This room makeover is creeping along. By the time it’s done, Ty Pennington will have worn out 39 buses (busi?) with his one week makeovers. My kids will be so old they won’t even be able to get their walkers and grandchildren up the stairs to come up to this room. Chevron will be back in style.

Finally. FINALLY this room is painted!!!

And our boys painted it!

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 9.09.21 AM

You can see in the second picture, the wall went from a flat, dirty, thin coat of builder’s pinky beige to fresh white. The oldest used a new to us painting contraption called the PaintStick to paint the ceiling and walls. It’s sucking up paint in the first photo there, then he just starts rolling the paint on and twists the pole as he goes to feed it more paint. We didn’t even need a roller tray. My boys all fought over who got to use the special PaintStick. That was a great problem to have. Plus, it worked especially well for such an odd-shaped room where we needed to paint the ceiling, slanted walls and knee walls. We were all dreading painting this room.

pink to white

Here’s a before and after of the paint. Trust me, it makes the biggest difference EVER. I’m always surprised at what a fresh coat of paint can do. I used my favorite white “Simply White” by Benjamin Moore. This time I color matched it to Behr Paint and Primer in One in an eggshell finish. I started using white a few years ago because we are renting and I want the owners to be happy with the color but now, I love the color too, I predict our next home will have many a Simply White walls.


We still need a bookshelf. And I’ve decided to be simple and not do anything to those windows. For now, (famous last words) I’m keeping the chairs and ottomans. Although that is really just a holding area for them. No one would ever sit back there. Also, those lines on the wall are not some kind of weird paint pattern, it’s just the reflection from the blinds on the window across the room on the left.


Oh dear goodness. This is where we hide stuff until we get the bookshelf. Don’t look back there.


Even though it’s a work in progress, we don’t have the luxury of closing off this room until we have a grand reveal. It’s used every day for homeschool and movie watching and I’m pretty sure the dog thinks it’s his room. You can see the beginnings of a gallery wall over the blue sofa. I’m waiting for a few gallery wrapped canvases (canvi?) from Unitprints and them I’m off!


I really wanted a larger Expedit here but I don’t think it will fit, although I haven’t even measured. We have the smaller one downstairs, so I may consider that. I also need to get one of those rug gripper things.



I only wish I would have painted the room months ago. What too me so long? Actually, like I said, the boys painted most of it and because they thought it was fun, they are already asking which room they get to paint next. Win!

Want your children to beg you to let them paint the walls? I contacted the PaintStick people and they are giving away four PaintSticks EZ-Twist Paint Rollers (the kind my boys used) here at Nesting Place. Leave a comment telling me what room is on your “next room to paint list” to enter to win.

*giveaway open to US and Canada

**The PaintStick folks sent me the EZ twist to review. I told them that I don’t really do reviews but if I liked it I might mention it. I liked it so much that I asked them if they’d do a giveaway and sponsor this post.  Oftentimes, I’ll accept small items to try out, usually, I don’t like them because I’m an old man and picky so, you never hear about them.

***GIVEAWAY CLOSED*** Winners announced here.