Moving Furniture :: The Number One Decorating Fix

I’m an optimist.  I really believe that for every home, and furniture contained in that home, there is a best possible scenario for positioning that furniture for the well being and enjoyment of that particular family.  For reals.

I loved the idea of our family room, but the sofa placement never felt right. Or best.  The fact is, this is our sofa.  We love it, it is well made and beyond comfy but, it was bought for a home we were sure we would stay in forever, and then we moved. The other fact is that we watch tv.  I’m not buying a new sofa and my husband and I will watch anything on tv that involves Boston Rob. But, I’m willing to move my furniture around.  And I had tried it every way possible in this room.  Every way that is… but one.  One way I was pretty sure I would hate because you would see the side of the armoire right as you enter the front door and I would have to have a new cable hole thing put into the wall.  I am thrifty, I don’t like new cable holes that I have to pay for.  And besides, I was SURE I wouldn’t like it that way. I mean, I’m the self proclaimed queen of moving my furniture, I didn’t need to move it to know how much it was not going to work like that, right?

But, I’d rather pay for a new hole than for a new sofa, and this room just kept telling me that there was a better way.  And I’m not afraid to figure out what that way is.

I’m in the midst of picking a light neutral paint color for the walls, redoing some window mistreatments, and considering slipcovers to protect our sofa from more holes.  But, I think the best way for me to be able to complete the room, is if I’m sure of the placement of the largest pieces of furniture. So I’m ignoring the different colors on the walls, lack of fabric on the windows, lamps that are a weird height, small tables, wall art and anything else.  My first mission is large furniture placement.  I’m at a standstill until I can get that right.

The following videos were taken spur of the moment, by me, on my phone.  I only know how to upload it to youtube from my phone so if you are in a country that bans youtube, my apologies.

Video 1:

Phase one–I figured now was the time to try {once more} this tan sofa from our front room.  I moved the toile sofa out and wondered if somehow, this sofa could work.  I didn’t like the idea of not having the sectional but, since it was something I already had, it was worth moving it just to see.  Sometimes, when you move stuff, it inspires a great idea that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.  But, somehow, this sofa felt even bigger than the red one. But in order to have a walkway behind the sofa –which we have to have, it was too close to the tv, although my boys tried to convince me otherwise.

Just for kicks, here’s the red toile in the robin’s egg blue {Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray} room.  I LOVE the combination.

So next, I moved the red sofa back in and tried it in the corner–no worries, I’m going to move the tan sofa out, again, much to the dismay of my boys, they like a sofa on sofa look.

First thoughts–pure hate.  But, you cannot EVER trust your first thoughts.  You have to push through and see complete the move and see how it feels.

Weird huh.  Why’s that sofa in a corner?  But lets face it, in this room, the sofa is in a weird place no matter what.  So I’m looking for the best weird for our family and for Boston Rob.  After you move your stuff, even if you think it’s all wrong, it’s important to try to live with it just for a little while.  So, I made myself keep it this way for 24 hours.  My husband came home and loved it. And our house feels twice as big.

The morning after–I just loaded this video so the quality won’t be better for a few hours, but you get the idea.

Well, that’s what I get for convincing myself for all of these months that our room would never work situated like that.  We actually love it!  It just goes to show the importance of moving your furniture.  If there is a remote possibility that your stuff could work in a better way, it is SO worth it to try it out and see.  I really regret not trying this sooner.  And there is no substitute for moving it and looking at it with your own eyes.  You and your family are the ones who have to live with it so you get to decide if it works or not.  I’m just as guilty as anyone to ask a zillion people how I should arrange my stuff, and really the only way to figure it out is to move it around and see.

I still have to call the cable guy and pay him hard earned money to make a new hole in our wall so for now this is what we have to do if we want to watch tv.  Cue Sandford and Son music.  You can see the outline of thew white cable wire stretched in front of the fireplace.

PS, usually when I move furniture I put these furniture sliders under the legs of my stuff.  Our floors are some kind of super strength engineered wood that is impossible to scratch and most of my furniture has plastic caps on the bottom anyway.  But you know, just in case, use your sliders or rip up a cardboard box and put the pieces under your furniture to protect your floors.

Now it’s your turn.  Is there something you’ve considered moving but you are pretty sure it won’t work?  Maybe you are right.  But, what IF you are wrong?


  1. I loved that you posted the videos of all your experiments! That made this so much more fun. Our living room is an awkward shape as well and our couches only fit one way, so while it isn’t a standard arrangement, it works for this house.

    Oh, you’re going to share the paint colors, right? :)

  2. You never, ever cease to inspire me!

    “Nobody puts baby in a corner” unless she belongs there to open up the room!

  3. I loved the red sectional in the “living room” with the paneled wall… the white makes the red pop, and the blue (comfort gray?) really adds a nice contrast!
    We can’t switch our living room and family room… I have plaid couches in the family room with a beach/coastal theme… and I have green and red and blacks in the living room… but I really loved your short-term move of the red to the living room… maybe in a different house, eh?

  4. Hmmm. To me the sectional sofa looks a bit off in the corner because it’s not centered on the wall… which is obvious to you because you did move it over at one point. But I’m wondering whether it would cockeyed – or if it would work… if you centered the corner of the sectional on that wall… and let it be a V shape in the living room. Sounds crazy, but what if it works? Then you could just put a large plant or a pot of pretty sticks in the corner (plus a tall table for tv viewing snacks etc).

    Also – since you can’t see the TV from the kitchen – see if you can prop the mirror just so.. to reflect the TV when you are working in the kitchen. I’ve done it before…. it works!

  5. I LOVED this post! I think your home looks great this way! I liked when you had the idea of the table behind the couch, I would pull it out from the wall a bit. And I love all your furniture! Awesome!

  6. Your videos are too funny. You are so daring putting in all that physical labor to try it out a different way – Im way too lazy. It all looks really good and fresh!

    Every now and then the idea pops up in my mind to move my dining room into my formal living room. Or into my den. And do something fun in the dining room – like an office, or craft room. Or just move several of the rooms around to different rooms completely.

    I fear my friends/family are too judgemental. They would think Ive lost my mind.

  7. I JUST did this the other day!

    My husband and I are chronic furniture movers and we have a very awkward living room with a walk-through area, an oddly situated fireplace, four tall windows, and weird corners jutting out of nowhere. But I moved the furniture in an arrangement I had tried before but at the time we had a huge piano that made it not work. But now without the piano it is perfect, and I’m sure it is the way the room was designed to work!

    I loved your videos. I always get inspired to do things when my husband is not home…either that or late at night.

  8. great series!!!! what a perfect way to help others! everyone needs to see how the process flows, blocks, flows again and on and on. and learn the order of placement, followed by adornment.
    i am a confirmed furniture mover and always have been. it is an effective way of renewing appreciation for what one has and gives the mover new eyes and ideas.
    THE BEST POST YOU HAVE DONE! thanks. jane (jkj)

  9. Not helpful for people with cable but great solution for others like us who only use free to air.

    We had a similar situation and the only place to put our tv and its cabinet was where there was no connection for the tv aerial. The solution was to hook our tv up to an old computer and now we use the tv as a monitor and watch IPTV. It’s been 5 months and it works great.

    It has turned out wonderful because all our downloaded stuff is already connected to the tv and we have had many occasions where we want to show the kids something from the internet and it’s easy. We also have all of our music and itunes handy, home movies are easy to access and show and when I do let my children use the internet, it is easy for me to see what they are doing; the tv is a plasma so big enough for me to see from most places in our open plan house.


  10. Joni aka Esther Girl says

    Oh Nester, I adore you! I too am a MOVER! It saves us so much money when I get a fresh, new room by rearranging. I go through spurts in reading your blog. I will get behind…then feast for hours. I’ve never commented but just had to after reading your Boston Rob comments. My girls and I laughed so hard, because our family drops everything and watches anything he is in! Love him. Love you. Thanks so much for all your wonderful advice!!

  11. Yep I am right there with you! Our room is so long and narrow and I have NO CLUE what to do with it! We have the flat screen and the last owner had it mounted on the wall and I am just not that kind of gal! But the the cable cord and plug are in the middle of the wall. I have been looking for an armoire for it but I do NOT want to spend a lot of money so I am just looking on craigslist every day. It is a weird room and I am not happy with it.. When I sit in here my body squirms because I just want to change it…. Can I use a bah humbug right here?


  12. It turned out absolutely beautiful, your living room. And so much more space to move around in too! I do so wish it was as simple as moving furniture around, to have a re-birth of our living room. Problem is we have a lot of bookcases in our living room and no other room for them anywhere in our house, due to other bookcases or walls that are too low or narrow to fit them. So, the bookcases are a fixed element. Because they are fixed and cannot be placed anywhere else in the living room (we have measured, and measured), we cannot move the TV to any other wall than the one it is occupying and hence we cannot move the sofa either. So, stuck with the living room as it is. Which is really driving me crazy, since I’m a person who CRAVE to move furniture every now and again to be happy with a room, to renew it.

    • DesignIntervention says

      Camilla, is there a reason you can’t put the tv in the bookshelves, enabling you to rearrange?

  13. Heather Salinas says

    Love your blog! You have such great advice and are such an inspiration. Can you purty please share the color of your armoire? I just love it and it totally makes the room. Is it the same color as the buffet table next to your sofa? Gorgeous!!! I am going home today to try and rearrange. :-)

  14. Nester I loved your videos :) I thought I was the only one who had these struggles, and I loved your thinking out loud narration. It was nice to hear your voice too! I always have the hardest time choosing paint colors, and lately I’ve just been stuck because I can’t decide on COLOR. But you have inspired me again and hopefully the color ideas will come to me. Thanks for your posts – they always make me smile. And I like that you followed through and ended up liking where you moved your furniture. It’s nice to have that openness!

  15. PS – my friends always say “cue Sanford and Son” to me :) (by the way, it’s great music, lol).

  16. Hi Nester. Although I still have no idea what I’m going to do with my rooms, because most of the basics all have to go, but it’s not quite time to take that leap, I enjoyed meeting you. It’s nice to see the actual face and hear the voice behind the words. I have 750sq ft to work with, currently. There is brand new oversized adult furniture in the child sized bedroom…70’s college dorm look in the living room and a 1940’s outdated kitchen….a design nightmare. Oh, did I mention the man cave/smoffice..yes, that’s short for smelly office. The small bathroom was remodeled 5-7 yrs ago complete with a Hollywood mirror. Lucky me…lol. There is a great fireplace, but just a mish mash of toss aways. Hopefully, this is the year that I can attack it, since I have only lived in this house, with my beloved, for 1 year. It’s taken him that long to grow used to the idea that there is another living person in the house…lol. There is no budget…I’m not currently working, so that just lends a little more adventure to this project. I look forward to getting to know you very well and have alot of fun in the process. Thanks for welcoming me into your home.

  17. Just in time. I’m going to have to do some furniture moving of my own very soon. The furniture is big and the living room isn’t getting any bigger.

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