31 Dayers 2012

Click on any image to read more about any of these 31 Day topics.  Need help on linking up?  Scroll down under the links for more info.

Also, I’d love for you to come check out my topic for 31 Days:: Home. On Purpose.

And here are all of the 31 Dayers:

If you have never linked up before, first go practice at the practice link up page here.  Make sure you link up to the permalink to where you want new people to find you all month. If you are having any problems, feel free to contact InLinkz here and click on “contact support” and they will edit or delete an entry for you.  Isn’t this fun?  So happy you are here!


  1. Thank you Nester for inviting everyone to do this awesome series! I’m so excited to share my “31 Days of Decorating on a Shoestring Budget”. Can’t wait to check out all of the cool link ups. I’m amazed that I was on here right when it went live and still managed to be #56… I think you’re going to have a good turnout! :)

  2. Whoa! Never participated in a linky as popular before – in the minute it took me to go grab my url, 40 more links got in in front of me. Crazy! :-)

    This is gonna be fun…

  3. My husband and I have been working on this for months, I hope everyone has fun this month!

  4. Or #54, it changed… weird! I really can read… and count. ;)

  5. Thank you so much Nester!!! This is my first time doing anything like this. You explained the instructions perfectly and am super excited to participate. I have already peeked at a ton of the topics and for the month of October I am predicting NOTHING will be done around my home as I get caught up reading all these blogs LOL

    Thank you again Nester!

  6. I’m so excited to get started! After looking over all the link ups so far, I think I’m going to be spending 31 days reading all the amazing challenges! So many great ideas!!!

  7. Nester, I’m jumping in. I’m gonna do it. I just now decided…at 9:00. I have been chewing on my topic for weeks and had all but talked myself out of participating because I didn’t think I could do it. Too scared. Too shy. Too afraid of failing. Too afraid of succeeding. Didn’t believe in myself enough to take part. You know what my topic is? The one I’ve been thinking about for a month now?

    31 Days of Believing I Can.

    Mmmm….irony. She’s so cool. ;)

    Now. First order of business – believe I can figure out how in the world to create a button. Yes…I waited that long. I am going to be way down on the list, but I’m gonna be there!

    Love you, friend.

    • oh that is too much Kelli! and you don’t even have to have a button, you can just use a great photo for your image! don’t let that stop you!

  8. Wow! So excited about all these great series’! I already subscribed to some new blogs to read this month, on a great variety of topics! I’ll be back over the next couple days to see what else gets linked up, too! Thanks again for the Blog Party, Nester!

  9. I got my post up and linked! So excited to visit all of the 31 Day bloggers!

  10. This is sooo fun! Today. Friday I was going to call it quits. But, my dear husband brought me back to sanity. Haha! Love him!!
    After a quick perusal of the linky buttons I saw that someone is writing about “good enough” things and I begin my post talking about my mom saying things were “good enough” and that always meant to me that more was to be done. I think it’s going to be a hoot to read what appears to be the opposite of what I’m writing about.
    Looking forward to your series too. Your last year’s Lovely Limitations served to become a useful and inspiring tool for me. Thanks Nester!!!!

  11. So excited for October to start! I can’t wait to see what everyone is writing. Thank for for hosting again. :)

  12. Ok, I finally had to come see about this Nester chick after seeing so many 31 Days post. I immediately fell for your blog. It’s so pretty. And now I see how brilliant this 31 days link up really is. First of all you’re getting people to create new habits (I’ve read it only takes 21 days to create one so 31 is a bonus). But you’re getting new readers for bloggers. After scrolling through 300+ buttons (which are really creative and cute, by the way), I signed up for an insane number of blogs because the topics were so enticing! I couldn’t imagine posting for 31 days straight but now I’m looking forward to jumping in next year.

  13. I am thinking of participating, but I do not have a blog. I do have Instagram, but I can’t figure out what the URL is for my IG profile page so I can link up.
    I know, I’m a genius! ;)
    Can you help?
    Thanks in advance,

    • Amy, do you maybe have a profile link with instagram? You might also want to consider using Tumbler or Google’s Blogger … they are both uber easy … and i bet it would be easy to imbed an instagram … course, I’m kind of betting with play money and invisible cards since i don’t have a instagram account. ;~) best wishes !

    • Amy, I’m not sure it will work with instagram but maybe? It could defeat the purpose of ppl following along unless you have an instagram acct. dedicated just to 31 days. otherwise your other photos will be in there too.

    • When you’re ready – here’s a great article from Michael Hyatt on how to start a blog http://michaelhyatt.com/my-advice-to-beginning-bloggers.html. You don’t have to have everything perfect from the get go…just start writing and tweak as you go along! I find things to change about my blog to make it better almost every time I post. Good luck!

      Our Perfekt Life

  14. holy crud! that is a TON of links!! wow! they look so good. can’t wait to read and learn!!

  15. Oh gees we’re an antsy bunch! :) Thanks for the linky party…looks like some AWESOME links to look at. xo, Jessica


  16. This will be my first time participating and I’m so excited yet nervous. I’ve been a one-two time a week poster on this blog. This will definitely get me more involved and hopefully engage more with my readers.
    Thanks so much for this fun challenge and opportunity!

  17. How do you make the sign to post on your blog? I’m real unsure of how to do this? I want to do a 31 days of making Totes.

  18. I’m so excited to be a part of this adventure!! I love your blog and I think this is a great way to unite bloggers;) Thanks so much!!

  19. YAY! Thanks for hosting! I’m a first-time participant, and I’m not sure what I’m going to spend more time doing…writing 31 Days to Saving Money in the Kitchen or reading the 100s of other cool 31 Days series. Basically, nothing will get done at my house for the whole month :)

  20. Please delete #506 – so sorry, the little image didn’t come out right.
    Or is there a way to edit it?? I feel terrible about this.

    • yes, click the link provided at the bottom of the post, they will help, be sure to give them a the name of the series or what you wrote under it too, your number could have changed if others have deleted theirs. xo

      • Ah thanks so much…this is the first time EVER for me…so I just hope I get this right.

        So looking forward to this journey….!

  21. Oh, no. I knew it would be difficult to pick just a few. How am I ever going to read the ones I want to read and still have time to do anything else? Thanks Nester. ;)

  22. I LOVE that you do this!!! Last year I found some amazing new blogs to read through this series. Maybe one day I’ll have the courage and time to do it myself. Can’t wait to dive in. I know what I’m doing for my lunch break every day this month!!!
    Thank you for taking the time to host all these amazing blogs!

  23. Thank you for hosting this series {a.k.a. lighting a {writing} fire under a lot of rear-ends}. It was just the push I needed! ;)

  24. There are so many to choose from and so little time. I wish they were categorized so I could read more than just a couple.

  25. Here’s to 31 days of joy, learning, and blessings many.

  26. Thank you my Nester friend. Sure appreciate your generous way of sharing! By the way, just realized your dad also brightens our day quite often too!

  27. nester,
    i want to do this–i want to talk about art on etsy. is that lame because it’s not spiritual or self-improvement. art is an improvement, right?

    • amy, there IS no lame.

      Do you know the only 31 days post I’ve read so far today? Annie, number 3—JOKES. sometimes the lighthearted is exactly what we need! I prefer a lot of different topics and I think ART? is a huge part of our lives!!

  28. This series is exactly the challenge I need as I get over a hard, hard September and in essence, stop going with the flow and reclaim my life. I’ve done some clicking around to other people’s 31 Days already and I am going to be doing so. much. blog reading. Maybe that should have been my 31 Days project. :)

  29. Had to contact customer support to put my picture up instead of the little froggy, but they were very quick and helpful (and from Greece!). Couldn’t believe when I went on this morning and there were already almost 600! Wow. Enough reading for a lifetime, enough brilliance and creativity for many lifetimes. Thank you, Nester, for lighting the fire and stoking the muse for all of us. Exciting.

  30. This is so fun. Is there a way of organising the different options thematically under categories? x

  31. I sure hope this post stays around a while because I am going to have to use the rest of the year to look through all of these awesome 31 day series!

  32. My topic is FOCUS but I already got sidetracked this morning looking for a graphic to go with it and found one that said, “Hearth and Home: The Way Men Are, The Way Women Should Be…” from 1870’s. What a hoot!

  33. Wow. 660 participants and it’s not even to the end of Day 1? Off to check out some blogs now.

  34. Michele Lester says

    Thank you for a great blog! You are one of my favorites! Please check your #3 entry “Annie Blogs” 31 Days of Jokes – it redirected me to a sex scandal site.. which I’m sure is not what you wanted to be linked to! Thanks again..

  35. Thanks for the inspiration and the link up. My topic is 31 Days to SuperMom. I’m very excited about it. :)

  36. This is my first year linking up–thanks for putting it all together!
    My 31 Days is being a better mom–not necessarily advice for other people (though it could be), but my efforts to become a better mom to my own kids.

  37. Great idea! Thank you for opening this up for everyone! What an amazing community that has been drawn together here. You have blessed my heart with your generosity!

  38. Excited to join the 31 dayers! For me, it’s Less Me, More Jesus. I hope to become more spiritually and physically fit…drawing closer to Jesus and losing weight. Thanks for the opportunity and accountability:)

  39. Thanks for the brilliant idea! I was inspired to join up (sharing 31 Days of Planning a Wedding on a Budget)… and I have already found a bunch of new ladies to follow (and I still have many more links to click through to meet even more!) :) God Bless!

    Jess ~ @ The Colorful Ones

  40. Thanks for this link-up. I just stumbled on this link up and your site this morning, and I’m super happy to see it. I love dedicating myself and my focus to a project for 30 (or 31 days) at a time so much that my entire blog is dedicated to it! Each month I tackle a new personal challenge to get to know myself better and to work toward being brighter, shinier, and happier. I’m excited to join such an enthusiastic and like-minded group. :)

  41. Oh, girl. You just amaze me.

    I’m not doing the 31 Days thing this year. . . although I have, believe it or not, been re-working my last year’s 31 Days posts into an eBook! (Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen? Because clearly the world needs a few eBooks.) No, seriously. I’m grateful to have participated last year, and I’m especially grateful for your sweet sense of hospitality and joy.

    I love that you’re writing about Home On Purpose and I am so very, very grateful that you do the same thing with your online home that you do with your physical home. I have always felt so welcome and nurtured here. Thank you.

  42. I’ll be writing about ‘faith and works’- but mostly about using up my craft stash….not the most exciting topic, I know ;)

  43. I’am so very excited to take this 31 days on. It’s just what I needed. Thanks.. also if you can delete my first link #390

  44. This has been so much fun and it’s only day 1. I can’t wait!

    The market researcher in me wants to code and categorize all of these awesome blogs…except there are so many I think it would take me 31 days!


  45. Thanks for hosting!! =)

  46. I like the idea of blogging for 31 days about something homey or nesty or whatever, but my blog is my online journal of sorts so my question is…if I get in there do I have to keep my posts only about my chosen topic? I was thinking about 31 days of games with our two growing blessings. Will that be okay if I also have posts in there about our day to day things for this link up? Thanks for letting me know…either way I want to try to post for the next 31 days about different games I play with them durring the day. *smile* Thank you. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

    • you can pick any topic you want, but yes, the idea is to post about that topic every day –just pick a broader topic if you want! xo

      • Okay, today’s school took up so much of our time maybe I should do a focus of how our time is spent by choice. *smile* It might help me see where my times goes, life happens…there’s a good idea. *smile* I do hope to add games in each day though as I have been trying to add in bible reading daily. Oh oh oh oh, what about 24 hours, who took mine? *big smile* Thanks a bunch! Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

  47. This looks like so much fun! I, too, messed up my picture above the link and contacted Customer Support! I’m doing 31 days of love and inspiration. I’m basically going to provide cute quotes on love and hope to inspire some people! I’ll also be sharing how that quote pertains to me :)

    Looking forward to reading everyone else’s! Though I am sad I won’t be able to get to them all :(

  48. link 184 is not working

    • thank you, if anyone is the owner of link 184, penny pinching family? contact inlinkz http://inlinkz.uservoice.com/ and click on support and ask them to put in your correct link (instead of link to your image) I won’t delete it yet so you don’t lose your space.

  49. I just realised that I had completely forgotten to give you credit for hosting this amazing challenge on my 31 days of slow cooker recipes page. I’ve added the link now and thanks again for being the inspiration for hundreds of these 31 day challenges!

  50. Thanks for hosting – I am joining in too. My topic, “31 Days of Numbering My Days”.. I even started a blog so I could join in :) I will attempt linking up officially tomorrow!