Couple Friends

Today at (in)courage I wanted to tackle a few questions from the comments from our previous talks about friendship…

I’d love to hear your answer, read my thoughts here, and tell us your tips as well.

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  1. Ann could be my twin!! I am so heading over to read what you have to say!!

  2. My two cents – for the little it’s worth (as I’m single) is that your hubbie and you must have some common passions or interests that you admire in each other (seeing how you committed to spending the rest of your lives together). I would use those interests as a starting point. My parents, who had very few couple friends early on in life now have a committed group of 12 couples they see many days a week. The first friends came from a gardening club my dad joined (my mom likes gardening but doesn’t love it). He invited a few club friends over, with their wives of course who similarly don’t necessarily adore getting their hands dirty on a hot day, so the wives stayed inside and chatted amongst themselves. Next thing you know they all had so much fun they decided to do it again, and again. I think the key is to find a common interest that is at least tolerable to all involved, and then it’s a matter of being friendly, finding time for others (which is hard to do when their are young kids in the picture) and the law of averages. And know that when you retire, you will have a LOT more time to devote to interests, like finding and retaining friends – although admittedly that is a long time to wait.

  3. Lifeway’s HomeLife magazine for March 2012 has an article addressing this very issue.

  4. Are Greta and I a couple now? ;)

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