The other day I got this email:

My name is Sophie and I am from France.
I need some advice on how to place frames above my mantel.
It will be painted non-flashy red and I wanted to spray paint small frames white. But i don’t know how to put them, how to leave space between them, and so on.
I would like it to be trendy, and we mostly have color pictures.
Can you help? it would be great of you had a few pictures to show me or websites that show some organisation of frames on a wall or mantel.

thanks so much,


You know I am all about myself because a French woman asked ME for advice. Don’t you just adore how she spelled organization? If I did that y’all would just roll your eyes.

Well Sophie, the answer is simple, I usually just hang them so they look right.

I have a feeling that’s not the answer that you are looking for. If I have lots of frames or other stuff to hang I usually lay them all out on the floor and group them the way that looks best. You could even tape off the exact measurements of your wall and tape that down. Then place your pictures inside and move them around until you like them.

Don’t be afraid if you make a few extra holes in the wall. I’m not sure what your French walls are made of but around these parts patching holes is not a big deal at all. At least, that’s what I’ve heard, I don’t usually patch them, I just use small nails.

I also love to add something in that’s not framey–like iron or wood or flesh, you know, organic.

Here are some great websites with info on how to hang your picture groupings:

rental decorating

a photo gallery website

Home Depot tells you the actual how to in hanging stuff on the wall

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Y’all are so funny–someone who won’t say their name told me I give them the creeps because I said the words flesh and terrorists! Be sure to click over to my links. I mean, doesn’t everyone read every word of every link I link to? Hmm, maybe not. The flesh thing? that was just a play on organic. Ok, maybe not sooo funny but good grief, I write this stuff fast so I can go school my kids.