pom poms, just because they make me happy

Last week’s craft day involved yarn, fruit and six of us crafters {somehow Greta and I didn’t make it into the pictures–we were too busy moving around and chatting but we were there, promise}.

Like I’ve mentioned before, we rely heavily on Pinterest for craft day.  The three of us in charge, Reeve, Angela and I, all have access to the Crafty Day pin board and any time we see an idea that could possibly be a fit we pin it.  It’s a way to brainstorm without having to email each other a hundred times a month.  I highly recommend starting a group pinboard for any type of project that you are working on that remotely involves anything visual.

I even made the food based on something I saw on Pinterest

So we made pom poms, something mindless and simple, beautiful and relatively useless, which to me is part of the allure of poms squared.

We also colored what I like to call “adult coloring sheets”, Angela was sure we were going to be coloring something scandalous, she was very relieved to find out it was simply intricate designs that mere children would find boring.

Here are a few resources we found helpful::

How to make pom poms using just your hands

Use a fork to make a pom pom {the more yarn we used, the more apt they were to fall apart beware}

Using pom pom makers {my favorite way} they have pom pom makers at Michael’s, probably Hobby Lobby, and Amazon. Don’t forget, if you shop at Michael’s use their iPhone app to use their weekly coupon, you can also bring up the Hobby Lobby coupon in your iPhone browser for Hobby Lobby and they’ll accept that if you don’t have one printed out.

If you are one of those people who must have a purpose for everything in life, there are some fun ideas we found and pinned to the Crafty Day board like making a pom pom rug, pom pom wreath, you can glue one to a gift as a bow, sew one to the top of your boring hat,  or do what we did and just hot glue them to sticks.

The point of craft day for me isn’t as much about creating a masterpiece or learning a new skill, it’s a natural way to get to know women who I’ve wanted to get to know better for years. So I trick them into coming by telling them we’ll do a craft and eat something when really, I just want to be friends with them. So far my plan is working brilliantly and they are all clueless that craft day is really an automatic bench {insert evil laugh and rubbing together of hot glue burned hands}.