I had no idea how many of you were gonna do the easy to remember, rolls off the tongue, IDHTBPTBB post. Can I just tell you that I was hoping, praying that 20 people would take the time to do this? And, I’ll admit I’ve wanted to do it for awhile but it took some […]

Imperfectly Beautiful

Here it is people! The first post of the it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful party? Carnival? Spectacular? Celebration? I have no idea what to call this! Here’s a photo of my pretty sitting room. Today is my baby’s 7th birthday. We celebrated with my parents yesterday {father’s day} so we could […]

Imperfectly Beautiful

IDHTBPTBB Otherwise known as: It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. Words to live by doncha think? I get so inspired and secretly happy and feel so normal when I see other moms do things that look great but aren’t perfect. Am I the only one who feels joy and confirmation when I […]

Swiss Walls

I’m getting ready to preach. Preach about my walls. Please forgive me in advance because this is something I’m passionate about! A few of you asked the same great question about my nail holes… Here’s Jo: But what do you do with all the holes in your wall above the piano where you had the […]

Pictures, Papers and Terrorists

The other day I got this email: My name is Sophie and I am from France.I need some advice on how to place frames above my mantel.It will be painted non-flashy red and I wanted to spray paint small frames white. But i don’t know how to put them, how to leave space between them, […]

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful Part 2

Last night I was watching whatever channel that is that Jon and Kate plus 8 comes on. Have you seen it? It’s a show where they show the daily life of Jon (not John) and Kate and their 2 twin 6 year olds and their 6 sextuplet 2 year olds. Needless to say it makes […]