I’ve found the secret to making some of my rooms feel less cluttered.

I leave the tables that we use most often, EMPTY.  {I count the lazy susan as part of the table here} This is how this part of my house usually looks.  I too, cannot believe it~it looks clean!

Ever since I wrote this post about how I accessorize our coffee table I’ve been wooed by the freedom of nothing.  Nothing by choice is truly something, sometimes.  In this season of life with 3 boys, a man who eats chips and salsa and reads lots of books and magazines, a dog with a waggety coffee table height tail, homework, and laundry being folded in the family room, empty tables have proven themselves to be work horses.

This doesn’t mean my tables never have anything on them.  It means that we use them so often that I don’t want to have to move something pretty from them in order to put what I need on them.  This table is my other office and homework central.  And where I fold laundry.  Our breakfast area/kitchen table is usually clean at dinner time because of this extra table {never in my life have I been able to keep our eating table clean all day–this extra table is PRICELESS!}.

And the tables or surfaces that we don’t use as much, well, they hold a few pretties.  Having the extra table in our family room and purposely keeping it clear has definitely helped me keep a neater nest.

This post goes hand in hand with what my 31 partner in crime, Emily wrote today. “No one wants an unemployed couch to support,” was a fantastic quote, go on over and read Give Every Space a Job.


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