauty of it all

  21. It looks so good! I’ve been using what I have around here and just making some changes without worrying about waiting until I have the time or money to make it perfect. Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. That’s my hang-up as well. I leave things until I can make them “perfect”. I’m inspired to tackle the master bedroom now! Thanks!

  23. What is the name of the wall color? Love it!

  24. I bet you stayed up talking to late so it really didn’t matter anyhow:)

    Sandy toe

  25. Better than nothing. You’re so right, of course. Just keep saying this, Nester. Maybe eventually it will stick in my brain! Perfectionists Anonymous, anyone? And love those streamers, BTW.

  26. It turned out lovely in 30 minutes! I have a craft room that is waiting for me to make it perfect…I think I can whip up something lovely and imperfect and still enjoy it.

  27. I love how you took the time for the banners! The room looks super cute! I think lots of us are the same way when it comes to needing that push! I always have big plans and then procrastinate and wait till the last minute and honestly it always works out! I hope you had a nice visit!!

  28. You used your pillow fabric as the background for your graphic! Fun! I constantly struggle with the concept of a good plan today being better than a perfect plan tomorrow. Im getting better. In the back of my head I’m always reconciling that against a popular Yankee saying I heard growing up that says “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” You can understand why my brain is a confusing place most of the time :)

    • I could write chapters on that quote you included….hmmmm,

      and yes, used the pillow fabric as a background, nothing gets past you, I \LOVE that!

  29. I am so like that! I’m such a perfectionist that I just let things pile up because I don’t have everything “perfect.” I haven’t painted, or I don’t have the perfect pictures for those frames, or I’m just going to have to change it later. Thank you, Nester, for taking away my excuses!

  30. Great mantra. In fact, I am printing that out and hanging it next to my computer. Thanks for the inspiration :-)

  31. but it IS perfect! it reeks of love, warmth and would make any visitor feel most welcome and very special!

  32. This is lovely. You are lovely. Makes me happy. ;} LOVE It.

  33. Good word, Nester! It looks so cute and cozy and so what if it’s not perfect? Bet your sister felt loved by your efforts. I’m about to spruce my guest room on a shoestring budget (to make it into a kind of B & B for local moms to get away, I’m so excited!) so this post was perfectly timed. :)

  34. its amazing what a bit of time will make possible! the temporary fix is a great solution.


  35. I’d be delighted to be invited to spend the night in this room! What a cheerful space. :)

  36. oh, nester.. i swear you have a wire in my house!! ;)) *tapping the shower head – hello.. hello!!! * haha.

    but yesterday i finally tackled my bedroom that had started looking like a salvage yard! because weeks turned to MONTHS of telling myself i wasn’t going to fix it up until i got the light fixture i wanted, the new curtains, that desk. but yes.. over night guests will do it everytime and this morning i’m enjoying a nothing new but “new” to the room clean, fresh look! and lovin it and feeling more PEACEFUL!!! i think i need that quote put into a tattoo so i never forget it… wonder how that will read when i’m 80 and skin sagging. ;))

  37. Ahhh, this is sooo true for me. I have not wanted to have anyone over into my house in years because it is not “perfect”, even when my sister visited from across the US a few years ago.

    I pinned the quote, thank you!

    Love how pretty you turned the room out for your sister, plus the cheerful, yelllow flowers!


  38. Very nice work! I love the rug in the room….where did you it from?

  39. feel like that sums up my whole house. moved last summer and I just can’t get it together. baby steps in every space. it’ll get there…eventually! (i totally did think of you the other day when I swiss cheesed my walls in the name of gallery wall) ha!

  40. wow its a great idea. my sis is coming after a week from France. i get much help.

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