I’m getting ready to preach. Preach about my walls. Please forgive me in advance because this is something I’m passionate about! A few of you asked the same great question about my nail holes…

Here’s Jo:

But what do you do with all the holes in your wall above the piano where you had the barn stars before? Do you plaster and paint every time you move something on the walls? Just curious, because I like to move things around too ;-)

Does every tiny hole in a wall actually need to be filled? Did I miss that day in how to be an adult school? I know I missed the day about taking a shower every day and also the day about how you cannot feed your kids cereal for dinner but holes in the walls?

I’m sure that I am just carefree in this category but as a woman and home stager who has lived in 11 different homes 3 of which we owned I have NEVER patched every hole before we’ve moved. I have NEVER had a buyer back out because I have holes in my walls. I am so on my high, high horse now I’m gonna trot around.

I have a friend who’s husband is the wall hole Nazi and must have every hole filled upon nail removal. I happen to think there are more important things in life–or even in my home–than filling every tiny hole on my walls. If your house is dated yet with pristine walls you’ll get less money for it than if it has a few nail holes and is up to date and appealing. Please excuse the preaching. I do tend to think that people seem to major on the minors in this case. Instead of filling your holes, buy a new faucet or replace that shag carpet or repaint the front door. Potential buyers see holes {nail holes that is} in the wall as a non issue. However, that avocado green stove or that bathroom sink that is only 30 inches high makes them run for their lives!

Now, back to sweet Jo’s question, it’s a really valid question and, I do have a solution:

* Try to use the smallest, skinniest nails or upholstery tacks.

* To fill a hole easily, I’ll get a small amount of that nail hole filler stuff on my finger and push it in the hole and right then with a wet rag I’ll wipe off all the filler that landed on the paint and not in the hole. 90% of the time this does the trick and I am done with the wall. I have even been known to use white toothpaste to fill a big hole if I’m out of filler.

* If your wall color is dark, after you put putty in the hole and let it dry, get a tiny kid’s paint brush and dab a drop of paint on the hole–if you can even find the hole again.

Done with the sermon and man do I feel better now that I have that off my chest. Yes, I do try to fill most of my nail holes but I for sure do not patch and repaint. I hope you can accept me and my wild and crazy views about nail holes! Now get your hammers out and and be free to make holes in your walls because it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!

Oh, and if you want to see what is over my piano now besides lots of little holes, stay tuned, I’ll show you tomorrow!