Look at that. A beautiful mistreatment. Yes, the rod is off center but it was a 25 cent yard sale find, I think it’s some kind of flag pole thing. But look at that toile. I must have a really tall window in my bathroom. Don’t you wish that you had tall windows too?

What?!? Look how high I hung my rod! Isn’t that illegal? I mean, it’s not covering the window, it’s covering the actual wall. What the?

Look there again, in the bedroom. Now you can see that I started hanging where the wall met the ceiling and worked my way down. The room looks taller on the left because the window appears higher. Hmmm.

Surely not. Even over the tub I have tricked you yet again. I’m so tricky.

This is the single biggest mistake we make when hanging our mistreatments. It’s also the easiest fix. The fabric is there to compliment and dress the window. Not to cover it. This goes for the sides of the windows too. Don’t let your drapes be covering half of your natural light. Now, look around your house and see if your mistreatments are hung too low. If they are hung right on top of the trim of the window and you have 6-144 inches to the ceiling, then just raise them up. The difference will be amazing.

One more thing and that’s all I’m gonna say. David Cook.

I added some of him to my play list at the very bottom of the blog if you want to scroll down and listen. You can scroll down within the play list to find the Cook and others. That really is all I’m gonna say.