I bet you’ve seen Dana Tanamachi’s stunning chalk work.

Yeah, Oprah didn’t draw that.  But cute pose.

There’s the artist.  Dana has also worked with West Elm and Ralph Lauren.

Dana’s work takes the possibilities of all of our millions of chalk boards in our homes to a new level.  It’s fine to put a grocery list on your chalk board, but what if we, normal folk could turn our homebody chalk boards into mini works of art?  Seeing what Dana does inspires me to be a little more creative when it comes to my chalk boards.

Dana’s work…

My little wanna be copy cat ribbon taken in the worst lighting possible.  I don’t even have anything to write on it but I wanted to see how hard it was to draw something like this.

It was a fun kind of hard.  Anyone can draw something like this if they take their time.  Dana was the artist, I just broke down a little part of her work to see if I could copy it.

Mine doesn’t look anywhere near as clean and crisp as hers but it’s a big improvement from what was there.  And it’s chalk, so you just erase part and re-draw it if you feel like it.

Plus now I have a big chalk canvas in our laundry room just begging for something fun.

I played around with trees just to see.  Eh.  Maybe if I were better at tree drawing.  But I don’t really feel like working on that.  I’m looking forward to having fun experimenting and finding something pretty, inspiring, and easy on the laundry room walls.   Need a little more inspiration?  Here’s a quick 45 second video from Dana…

The By & By from Dana Tanamachi on Vimeo.


What’s on your chalk boards?