It’s Not Perfect But it’s Beautiful Party Time

home, it’s beautifully imperfect

Thank you for stopping by today, I’d love to have you join me in embracing your everyday and celebrating the imperfect in our lives and in our homes.

For example, our laundry room.  I bought the shelves {laying against the wall} and the light back in October.  They’ve been in my way ever since.  Finally the room is painted and the light is hung but whoops….

Two ugly holes were hidden behind the fluorescent light that used to be there.  And that dang Ikea light didn’t come with the right sized hardware for our weird house so my husband had to rig it up all crooked.  Now there’s a gap and I’m trying to avoid painting the ceiling like it’s parrallel parking and the only ceiling medallion large enough to cover those holes is $50–the same price I paid for the light.  No thank you.  I guess that ceiling’s going to have to be patched and painted.  It’s always 3 steps forward, 49 steps back.  Things never go perfectly smoothly, do they?  I can choose to see work or I can choose to see progress.  It’s much more fun to choose progress.

Am I the only woman who hates to get rid of the Valentine’s flowers?  But they were so pretty!

So now it’s time for you to link up to something imperfect. Celebrate what is.  You can link to a blog post or if you take a picture on instagram you can go here and link to your photo {be sure to tag it #idhtbptbb} and I bet you could even link up a pinterest pin {but only if it’s your photo because if not? weird}.  Wondering what this imperfection stuff is all about?  Read more here and here.

PS, I reserve the right to delete anything I feel like is inappropriate, advertising, not imperfect enough.  Kidding on that last one. Kind of.

But today is not the day to post a link to your fabulous project, even if you mention the word imperfect.  Today is an encouragement to each other to show something imperfect in our lives. 

Only ONE link per blog please–but feel free to link to other posts within the post you link to! xo

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  1. Thank you for hosting, Nester! :) I knew I wanted to participate in this party, and it ended up coinciding nicely with my blog’s “birthday” so I tried to tie it all in together. :) This is a wonderful theme to celebrate!!

  2. And PS, my Valentine’s roses are still in front of me too. ;)

  3. I’m sure you’re the only one who notices the holes. I say that as a woman with a couple of holes next to the bookcase that she’s working on that are screaming, “Patch me, patch me for goodness sakes.” Love the Ikea light! Looking forward to seeing your laundry room completed. Thanks for hosting this party. It’s nice to feel like I can post the imperfect.

  4. Thank you for hosting…and for giving me the opportunity to share my imperfect solution to a nekkid window :-)

  5. Looking good! And as far as ceiling imperfections go….I just like to tell myself that no one will look up there anyways :) There are things I didn’t get around to fixing over the last 5 years until we decided to sell our house. And then I certainly had my work cut out for me! Hope it goes well!

  6. My red roses are so sad looking right now, but I refuse to give them up just yet.
    I may be able to get a picture of my perfectly imperfect room and get it posted. Maybe. ;)

  7. What a fun party!!!
    Life sure is perfectly imperfect:)

  8. I’m with you – let’s consider any and all imperfections progress!

  9. So loving your imperfections – I love you even more for sharing them and embracing what is really important! Thanks for hosting us today.

  10. I’m excited, I just participated in my first linky party, haha! Last night I was googling how-to link up to one and the proper etiquette for a linky party, so I hope I did everything correctly. I love your imperfections and thanks for hosting this party!

  11. Awesomesauce.

  12. My title showed up kooky. Mine isn’t a “home” post. It’s more of an “embracing an imperfect life” post that I wrote last week. So if it doesn’t go with your theme, feel free to delete…especially since it says “Live Your Broke” instead of “Live Your Broken Story.” {Maybe I need a post on embracing botched linky titles.} : )

  13. I am really trying to embrace imperfection.

    I love being with friends and family, to celebrate or just share a meal. But I am sometimes overwhelmed by the work involved in preparing the “perfect meal” and having the “perfect house”.

    I know I would entertain more if I was not so worried about my house being perfectly clean and put together at all times.
    Am I the only one who feels this way?

    Thanks for the party. I am really looking forward to reading the posts.

    • nope, I think EVERYONE feels this way–that’s why I have this blog: it’s my thearapy. I can never spell that word

    • No way are you alone! I feel the same way, but as I get older, I’m realizing that really, people are coming to see me and my family. Who cares if everything is perfect? My house certainly is not- especially when you see the color I just painted my dining room! Food, they’ll be happy with just about anything. I get rave reviews on my pigs in a blanket- no lie and I don’t do anything special. I’m certain to screw up a few recipes here and there. We’re human. Not perfect and therefore, no one should expect us to be! :) Your friends and family are there to be with you and enjoy you. I’m sure everything else is just fine- unless your on hoarders… then there could be a problem.

    • Here with you too!! When I saw this linky party, the first thing in my home that was imperfect that came to mind was me!! So that’s exactly what I shared. It’s so comforting to know others struggle just as I do.

  14. i was given flowers for my birthday on the 4th, and i only threw them out today. ;) and we have a hole in our kitchen ceiling about 6″ diameter from two years ago that we haven’t got to yet. it’s patched with cardboard. *nonchalant whistle*

    i love how bright and lived-in-but-peaceful your house looks – even with the baskets of clothes.

  15. I did this post, not remembering about the “imperfect” party, but someone reminded me to come link up. My decorating style is evolving, but my decorating budget hasn’t! Thanks for a fun party, that we ALL can relate to!!

  16. Thanks so much for giving us all a forum to air our dirty laundry …

    … which in your case was literally!


    I try to share my imperfections and my “do as I say, not as I’ve done” hard-earned lessons in my posts …


  17. Hi Nester, this is a great party. I don’t think anything I do is ever perfect. I linked up my wonky drawer and door buffet. Since I didn’t bother to fix the wonkiness I thought it qualified. Thanks for hosting, I’m thrilled to join in .

  18. Just an idea….how about using picture frame molding to ‘frame up’ a medallion of sorts around your light and thus covering the holes? I’m with you on the whole avoid painting a ceiling at all costs =) Thanks for hosting the party, and love your imperfections. To me, they are perfectly beautiful !

  19. Love your home! Your laundry room is beautiful. And will be beautiful.

  20. It’s such a relief to embrace the real, nitty-gritty parts of life both good and bad….thank you for sharing your imperfections & for giving us a spot to share ours, too!

  21. Button? Just discovered this blog hop and love it and have lot’s of “imperfect” projects I’ll be posting about in the future that I would love to link up. But I was wanting to put a button for this on my blog and couldn’t find one – I’m sure i’m overlooking it, if there is one can someone show me where it is?


    • I really should make some! so sorry, I’ll get right on the buttons

      • Okay – I just love this, had to share it on facebook too. Last week I took a ton of pics of our before and after living room remodel and I took the pics in ways to cover up all of our mistakes (we are doing a DIY home remodel and have no idea what we’re doing!) but now I feel inspired to go back and redo all the pics to go ahead and show the mistakes in the crown molding, the sheetrock and baseboards just for fun and do a whole post just on all our screw-ups that we have had to just learn to embrace and love!

  22. Thanks for hosting. Imperfect is a way of life. Smile.

  23. I like this party! I like how messy your laundry room looks….I don’t feel so bad now about the disaster in mine! :)

  24. I don’t know if anyone has already mentioned this (but just in case they haven’t) you could try a ceiling medallion. Lowes has some good choices that aren’t too fussy or overly rediculous. Or you could make your own out of beadboard or “cape cod bead board” as I like to call the wider wood 4″ panels that interlock and then finish off the edges with moulding. I know what it’s like to paint and patch a ceiling, and I’d do anything to avoid doing it at all costs. Well, not all costs, but for $30? Heck ya!!!!

  25. P.S. My whole house looks like your laundry room so never ever ever feel bad about the clutter! Ever! We’re painting/updating our office and for some reason since the office is a disaster, all of the other spaces in our two story home have to be a disaster as well.

  26. Your laundry looks like mine — piles all over the place. I guess we must be the brave ones because I just linked a post about my “hoard” of magazines.

    Thanks for hosting!

  27. I am so sorry! I just saw your request to only do one post per blog! I didn’t intentionally try to be disrespectful to your blog! Feel free to delete any!

    • disrespectful–what am I the mob? oh I think I am so funny today. No, I know that anyone who links twice is just excited to link up stuff they think fits well, no hard feelings whatsoever

  28. LOL-honestly, I’d just patch the holes and leave it at that. As long as the spackle is mostly fairly sorta close to the color of the ceiling paint (and it’s not like off white is an unusual ceiling color) no one will EVER notice it. I have no idea how to do the linkie thing, and I have no blog, but I do have an outlet that has been spackled around as of six months ago, in my kitchen, to the left of the sink, right there in front of everybody, that clashes wildly with my mango yellow kitchen paint. No one has yet died from the shock of it.

  29. I went through the same thing with my laundry room light and I’ve got an idea to save you from painting the entire ceiling because there was no way I wanted to paint my ceiling either!!! I bought one of the smaller non-descript ceiling medallions for $10 and the second part of the plan, which has not happened yet, is to just paint a circle of a different color around the rest of the patch job, or maybe a couple cirlces of differnt colors, even some kind of design. Hope I’m explaining this right. Glad to know I’m not the only one that buys things and just has them waiting to get done! :) So glad you celebrate imperfection. I have to celebrate it or I would be losing my marbles!

  30. Love your blog!!!

  31. I didn’t do a link back because I didn’t see a button! Thanks for hosting a fun party!

  32. Thank you so much for hosting this party. With three little ones running around my home is definitely perfectly imperfect!

  33. I so want to be perfect sometimes. Thanks for reminding me that it’s okay that I’m not. I see I’m in good company!

  34. Thanks for the “I don’t have to be perfect” therapy, Nester. Love ya!

    ~ Heather

  35. Jennifer Ott says

    What a great idea! I was loving all the links (well, except for “lived in kitchen” because, honestly, it looks more than perfect, and I have 4 kids under 7, so “lived in” obviously means something different to me)! BUT, we got a huge, plain medallion at Menard’s for $9. We installed a barn light in an older home and needed some help. We had already painted the ceiling, so I didn’t want to again. Shop around for a medallion, you might find ones that are cheaper!

  36. I am always late to the party, but how could I not link up my perfectly imperfect haven of bedlam.
    This post was one of my first “Bedlam moment” posts where I was reading a “Making your home perfect” type of book and just couldn’t stop chuckling as I looked around my bedroom and saw such irony on every page (and corner).

    2 Years later and we still do our toilet paper tower in my bathroom. :)

    Love ya, girl!

  37. for the past 3 years, my inlaws have come thru on their way to AZ. It always lands around Valentines Day so we are “forced” to enjoy my mil’s gorgeous roses after they leave. :)

  38. Nester, thanks for letting it be okay to be less than perfect! Whew, that’s a huge load off! ~Lori

  39. I guess that’s part of the experience of changing a space, it’s an adventure and we learn more as we go along with our projects. It’s all part of creativity. You know what? It turns us into problem solvers, when we have to figure out how to cover a hole, or how to hide an unfinished wall. ( Mudroom Reveal) yes, the imperfection is that the lovely panel wall doesn’t even reach the floor, what can I say, no one knows , shhhh! Well now you do. But it’s our space right! Hurrah for Imperfection! Perfect is boring, Imperfect is interesting with great stories.

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