Chalk Art

I bet you’ve seen Dana Tanamachi’s stunning chalk work.

Yeah, Oprah didn’t draw that.  But cute pose.

There’s the artist.  Dana has also worked with West Elm and Ralph Lauren.

Dana’s work takes the possibilities of all of our millions of chalk boards in our homes to a new level.  It’s fine to put a grocery list on your chalk board, but what if we, normal folk could turn our homebody chalk boards into mini works of art?  Seeing what Dana does inspires me to be a little more creative when it comes to my chalk boards.

Dana’s work…

My little wanna be copy cat ribbon taken in the worst lighting possible.  I don’t even have anything to write on it but I wanted to see how hard it was to draw something like this.

It was a fun kind of hard.  Anyone can draw something like this if they take their time.  Dana was the artist, I just broke down a little part of her work to see if I could copy it.

Mine doesn’t look anywhere near as clean and crisp as hers but it’s a big improvement from what was there.  And it’s chalk, so you just erase part and re-draw it if you feel like it.

Plus now I have a big chalk canvas in our laundry room just begging for something fun.

I played around with trees just to see.  Eh.  Maybe if I were better at tree drawing.  But I don’t really feel like working on that.  I’m looking forward to having fun experimenting and finding something pretty, inspiring, and easy on the laundry room walls.   Need a little more inspiration?  Here’s a quick 45 second video from Dana…

The By & By from Dana Tanamachi on Vimeo.


What’s on your chalk boards?


  1. this is on my chalkboard:


  2. Look at you go! I like your trees very much.

    We have a big chalk board in the kitchen that I do every Sunday night for the week ahead. Some weeks are better than others in the way of artistic effort, but when I’m feeling it, you better believe I pull out all the stops…even if I’m the only one admiring it. :)

    Ms. Tanamachi rocks it!

  3. Love how the shelves look against the chalk board wall! Did you ever figure out what to do with your nail holes? I posted some ideas then I didn’t see my post, so… but I was just on another site that had used toilet paper rolls cut like maybe an inch (I just looked at the picture) and then made her own ceiling medalion from those. It looked neat and another idea for you.

  4. I’ve seen her work before and it is amazing. I love the chalk wall in your laundry room and your trees are just fine, (I can’t even make a stick man stand up so I know my chalkboards will forever by plain-ish!)


  5. I think you did a pretty good job!! I usually use the chalkboard in the kitchen to write down the menu, but lately I started writing the girl’s names on it if they get in major trouble. They know if their names get put on the board, then when Daddy gets home there will be some punishments. Then yesterday, I caught the 6 year old writing “Dad” 3 times with a check mark after each one. She explained that she didn’t know how to spell “Daddy” and the check marks were b/c he had been extra bad in eating all the Valentine’s candy. :s

  6. wowza! dana is amazing!
    & i love your trees! so, did you sit & stand on top of your W/D? or use a ladder? where’s that picture?

  7. Wow she is talented. I always have a problem just writing nice on chalkboards, I’m not a good drawer and I don’t have nice writing. Maybe you have a friend who can draw? And when they come over to visit you can ask them to draw something nice for you in the laundry room. I really like it with the shelves. It’s so bold against the black!

  8. I wrote Merry Christmas with flourishes and holly sprigs in December and it’s still there because I can’t reach it to erase it without pulling out the big ladder from the storage shed. :/

    Love your trees. Somehow it’s fitting for the laundry room. You know, freshness and all.

  9. Amazing! And after the video, I am sure I can go do just what she did! Your trees are pretty impressive. My drawing abilities got stunted in about the 1st grade. I once drew a 4-legged turkey in a game of Win, Lose, or Draw. I was puzzled as to why no one could guess what it was until the roomful of people pointed out my creative mistake!

  10. What a great idea to have a chalkboard in the laundry room. It would keep the kiddos busy while I get something done! I might be copying that idea. I’m in the middle of a basement remodel which includes an actual real life laundry room!!!

  11. I love it ! And that video at the end is awesome.

  12. Dana’s chalk art is amazing! I will have to show my 11 year old – she spends quite a bit of time creating fonts. We have an awkward entrance into our home office (think old house that was once turned into three apartments, then converted back – so lots of lovely quirkiness) that I painted with chalkboard paint. Right now it full of little doodles drawn by the kidlywinks. I also make chalkboard bunting. I love experimenting with words and lettering on the bunting. Very fun!

  13. the tree is cute! I love how it goes all the way up – it adds a neat factor to your laundry room …

  14. My chalkboard has “Happy 10th Birthday, Ethan!” written in huge block letters filled in with blue. The letters were pink five days earlier for his sister’s 23rd birthday.

    I’m going to have to get creative now.

  15. I LOVE her stuff. And I’ve always been jealous of your laundry room…and now my jealousy is only growing. Can I come hang out in your laundry room?

  16. Finish those trees!!! You’ve got a great start! I LOVE Dana’s art. Been following her success for a while now. I gotta share this tho – back when I was just learning to paint, Hubs’d see Bob Ross on TV and yell for me to come watch. “Look how quick he paints those trees!” Yeah, well, he’s using oil and a fan brush. Hubs – huh? Fast forward 17 years and he sees Dana’s work online. “C’mere!!! Why don’t you do some of this? We have chalkboard paint.”

    Yeah, as soon as Oprah’s peeps call me, I’ll get right on it :)

  17. Well … you’ve inspired me to go back to my chalkboard. I put up a massive dry erase board a year or so again, in place of the massive chalkboard I had in my kitchen. This weekend … I’m getting the chalkboard out again. Or … perhaps the can of chalk paint. A full chalk wall is much more fun. Thank you for the push. ~ karen!

  18. That is so beautiful, I had seen Dana’s work, but I did not know the artist behind it.
    Thank you for sharing. I really enjoy the “time lapse” videos, where folks show the process of creating.
    Your banners look GREAT!
    You have inspired me to create, yet again.

  19. Oh my goodness, yes, I love her work! Such an inspiration to step up that chalkboard art! I am excited to see what you do with your laundry! So many fun art to come! I would personally love to see some little birds floating around on the chalkboard while I did laundry…could feel like a Cinderella moment!

    I copied the same ribbon chalk drawing not too long ago! You can check it out here:

  20. Wow your laundry room is DONE!!?? FAB, I love it. I don’t remember what the Ikea shelves are called but I need them!

  21. I love the trees in your laundry room! Very organic and fresh. The white shelves look awesome against the chalkboard wall. Great work!

  22. Wow – I was thinking of doing that but my skills are a bit lacking! Love your laundry trees – maybe you could add a cute little owl perched on a shelf (I’m having a bit of owl love right now)!

    I just bought a huge metal tray at the thrift shop which I plan to spray with chalkboard paint and hang over my stove.

  23. I love all the chalk boards! Amazing! And you have just awakened the creative bug in me. Like you say, the best part is, it’s so easy to wipe clean and start again if you make a mistake or don’t like what you do. It’s the kind of art that can change from season to season and whenever the urge hits you to create something different. Love this!

  24. I like your trees! Stars and planets could be fun too. Rows of books, dresses on hangers… Has anyone painted the back of a nonworking fireplace and drawn a fire there? Perhaps I would if I didn’t rent (and keep the entertainment center in front of it).

  25. LOVEEEEEEEEEEE the laundry room. and your tree. do not erase.
    love love love!

  26. i’m going to need a bigger chalkboard

  27. You found some wonderful chalkboard designs! Your trees look lovely behind the laundry area. So fresh and different!

  28. Oh I just love this! Wow, Dana is amazing! You did a great job yourself. I really wanted to draw a detailed feather on a chalkboard that I made for my entry way and figured out if I sharpened my chalk with a sharpener every so often, I had a little bit more control. ( If you want, you can see it here This post really inspires me to try my hand at another one.. Thanks for the inspiration! Awesome!

  29. love your laundry room FUN!!!! Wouldn’t it be fun to have guests stop in and add their own little drawing. I bet your boys’ friends would add the best stuff!

  30. Wow, those are amazing! Dana is very talented.

  31. Wow! That Oprah cover is amazing! My most recent blogpost was new new chalkboard. We’re are ready for St. Patty’s day here:

    The ones that you posted are inspiring!

  32. I love this! My chalkboard walls just sort of sit there. Now that I’ve painted them, I don’t quite know what to do with them! Thanks for the inspiration. : )

  33. I created a chalkboard wall last year in a little un-used space between my kitchen, dinning and bedroom area. Part of the wall I added magnetic paint to the chalkboard paint so that I could add art and photos to the wall along with quotes that I write out with chalk board markers as time and the seasons pass. Here’s my blog post:

  34. I saw you over at Miss Mustard Seed. I have been wanting to paint a chalkboard wall in my kitchen, but it keeps falling to the bottom of my list. I am so inspired by your post. Thanks for linking up the video of Dana, wow she is amazing.

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