topiwo's floor

floor on my jeans






It’s been almost a year since I knelt on Topiwo’s floor and got it all over my knee.

The hearts by their names mean they’ve been waiting for more than 6 months for their sponsor.

Today is the day you’ve both been waiting for.

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The {African} Elephant in the Room

  Now that I’ve come and gone I know what you all want to know. You want to know the exact same thing that I want to know.  You want to know what one brave lady dared to put into words:     I love that it’s from Cindy, a fellow home blogger.  She gets […]


Mothers everywhere love their babies and want them to grow up and to succeed in life.  Partner with a mother (or if the child is an orphan, partner with their guardian) and help ensure that their child is cared for, fed, schooled, immunized, in community with other children, surrounded by mentors, clothed and  given the […]

Decorating Truths from A 15-Year-Old Tanzanian Boy

Warning:: Moms of boys may experience uncomfortable, unexplainable side effects while reading this post. Side effects are treatable with a prompt visit here to sponsor a teenage boy.  In order to alleviate the discomfort, take one or two of those and email me in the morning–for real, you should email me after you do this. […]

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What’s Your Plan for Tomorrow?

*photos courtesy of the ever so funny and wonderful Keely Scott Oh mercy, how are you? I feel like we haven’t talked in forever. Can I just tell you that when you are on one of these trips you get up early, eat, leave for a Compassion site, laugh really hard, pee in a hole, […]

Nail Polish, Bubbles and $38

Today I want to tell you simply everything and then I keep sitting here looking at the computer and typing nothing. It’s just too much. And I can’t conjure up a great post and tie it neatly with the proverbial imperfectly beautiful bow.  I wish I knew some really great new, fancy, space age words […]