Hi everyone. This is not the post I promised you. My computer is having a tizzy or whatever you call it and doesn’t want to cooperate and load the bajillion photos that I want to show you. I will have the mistreatment post ready for you on Monday. I hope my computer doesn’t blow up.

Why is it when I envision my computer blowing up I see a big explosion, and cloud of smoke and then no less than 4,968,381 papers flying out of it, 862 CDs shooting from it and 57,390,557 photos that are printed falling gracefully into my living room? I really hope it doesn’t blow.

I will answer a few questions from yesterday. I think it was Julie, who doesn’t have a blog link who asked where I put my alarm clock. I am so happy to tell you that we don’t have one. My son has one in his room just to see the time. We have a DVR thing with the glowing clock so if I here a noise in the night I know whether I should be scared or not. A noise heard from 11-2am is not a big deal. If I hear a noise between 2am and 4am I need to wake my husband and freak out. If there is a noise after 5am, big woop.

We haven’t used an alarm in years. I usually wake up in the sixes or early sevens. When the boys went to real school we just woke up at 7am–I have no idea how. Plus, I’m pretty sure that the dog would get us up if we tried to sleep later than seven. If I did have an alarm I would just hide it behind that fabric box sitting on the table next to the bed. In that box I have: blistex, foot lotion because I am 76 years old, mints, Little Women {the book not actual small ladies} and extra rubber {don’t go there} bands for my hair. My husband doesn’t leave the house until 9am so we don’t have to have a wake up time. Oh, the joys of being self employed.

Julie and others also have asked how I put a lamp on a sofa table behind the sofa when there is no wall right there to plug in a lamp. Well, for me, I have a sectional so one side usually is touching the wall and I put the table on the side protruding into the room. I use extension cords and run one under the sofa to the nearest outlet. I have had a floating sofa and table before. In this case, you need a large rug. You get a long extension cord, and lay it flat under the rug and run it to the nearest outlet and then put a table or chair or something in front of the outlet to hide the cord coming weirdly from the rug. Get creative! I bet you can figure out a way to hide it!
And because it’s against everything I believe to publish a post without a photo I’ll prove to you once again that I have no shame. Look at that rank. Oh my word! Is this blog becoming popular? Have you been to Technorati? Doesn’t it sound illegal to go there? I fully expected to see Jessica Simpson partying there. You can see who has linked to you in their blog and waste all sorts of valuable time.