Alternatives to Moving the Cable Outlet

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If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m on a quest to change up our family room. I don’t want to buy any big pieces and I’m not going to invest a lot of money but, I think I can make some big changes with better furniture placement, paint, fabric, a few tricks and thrifting.  We’ll talk about all that stuff later this week.

I moved our furniture and figured out a much better way that our things could fit in our house the way our family lives. By forcing myself to focus on the two main pieces that I knew I needed to use in our family room I was able to finally figure out a better layout.  The main items that I’m not replacing are the small scale toile sectional the painted armioure and our 8 x 10 rug.

Imagine my horror when after figuring out the best placement, the cable guys came to install a new cable outlet and told me that since our house is on a concrete slab {who ever thought of building homes on a slab on concrete? what if the pipes break?} and since there were no walls that led to the island of wall I wanted my tv placed on, there was no way I could have my tv where I wanted it. No way. Impossible. Not gonna happen.  Good luck with that, lady.

After experiencing about 35 seconds of decorating despair envisioning our room all squished back the way it was. But, my mom {who happened to be here} and I promptly thought of two solutions to the problem because let me tell you, that TV was going to be on that wall if I had to rewire it myself, just me and my glue gun.  My mom’s idea was to turn the big rug the other way so it would fit under the armoire and we could just lay the cable wire underneath. Once I heard that I knew there was hope, because if worst came to worst, I’d rather have a rug with a wire under it than have to move our room back to the closed off way it was.

I noticed we had a piece of wood used as a threshold between the kitchen tile and family room wood floors so I had a feeling my husband could thread that cable underneath. He stopped and picked up 25 feet of white cable on his way home and by 7pm he was done wiring our house for cable, Sanford and Son style.

He just tucked it around the room–up and under the mantle of the fireplace and secured it into the corner of the baseboard–most of that will be covered once I get our mistreatments thought up and made.

Let’s just say it was obvious that a black dog used to roam these parts: gag.

Where there is a will, there is usually a way, especially when you are willing to make a few compromises.  There are places you can see the cable but I think I’d have to point it out to people once the room is done.   It’s worth it to me to have a belt of cable strapped around the perimeter of our room in order to have a better furniture placement.  I’m really glad that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Now I think I’ll watch some tv, I think I’ll invite those two cable guys over to watch too.

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  1. this is my kind of quick fix!!

  2. Glad you found a solution! Our house is on a crawl space so my husband just drills new holes when HE wants to move the tv or do any of his crazy technology stuff. Like when he decided to hook up the Mac in our den to the tv in our living room so we could watch online shows on our regular tv (he drilled through the wall.) Or when he found out he could hook up Netflix to our Wii, so we could instantly watch shows and movies off Netflix, and then someone could still use the computer he had just previously hooked up to the tv three weeks before. Sigh. He used to laugh at me when I wanted to repaint something, but at this point I think we are equal. He is a techno junkie and I am addicted to paint chips. I have some taped to my kitchen cabinets right now.

  3. Love your home!!! I noticed on the wall under the bar, is that a door or shutters? I just love the idea!

  4. Too. Shay. ( I don’t think I’ve ever typed that word and I don’t know how to spell it, either)

    Yep. Will. Way. Done.

    We’ve got S&s going on underneath our rugs….computer wire. Dark ages, I know. When it works, it works.
    And no one will notice. Unless you invite some of these commenters and myself over for lunch one day!

  5. You are hilarious. We’ve all faced “design challenges” over the years, haven’t we? Your contentment is just so much more important then a damn cable wire. xx’s Marsha

  6. Ooh, that’s good thinking! Hubsey and I might be moving soon and I’ve been wondering how our giant couches are going to fit into the inevitably smaller family rooms that come in city condos. I’ll have to poke around here more to see your other tips about furniture placement!

  7. What a sweetie of a hubby. Mine would whine and I would give up. This is a great idea.

  8. Love me some Sanford & Son. Husband just came in and wondered what in the world was so funny at 9:00 at night on my computer. Your wiring is genius. I must admit I was concerned as I read along, feeling a surge of panic that the room would have to revert back…but in the words of Randy, “girl, you worked it out.” Bravo.

  9. Ha! Gotta love some Sanford and Son! When someone tells me I CAN’T do something, it just makes me more determined. Do they ever tell famous people they CAN’T have cable on a certain wall? Never. There is ALWAYS a way.

  10. My hubby surround sounded our living room by shoving the wire into our picture frame crown molding. Can’t even see it! At first I was skeptical, but now thankful for a husband who thinks outside of the box!

  11. I Sanford & Son’ed cable into my craft room – the only room in the house that doesn’t have a cable outlet – why? I don’t know. I had a splitter and used that to split the cable and ran a long bit of cable behind the wall of bookshelves in one room, around the doorjamb and into the craft room next door. I’m not sure what I’m doing with the craft room yet and didn’t want to put in a cable outlet I’d regret later when I did the room.

  12. hahahaha. my good friend and I sing the ‘doo-doo-doo-doo’ melody from Sanford and Son anytime one of us has a Sanford and Son moment! I guess it was destiny for me to come across many of these in my life, a girl who’s father once repaired her car with a drinking straw! Doo-doo-doo-doo…

  13. I love reading how inventive you always are! My house is on a concrete slab and we had a pipe break. You don’t notice it for awhile, usually until your bill is triple the norm. Then you call a plumber, who jack-hammers the tile and slab. The insurance company pays for new kitchen cabinets, some of the plumbing, and none of the flooring. So three years later, you have new cabinets, countertops, and plumbing, but the same, ugly flooring, just less of it. :) And, no, I’m not bitter.

  14. Good for you that you were able to figure out something. I must say your cable guys are NOT very smart or ingenious! We live in Oklahoma where all houses are built on concrete slabs and they bring cables in through the outside walls and down through the attic, to fish it down the inside walls all the time. In fact that is how I have it in my bedroom and living room and office.

  15. I hate when you want to rearrange a room and something like the cable is out of whack. I am glad you thought of a way to make it work. Look forward to seeing the room finished. Glad I found your blog!

  16. Nobody will ever notice that cable! “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” It’s the truth, ain’t it? Well done!

  17. If you were really adventurous :) you could take off the baseboard and route out a channel and run the cable through it and then just put the baseboard back on. I had a friend do that for his cable and telephone wire so I wouldn’t show.

  18. Colleen P. says

    My hubby ran cable of all kinds through all sorts of surfaces for the US Air Force for twenty years-we have so much wire running through our walls I think we could run NASA from here! LOL! We too have cable running along baseboards and inside moulding and under floor trim, not to mention through walls and all over the attic. We can hook up to cable in every room in the house, AND internet. It’s awesome!

    Your situation really is a tricky one, and would have involved a lot of drywall repair, but it COULD have been done, they would just have had to go horizontally through that wall and vertically through adjacent walls-however, I have to honestly say I wouldn’t have done it simply because it would have been outrageously expensive and the solution you found works so well. The wires really will disappear from sight and NO ONE will notice them, and all the drilling, drywall replacement and repainting would have taken a couple of weeks of your time and up to a thousand dollars out of your budget. SO not worth it!

    • Yep, they said it could be done but we would have to hire an electrician and have lots of big holes in our walls. totally not worth it for us.

  19. Colleen P. says

    Just one more thing that really, I think, fits in with your “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” philosophy.

    Sometimes, it really is worth it to put the thousand times more effort and money into something. Sometimes. HOWEVER-you really have to ask yourself in all honesty if you’re going to get the thousand times more happiness out of doing it that way. This is a perfect example of that.

  20. We lived for nearly a year with a cable wire going up and around our mantle before Alan finally buried it under our carpet. We’re quick like that. I was so glad to have our TV moved I didn’t even care.

  21. Cinda Voiles says

    Not sure why the cable guys couldn’t figure out you can go through the ceiling and down the wall to install a cable outlet where you want it. As long as you have an attic, and a landlord who will allow you. We used to have concrete slab, and that’s exactly how we did it. Sounds like they were just lazy!

  22. What a great idea! I bet that saved so much money from paying the cable company.

  23. well done! love your determination and creativity!

  24. Brilliant!! Awesome solution. And about $12 of cord covers (found in cable section) will REALLY hide them. They’ll blend right into the baseboard. Lurve. I could buy stock in those things, seriously.
    I love that you made this work.

  25. What a fun, hilarious, frugal post! This totally sounds like the way we solve things…..with long cords. At one point we had a total, awful, horrifically placed phone jack AND a dial-up modem. Our solution was a really, reallllllllly long phone line cord that we would plug in while on the computer, and unplug when it wasn’t in use. My mom is currently having a cable issue, and I was thinking of getting her a realllllllllly long cable cord to hook up and unhook when the TV is not in use.

  26. Those cable guys? Was it close to quitting time? Because they could have wired you anywhere you wanted. The cable does not have to come up through the floor.

    But, anywhoo . . . who am I to talk? Our internet cable is currently attached to the wall, right along the floor, around half of the room. Nobody notices!

    Good call.

  27. In 10 years of military life, we have had a mulititude of homes. I have run cable and extension cords every which way but loose. I always look for the way that the house can be set up to suit our family. I love searching your blog for ideas.

  28. I did this makeover today and could not be more pleased! Thanks so much for the great idea and heads up! You are always an inspiration!

    I accredited the genious idea to you:

    Thanks again!

  29. Now, you are a woman after my own heart! I am always having to come up with solutions like yours to make a room look and function ‘right’! It gives my husband fits, but he stills does what ever he can to help me make it happen!
    Love your blogs and all your ideas!

  30. Oooooh girl. You just gave me an idea. I too wanted to move the tv. Same concrete slab debacle. Same surly cable guy too I’m sure. I think my re-routing is going to go under carpet on the stair case… 2nd thought, maybe thats not a good idea. Hm.mmmmmmmmmm

  31. Aimee Jongejan says

    I had the same problem with our new place. We finally put the TV in a really “odd” place (so says everyone who has this same tract house in the hood) but we LOVE it! Kudos to you and your creative ways of getting the flow just right. It makes all the difference in the world to love the view from where you sit!

  32. Thanks so much for this advice…having same problem and I was ready to climb a wall:)

  33. Anthony Samuels says

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