31 days

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  1. You have the best ideas, you rock!

  2. Love the Back 40 Life decals.

  3. I just love all your ideas, at present my living room walls are a blank canvas I can’t wait to paint and then fill them up, (not so sure my hubby is as excited as me!!!) After reading today’s post I think I’ve found the perfect wall to turn into “my gallery”.
    Thanks for all your sharing

  4. I love how you mention that you believe in “slow decorating” (or something like that). I am constantly tweaking my walls, furniture…just about everything in my home. I think I’d be sad if I didn’t have that constant stimulation in my life! I am a stay-at-home mommy and decorating (creatively/cheaply) brings me so much pleasure on a daily basis. Thanks for posting all your great ideas! By the way, I now have a basket in my refrigerator full of lunch making stuff. You are a genius!!! :)

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