how to make a gallery wall

an updated version of our gallery wall

How does a gallery wall make my home less messy?

I’m not sure that it does.  But, I have some beautiful things that I love that I’m not willing to part with but not enough wall space to show them off individually.  So my solution right now is a gallery wall full of things I love.

You might be surprised how many things can be displayed on the wall. Baby shoes, a spoon from Grandma’s silver, kid’s art, random photos throughout the years, funky things you’ve collected, dishes, architecture elements.  Why keep things you love hidden away in a box?

Our current home has an open floor plan which is wonderful but it leaves us very few walls to hang my pretties.    This wall in our family room is a work in progress.  I’m a fan of slow decorating, so I don’t mind tweaking it over time.

Here are a few pointers when thinking about a gallery wall:

  • gather up random items you would like to include
  • place them on the floor in different layouts
  • shop the house to fill in gaps
  • use small nails and be willing to accept the fact that you might have some extra nail holes
  • take photos as you go, sometimes its easier to see how things balance in a picture
  • leave space to add to it over time
  • add in a shot of color {there are actually 4 different colors of blues/greens but you can’t tell in the photo, it still looks too matchy matchy to me} paint photo mats~my big silhouette mat has been painted 2 different colors, paint frames, add in touches of color
  • add texture, the ceramic plates, chalkboard, a shelf and raised canvas mix it up
  • purposely be imperfect, don’t worry about lining up everything exactly, unless you are using 16 of the same frames, then you do want exact

The wall looked like this for MONTHS.  I knew I didn’t want the stair step look but, I patiently waited to fill it in.

The items currently on my wall:

Today is your lucky day, I’ve got two things to help you on your gallery wall way.

Order an Inexpensive Canvas

First, many of you have asked about my canvases {canvi?} and wondered a good place to get them.  When I bartered for mine, I happened to see the retail price for a large canvas that size and I have two words, “car payment”.  Seriously, canvases are expensive.  My friend Jessica told me about a place that she’s used to order canvases before and their prices are amazing.  If you want to read more about it, click on that free canvas button down there.

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Right now you can get a free 8 x 10 canvas and just pay shipping {~$15?}.   I think the canvases have a 3/4 inch wrap. Or you can go bigger and get a big discount here are the discounted prices:

Such a great deal to get some good sized canvases.

Also, we have a GIVEAWAY!

Jodi, an advertiser and friend from Back 40 Life is sponsoring a giveaway for a $50 gift certificate to a lucky winner from her Etsy shop.

I put some of her vinyls on some canisters.  SO cute! {be more patient than me and put them on straight though}

And of course, my favorite, you can have them made in 20 different colors {now I want a white one too}.

And she’s got a ton of other things too, any of which could be incorporated into a gallery wall.

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