home, it’s beautifully imperfect

Thank you for stopping by today, I’d love to have you join me in embracing your everyday and celebrating the imperfect in our lives and in our homes.

For example, our laundry room.  I bought the shelves {laying against the wall} and the light back in October.  They’ve been in my way ever since.  Finally the room is painted and the light is hung but whoops….

Two ugly holes were hidden behind the fluorescent light that used to be there.  And that dang Ikea light didn’t come with the right sized hardware for our weird house so my husband had to rig it up all crooked.  Now there’s a gap and I’m trying to avoid painting the ceiling like it’s parrallel parking and the only ceiling medallion large enough to cover those holes is $50–the same price I paid for the light.  No thank you.  I guess that ceiling’s going to have to be patched and painted.  It’s always 3 steps forward, 49 steps back.  Things never go perfectly smoothly, do they?  I can choose to see work or I can choose to see progress.  It’s much more fun to choose progress.

Am I the only woman who hates to get rid of the Valentine’s flowers?  But they were so pretty!

So now it’s time for you to link up to something imperfect. Celebrate what is.  You can link to a blog post or if you take a picture on instagram you can go here and link to your photo {be sure to tag it #idhtbptbb} and I bet you could even link up a pinterest pin {but only if it’s your photo because if not? weird}.  Wondering what this imperfection stuff is all about?  Read more here and here.

PS, I reserve the right to delete anything I feel like is inappropriate, advertising, not imperfect enough.  Kidding on that last one. Kind of.

But today is not the day to post a link to your fabulous project, even if you mention the word imperfect.  Today is an encouragement to each other to show something imperfect in our lives. 

Only ONE link per blog please–but feel free to link to other posts within the post you link to! xo