Statement Pieces

Shaunna’s Big Fiddle

Karen’s fur covered chair

Jules’ Chesterfield Sofa

Gabrielle’s painted piano

Lauren’s Hanging Driftwood

Ashley’s Nest Painting

Nicole’s Rug

Marian’s Drapes

Angela’s nekkid lady

Emily’s Book Page Wall

My Sailfish {come on, you know I had to include myself}


Every room could use a statement or signature piece.  Could your space benefit from an eye-catching main attraction?


  1. I love signature pieces, they make a room pop!

  2. I just wrote about this a couple days ago. A post called every room needs a showstopper. I totally agree with it. I also think to add character every room should have architectural detail. Built in bookcases, board & batten, a window seat. It obviously takes time to achieve, but I think it’s a great goal for added in storage and character especially to new homes! Have a fabulous day!

  3. you put the best collections together! and from now on, I’m calling any Venus de Milo sculpture the “nekkid lady”… hahaha!

  4. I love statement pieces.
    You picked some great ones to showcase this morning!!
    I can’t wait to head over to some of the blogs that I haven’t visited before.

  5. I could not agree more! There is something about walking into a room and having your eye settle on a piece that makes the whole room sing! It takes talent though as many people get carried away with too much stuff and doing “a lot of stuff” well is not always easy – you fall into the clutter trap quickly. It really is such a treat to see the character that can develop in a room.

  6. I’d love to have a big statement piece. I’m looking for something, I don’t know what yet, but something for my mantle.

  7. At the moment, my room’s signature piece is a mostly “nekkid” 4 year old boy changing from a Spiderman costume into Buzz Lightyear costume! But I shore do hanker for that thar fiddle!

  8. I love statement pieces! There’s a dinosaur painting in my studio, actually. :-)

  9. I love statement pieces in a home! Usually mine are one of my paintings, but I love the idea of having a signature furniture piece. It gives the room character and tells you something about the person living there.

  10. I’ve been searching antique shops for weeks looking for the perfect statement piece for our living room! I want something bright, antique, and unique. It’s turning out to be harder than I thought to find! What I like about the ones yo’ve posted is how unique and personal they all are!

  11. OMG! I LOVE the fur covered chair! Did she just drape some fur over it or did she actually reupholster it??? I GOTTA find out!!!

  12. One of my statement pieces is a huge wonderful cupboard that I got in an auction bidding frenzy that started at $25 and ended up at $200. Painted cream outside, It’s filled with all kinds of much-loved but-I don’t-know-where-to-put-them collectibles … worn quilts, green and white kitchen gadgets, bowls, a basket filled with cookie cutters, baby clothes, old dollies, pictures of the little ones.

    See 2nd picture here …

  13. I’ve never really thought of that … that’s good stuff! I’m looking in my den now … hmmm (and oh my, that lady is really naked :)

  14. Great pictures! ! I love the sailfish!! Have a great day

  15. These statement pieces are great. You are right, a room really needs some sort of statement piece or focal point. I can’t decide which is my favourite, but that sailfish is pretty darn cool!

  16. THAT is whats wrong with my room! I’m close to “finished” (for now) in my living room and dining room. I don’t like clutter or little bits around and they feel a little sterile. I need a statement piece to make it come alive. Something personal and unique as on of the other poster said. Maybe a giant black and white picture/poster like I’ve seen around blogland. Thanks for opening my eyes!

  17. Love all these! I love it when a piece speaks :)

  18. We have my husbands guitars hanging on our living room wall. They’re a beautiful statement piece.

  19. Love this, Nester! I do want an item that pops, but I have waaayyy too much stuff! But it’s something to ponder!

  20. What a nice surprise, thank you! I love that sofa, although I have to admit I think most non blog reading people think that room is crazy. :)

  21. This is fabulous. I started to scroll and try to guess which piece was the statement piece before you said. Didn’t notice the book page wall but WOW! So cool. And your sailfish and chairs look so good against those clean white walls.

  22. I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the last few days. We’re getting ready to move into a new house and I CAN’T WAIT to get started on all the decorating. I’ve been pouring over blogs, mags, websites, and Pinterest…and getting so much inspiration!

  23. I love every one of those rooms! Edie and Darlene are a force? I don’t think I could ever be in a bad mood in Edie’s house.

    Ha, there is no other way to describe that lady but “nekkid.” I love her so much!!!! Thank you for including me!

  24. Is that Lord of the RIngs on the TV? #PerfectStatementPiece :)

  25. Tina Lavender says

    I just bought a lovely custom linen sofa, with high arms and a rolled back, down stuffed single seat cushion- classic and tasteful. AND it has big bold stripes of buttery yellow. I was so afraid to do that fabric but I am glad I did- everyone stops when they see it and say they love it. I LOVE it, and while it “goes” with my decor and other furniture, it has wow factor too!

  26. Funnily enough, in the picture with the fur chair, I was drawn to the bookshelves! LOL.

  27. Wow, girl, thanks SO much for featuring my house–love that cello….we got it in Honduras. We are passionate about that place and usually do work there once a year–it’s a special piece for more reason than one. Thanks again–beautiful post.

  28. You had me cracking up at Edie’s -EVERYTHING! Ha. Mine is an old window on my mantle…for now. :)

  29. Gotta hand it to you Nester: Love your sailfish but love what’s on the screen even more! Twilight, right? Great post. :)

  30. Hi,

    I LOVE your sailfish and think it might just be the perfect solution to how to “hide” the TV in my apartment. I have been looking around online and havent found a sailfish that seem as nice as yours (coloring ect). Can you suggest where to purchase a sailfish like yours? Also, what a normal price range is?

    Thank you so much!

    • Hey there,
      Yes, I looked for mine for about a year–I know WAY too much about taxidermy. I’m not sure about the sustainability for these sailfish so I either wanted a faux mount where they take a mold of one real one and then make many from that mold or a vintage find. You can also choose from a full mount or just a half mount {meaning if the back is finished and shaped or not}. full mounts are more expensive but depending on where they will hang, can look better.

      Mine is a full mount, vintage, 1968 real taxidermied sailfish. I found him on Craigslist for $350, by far the most expensive piece of art I’ve ever bought but, he’s been worth it for us–I balance the price by using and $18 garage sale dresser as our tv stand!

  31. Can I just say these are perfect! You should come visit my place! I am in love with the fur covered chair and the hot pink chair! I dont think my hubby would go for the pink though! Perfect post! Take a peek at my place at


  32. i love that twilight is on your TV. That’s a statement in and of itself!

  33. Our church in Birmingham always did Lessons and Carols readings on Christmas Eve and had members read from the King James Version. The service was so beautiful and comforting–but we nearly fell off the pew when a lady was reading the story of the Fall and she quoted God as saying “How didst thou know thou wast nekkid?”

    A question for you: do you think a statement piece should properly be one big eye-catching piece, or can it be a collection of things grouped together? I think of my wall of crosses as being kind of a statement, but maybe I’m just flattering myself.

    Hope you and yours are doing well!

  34. Sweet sweet bloggy bud! You are too kind. Love this collection. Now if only I had the time I want to actually paint again…it stopped when no. 3 got here! All in due time ;} I ADORE your sailfish. It rocks my face off.

  35. A statement piece should be something you love looking at and makes you happy every time it grabs your attention.

  36. Unfortunately, the main attraction in my living room is our new gigantic flatscreen. I love watching it but hate the way it looks all big and shiny and dark. I love light colors so it really stands out. I think I’m just going to have to incorporate more black in the room to help it blend in? I think someone should host a “how to hide a giant ugly t.v. in a pretty room on the cheap”. I definitely need a statement piece that hopefully draws attention away from the t.v.!

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