There is one main culprit holding us back when it comes to creating a home we’ll love and enjoy. 

It’s not money. 

It’s not time. 

It’s not skill. 

It’s not Joanna Gaines with her gorgeous ideas, your favorite furniture store full of high end trends, or that darling Instagrammer coming up with amazing new designs every time she turns around.   

Our enemy is perfection.  

That’s it.  

It’s that simple, and that madding and if we can learn to move from holding ourselves and our homes to a high standard of perfect and instead, not just tolerating, but actually welcoming and finding beauty in the imperfection–well then, that’s where real change happens.  

Changing your mindset away from making perfect decisions with perfect results frees you to finally make progress.

Years ago, I was in a constant state of waiting on the next house because I couldn’t afford to create the home I longed for.  

What I didn’t realize was there was also a cost in waiting. 

Now I know, we can’t afford to wait for perfect circumstances to create a homey home, time is passing, the kids are growing up, and what if we never move into our dream house? 

While in a rental house, I wrote my first book, The Nesting Place:: It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. 

Since it’s release, it has encouraged almost 100,000 women to stop waiting on the next house. 

Maybe you are one of them.     

Today, the publisher has recovered The Nesting Place so it fits right in with its sister books. 

No more dust jacket that if you’re like me, you end up ripping and throwing away. 

Now you can get a beautiful printed caseside hardback book with a lovely green fabric spine to complete your trilogy of home encouragement.

The original cover was hand lettered by our favorite hand-letter-er, Lindsay Letters, she even created a charming printable with the subtitle you can download it by clicking here, if you’d like to print it out.

If you’re at a standstill in your home or feeling a bit hopeless, if you find yourself waiting for your next house or better circumstances, you will absolutely love this timeless book.  

The interior remains the same, bless my Stuff Manager heart (this was before I became a Cozy Minimalist), but I promise the message will speak to you wherever you are.

Wondering about the difference between the three books?

The Nesting Place says: Maybe you’re unhappy with your home, here’s how to fix it and it starts with finding beauty in the imperfections. 

Cozy Minimalist Home says: Maybe you’re overwhelmed with your house, here’s how to fix it and it starts with more style and less stuff. 

Welcome Home says: Maybe you’re dreading hosting and seasonal decorating, here’s how to fix it and it starts with paying attention to creation, not in the seasonal aisle of your favorite store.  

May you continue to create the imperfect, cozy and welcoming home you and your family deserve.

PS, one of my favorite things: the original copy of The Nesting Place–first copy I ever received signed by everyone who came to the book launch party–there are signatures and greetings and words of encouragement all through the book and it’s basically one of my top ten most prized possessions.