Mirror Shopping & Marriages

We’ve been working on the boy’s bathroom (most recent update here). The one thing I get asked about the most is the mirror. Here’s the mirror I found… I hung it in the family room until it was time to take it upstairs. It’s a second-hand find I got for $100 at an antique place. […]

When it’s Time to Put on Your Thundershirt :: The Ministry of One Sane Space

For the past few weeks I’ve had a weird nagging feeling. I’ve been unsettled–at home. I kind of feel like someone is watching me and I don’t know where to sit and I can’t find where I put my cup of iced coffee. No place in the house feels comfy or cozy or inviting. Ugh, […]

The Life Changing Magic of Knowing What You Need So You Can Tidy Up

Raise your hand if you are reading or have read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up? My hand is raised. Whenever I read a book like that, I know I need to be in the right frame of mind first. For example, this is not a book to read while you are on vacation […]

Planning A Bathroom:: How to turn those Pinterest photos into a space you’ll love

Today’s the day, the old pink tub, along with everything else in the bathroom gets torn out! I wanted to share my non-certified method of making decisions for a room. I did the same thing with my kitchen when we redid it a few years ago. Bathrooms and kitchens can be intimidating but if we […]

Beauty Hunting at The Barn

Saturday our Barn was the happiest ever. It wasn’t perfect, which made it perfect. Because it was filled with Beauty Hunters. It was filled with friends who graduated from the Cozy Minimalist class and are now armed with the knowledge to create a beautiful home on purpose, with purpose. These lovely women know how to […]

A Fancy, Fun & Fizzy Popsicle Drink

This past weekend I had some friends over at The Barn for a Cozy Minimalist hang out time. I knew we needed a fun, girly drink to help keep us cool in the un-air-conditioned barn, so I mixed up some quick popsicle fizzy drinks…