A Ten-Year-Old Preacher Man, Fanta and The Giraffe that Made Me Cry

New around here? I’m currently in Tanzania with Compassion International. Read more about why I’m on this trip  here and read about our first day here. It feels weird being here. Not because we are sleeping under mosquito nets or drinking Boysenberry Fanta (out of a GLASS BOTTLE, mind you!) and not because we are […]

Well I Didn’t Expect to Meet HER in Tanzania

*Special thanks to Photographer Keely Scott for capturing the stories through her photos. I met Hospitality today.  Yep, her. I’ve always known the requirement for being hospitable isn’t about finally getting to the place where you love where you live and can have the most up to date flooring and look cute in the Anthropologie […]

Tanzania Bound

I’m getting ready for the trip.  Actually, I’m probably on a plane right now while you are reading this.  I leave my house in 2 hours then I’m on planes for about 20 hours. I’m not ready and I know I never will be. They really should make you take some type of standardized organization […]

It’s getting TanZany in this place

getting ready for this trip has already tested so many of my weakness: mailing things. following rules. listening. filling out lots of forms. doing things in a timely manner. paying attention. answering email. agreeing to get on a huge airplane. asked if I want to buy Go Girl. tag line: stop taking life sitting down. […]

Insert Appropriate Title Here

Y’all. I’m thrilled and scared to death to announce that I have the incredible privilege to travel with Compassion this May to Tanzania to see the work they are doing and meet some of the children and families in the community. For those of you who know me and my nonpassporty, homebody, I hate airplanes […]