I love this wall.

I used to hate it.  It was completely awkward and is the main wall in our downstairs area, it’s just a wall island with a closet and some kitchen cabinets on the other side.

You can kind of see the wall in this photo behind the toile sofa before I moved it to the corner of the room.

Here’s another photo–the wall I’m talking about is there on the left.  That’s Kimba and Jen in the background. At first it was a walk through wall and I never knew how to treat it.

Once I moved the sofa I had to relocate the tv and the armoire that housed it.

It drove me to insanity because I couldn’t stand to see it’s 1980s underbelly innards of the tv sticking out of the back.  And this is the view from the front door.  I could have put a plant there or something but the desk with chair wasn’t working next to it either and I was avoiding something my husband had gently been mentioning for ages.  A new tv.  And I knew that would be the answer to our issues.

So, we agreed to buy a new tv with cash.  And also cancel our cable for 10 months–long enough to cover the price of the tv and cleanse ourselves from our addiction to the Food Network. My husband and I both have a slight obsession with Jamie Oliver, my husband loves it when he cooks outside, I want his rustic kitchen.

I knew for ages I wanted a sailfish and I thought he be the perfect solution to take the attention away from a huge black, ugly, tv.  Not to mention, easily cover those two poorly placed boxes of doorbell chimes and whatever else that’s up there on the wall.  It just happened that we got the tv, fish and four sets of elk antlers on the same evening.   And, yes, the fish is a real, vintage, taxidermied fish from 1968.  But these days you can get beautiful replica fish that look just as realistic.

See how I measured for the tv and fish?  I knew how high and wide the television was.  And I knew the length of the sailfish.  But it’s hard to measure a sailfish and buying him was one of the riskiest things I’ve done in our home.

The most awkward, annoying, bothersome wall in our home has now become a feature wall with my signature piece.   I love it when that happens.  And it only took 18 months.

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